Breathtaking: Trapped in a hoax: survivors of conspiracy theories speak out


[ Editor’s note The story below is from the UK Guardian.  It is a major research paper and is 90% accurate.  Where it is wrong, it is very wrong.

But this is opinion.  Most at VT think Sandy Hook needs an independent analysis.

What is explained is Pizzagate, where the hoax behind the hoax is exposed as the crap it is and other things, vaccinations, birtherism, the mental diseases passed on by internet infection.

About a week ago, I commented in an email chain (which includes Israeli paid trolls who now run the “troofer” community along with prominent activists who read and shudder).

The subject was how electrons behaved differently in experiments where, when viewed, they altered behavior.  The reference included lots of science and research data.  Problem is, the research never happened, no references, no dates, no peer review and the science was junk.  No, they didn’t prove g-d exists by faking science for the those who don’t have enough background to know the difference.

This is where the anti-vacc movement comes from as well, fakery and junk science.  I read a piece a few years ago how tetanus is a normal childhood disease as is polio, an anti-vacc piece to calm parents concerns.

A child with tetanus will spasm to the extent he or she will snap his or her tiny little spine in half.  This is a normal childhood disease to a ‘vaxxer’ as is diphtheria, typhoid and perhaps AIDS.

Anyway, the story below is better than it could have been, to the extent I would recommend it.  There is nothing worse than someone who means well being hoaxed into insanity.

The Guardian is fairly careful but, as usual, totally ignores the reality of false flag terrorism… Gordon Duff ]


The Guardian: Conspiracy theories used to be seen as bizarre expressions of harmless eccentrics. Not any more. Gone are the days of outlandish theories about Roswell’s UFOs, the “hoax” moon landings or grassy knolls.

Instead, today’s iterations have morphed into political weapons. Turbocharged by social media, they spread with astonishing speed, using death threats as currency.

Together with their first cousins, fake news, they are challenging society’s trust in facts. At its most toxic, this contagion poses a profound threat to democracy by damaging its bedrock: a shared commitment to truth.

The trend began on obscure online forums such as the alt-right playground 4chan. Soon, media entrepreneurs realized there was money to be made – most notoriously Alex Jones, whose site InfoWars feeds its millions of readers a potent diet of lurid lies (9/11 was a government hit job; the feds manipulate the weather.)

Now the conspiracy theorist-in-chief sits in the White House. Donald Trump cut his political teeth on the “birther” lie that Barack Obama was born in Kenya, and went on to embrace climate change denial, rampant voter fraud, and the discredited belief that childhood vaccines may cause autism.

read more at UK Guardian

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  1. Trump, at the time , was a celebrity and a con man, not a high profile person, and certainly not the only famous person who spoke up. I think, the guy who spoke up from the highest profile position was Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

  2. Mr. Duff,

    What has happened to the ‘net? The ‘net has become weaponized as “troof” is now a weapon of mass destruction and I find myself surrounded by such folks as they have become resistant to reality and any fact at all.

    Another observation is that all American institutions have become undermined by these conspiracy theory’s and of course the scientific method is under attack and yes our institutions get things wrong however, as to the issues of vaccines and autism do not 17 peer reviewed studies prove anything?

    The worst purveyors of fake news is Fox News since their American audiences are huge and undermine our republic.

    Domestic enemies anyone?


  3. Peer reviewed,
    Remember all the peer reviewed science back in the 40’s and 50’s proving smoking does not cause cancer. How about back in the 70’s as I remember being in sports, the medical establishment telling us we had to eat mouthfuls of salt tabs. Remember when hydrogenated oils were good and pushed by big medicine, can’t have natural butter it’s bad. All peered reviewed “science”. How about more recent, sort of.
    Ever seen how a aluminum beer can, can sever and slice right through a safe,,,, errr I mean a hollow aluminum jet airplane can slice through tons of structural steel and concrete. Even out to the delicate wing tips. Watch the peer reviewed prestigious Rutgers college show you how it happened. They proved it.
    Or the other peer reviewed study, and proof, how office fires can set off a chain reaction and have a 47 story building fall in 7 seconds. None of that junk science.

    • It may have been Purdue University, that showed how the plane barreled through the building. Regardless of which “prestigious” University put it out. You get my point where peer reviewed means squat, it’s bought off and easily manipulated as all the other things.

  4. Read the original in the Guardian this morning. These are fairly minor conspiracies. The important ones are the ones that affect the destiny of nations, that cause wars and get thousands of people killed. Let’s put the JFK assassination and 9/11 up there as two of the most important in the last century.

    *I wouldn’t poo-poo the anti-Vaxxers completely. Although the science on developing immunity is pretty solid there is some reason for concern regarding the ingredients being used in the many different shots and the shear number of vaccines children get in a compressed time frame. I personally know of a child who developed autism symptoms shortly after one of many vaccines.

  5. Not so sure I like the “conspiracy theorist’ brand being lumped into stuff such as the guy who was falsely accused of being the shooter, or pizza gate or even Jade Helm. Those are a bit different than legitimate conspiracy theories. 9/11 , JFK, abuses of surveillance, corporate secrecy, tests on humans, are a bit different because there is actual evidence. Attacks on individuals with made up information does not fall into the same category as say, the “government killed MLK “conspiracy theory which did turn out to be true. The crap being churned out like tunnels under Walmarts, is more akin to mass hysteria, or manufactured hysteria. Weather modification is on record, and should be viewed in a different light than vaccines, because anyone can test vaccines, but secrecy on behalf of authority or immense wealth, are things we need to be vigilant with.

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