Russia, China and Turkey in support for Maduro as they warn Washington not to intervene


[Editor’s note: Venzuela should be a successful, prosperous country, given that it has larger known oil reserves than Saudi Arabia and is ideally located to carry out international trade, being close to the Panama Canal. However, the economy has been destroyed and civil unrest is becoming common. 

The reason for the troubles that have beset the nation are not the fault of it’s government, which, like that of Assad in Syria, is democratically elected and enjoys strong popular support of the populace. The finger of blame should be pointed at the United States, which has secretly interfered in Venezuela affairs for decades, especially since the rise of former president Hugo Chavez and now his successor Nicolas Maduro.

The US is attempting to repeat the policies and practices it employed during the 1920s and 30s when big US corporates like the Dole Fruit Company and Coca Cola exploited and impoverished the nations of central America with the US Marine Corps as their enforcers – see Smedley Butler’s ‘War Is a Racket’.

The US wants to control and exploit Venezuela’s natural resources, particularly it’s oil reserves, it also wants to install a puppet regime that will be all too happy to allow the US to rape the nation of it’s wealth and brutally oppress the people in order to prevent the rise of the type of liberal socialism that the US has crushed many times before in regional nations such as Guatemala, Grenada and Nicaragua – te US does not want a socialist, anti-capitalist Central America, it wants a compliant, enslaved region that can be readily exploited by it’s corporate criminals.

However, the days when the US could act with impunity in te Americas, using it’s military and intelligence services to overthrow any regimes it doesn’t approve of, are coming to an end, no longer can a CIA regime change operation be carried out without causing other world powers to react and should the US attempt to use military force, as it did in the past, it now faces the prospect of an alliance of world powers forming to stop them.

With the US-controlled Colombia and the Israel-controlled Brazil surrounding Venezuela on the west and south and the British controlled Guyana to the East, Venezuela is virtually enclosed in a ring of US-Israeli proxy forces, the Caribbean sea to the North is totally dominated by the US navy and the long Venezuelan coastline is ripe for invasion by US Marine forces.

That said, it is far from a certainty that the US and it’s proxies could easily conquer the troublesome nation, this is largely due to the threat of intervention by Russia, China and Turkey, raising the prospect of a Central American Vietnam, a disastrous and costly conflict that destabilised the US itself as the bodybags arrive home and the American people turned on their government as they have little appetite for yet another foreign military adventure in order to enrich the oligarchy.

However, with Trump in the White House, a childish cretin with severe personality disorders who is surrounded by Judeo-Zionist handlers, the prospect of common sense overriding the desire for war for profit is not as great as in the past when more independent and stable personalities were incumbent in the Oval Office.

Thus, we are faced with the disturbing prospect that Trump will ignore the international pressure and go ahead with the plans to use force to effect regime change in Venezuela, thus igniting a regional conflict that holds the possibility of exploding into a global conflagration as the other global powers act to rein in the American mad dog. Ian]

Russia, China and Turkey in support for Maduro as they warn Washington not to intervene

Russia on Thursday accused the United States of trying to usurp power in Venezuela and warned against a military intervention by confronting Washington and the European Union, which backed protests against one of Moscow’s closest allies, Venezuelan partial recognized President Nicolás Maduro.

Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó proclaimed himself interim president, based on country’s Constitution, on Wednesday and won recognition from Washington, prompting Maduro to break diplomatic relations with the United States.

The prospect of an overthrow of Maduro is a geopolitical and economic headache for Russia that, together with China, has become a lender of last resort for Caracas, to whom it has given billions of dollars amid the great crisis who lives his economy. Moscow has also supported its military and oil industry.

Russia accused Washington of being behind the street protests and trying to undermine Maduro, whom he called the country’s legitimate president.

“We believe that the attempt to usurp the sovereign authority in Venezuela contradicts and violates the basis and principles of international law,” said Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov.

He also indicated that Russia has not received a request for military assistance from Venezuela, while declined to specify what his response would be if he did so. Maduro, who met with his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, in Moscow last month, is the legitimate president, Peskov said.

Meanwhile, the Russian Foreign Ministry asked Washington not to intervene militarily, warning that outside interference opens the way to a bloodbath. “We warn against these adventures, which can have catastrophic consequences,” he said.

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan also backed the Venezuelan leader. “My brother Maduro! ”We are by your side!” Said the leader, quoted by presidential spokesman Ibrahim Kalin on Twitter.

China also said it supports efforts to protect Venezuela’s independence and stability.

Meanwhile, the European Commission – the executive arm of the European Union – avoided making an explicit recognition of Guaidó as the interim president of the South American country, and urged to carry out a political process leading to new elections.

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  1. There are many Latino soldiers in the US military (most of whom are damn fine soldiers.) How ironic it would be to send these Latino soldiers to re-establish the brutal political and social system that their parents and grandparents left for the more favorable political and social system of the US. They are good soldiers. They will follow orders even though it would involve rejecting their families ideals.

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