Premonitions of the Holocaust


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  1. Bjerkenes is by far not the first one to say and write this, I would like to mention Bejamin Friedman and his famous and also reveiling speech around 1960 in Chicago and even several representatives from inside the zionist movement who knew what was coming.

    What is remarkeable about Bjerkenes around this subject is his closeness to historic proveable facts. His researches are very well sourced and cited. On the other hand it should also be mentioned that Mr. Bjerkenes is an ardent anti communist of the kind to put Putin into one row with the communist dictators before him. Maybe, he has some bad handlers around him, but this crusade will leed him to nowwhere and we’ll see, how this evolves.

    His Einstein books and his book about the Armenian genocide as an outgrowth of the manipulations and overboarding incluence of the “Jung Turks/Donmeh Jews managed from Saloniki”, which led to the downfall of the Ottoman Empire and the rise of the secular Attaturk are well researched and in line with the researches of David Livingstone in his book

    “Terrorism and the Illuminati”

    I hope, many people will read this well researched book, because it can answer some important questions about our world now.

  2. I find it difficult to relate to what Bjerknes is saying. I have seen his name before on Amazon, where books he has written on Albert Einstein’s work can be inspected. But what he seems to be saying there is so far from the general consensus in the physics community, that I just moved on. “Another flatearther or something like that”, I thought.
    But I did listen to the first half of the above video. And some of the things in there may be right. I don’t know, because I haven’t thought much about those things before. He did show a page of a book he has written, and there was a dumb error there, because the discussed word had the Hebrew lettter KAPH in it (כ), that obviously has to be a BETH (ב). So that was a bit of a bummer. But of course spelling errors do occur, although the word in question was the exact word for “return” that in the Bible has a missing VAV ( ו Letter no. 6 in the Hebrew alphabet ). It is however a fact that there are many people who look for secret messages in ancient texts, and that even includes the works of Shakespeare. The story Bjerknes tells here is about extreme beliefs. And when people detect unusual patterns or systems in ancient texts, it is not surprising to learn that some may see it as something of a cosmic revelation.