Earth system impacts of the European arrival and Great Dying in the Americas after 1492



  1. Another Disney production ? I do agree with some of this but its another shot aimed at ethnic white Europeans a race that owes apologies to no one !

  2. Google Google Google ‘scholars’. Well it must be true then. Of course. So land use declines in the Americas but it it Europe that suffers the Little Ice Age. However there is no evidence of the planet heating up as land usage slowly increased globally. Apart from solar cycles. Natural weather patterns. As for the deaths of millions this is so human globally. In fact I have in on an expert authority [not me] that prior the Stone Age lethal weapons were already in use by our ancestors. The premise to which I agree is that humans have this tendency to go all homicidal on each other. This is all races across the planet. There was never anything noble in the savage. Rousseau was the world’s first hippy. And today of course the dialogue is totally skewed in that some rather ill educated ideologues want to pretend the Stone Age was all peace and harmony and guess who wrecked all that for them.

  3. Yea, except those numbers do not agree with estimates from the direct source. The land bridge theory is also highly suspect and to use that as a basis is disingenuous. The creation stories, history, and knowledge possessed by Central Americans is consistent with migration from Tibet through Africa and across the Atlantic.
    In other words, they came by boat.
    This compilation of data is consistent with standard practice by Catholic institutions which purposely underestimate the deaths from slaughter at the direction of the church. When you go visit the Maya, they say, why do the people say the Maya collapsed ? We are still here.

    • Not only is it not impossible, it was commonplace, standard practice in fact and they usually used the same excuse – heresy. Don’t forget, several popes were war criminals of the highest order, primarily those who issued the papal bulls that launched the various crusades, in effect, the popes gave the criminal scum of Europe carte blanche permission to murder as many heretics as they liked.

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