War on “conspiracy theories” goes ballistic! Gordon Duff shows his guns on False Flag Weekly News


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By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

Our top FFWN story this week was the war on “conspiracy theories.” (Read my new Unz Review article “Why the War on Conspiracy Theories Is Bad Public Policy.”)

Alan Sabrosky was the scheduled FFWN commentator this week. But less than 24 hours before the live broadcast, he says, “my internet basically died. When my email from Comcast finally connected, I got a huge slew of 300 messages that I had deleted last summer. When I would try to log in, it would sit there and nothing would work. One possible qualifier: I was down on the Gulf Coast, going through a U-verse server, which is not my normal one. So I’m not sure if its a DoS or a comcast/ATT glitch…”

Alan also notes that he was recently banned from Facebook for 30 days as punishment for writing a PRIVATE message that apparently displeased Zuckerberg’s minions, who must have been reading over his shoulder. So much for “private” messages!

Meanwhile, VT has been fighting off a coordinated DoS attack from servers in several countries. (We do think we know which small Middle Eastern country is behind it.)

So by the time Gordon Duff kindly agreed to sit in for Alan Sabrosky on False Flag Weekly News, we were all feeling kind of cranky about the internet censorship and vandalism. Maybe that’s why Gordon kept displaying specimens from his impressive private arsenal during the broadcast. Or maybe they just needed polishing.

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  1. I never shot anything fancier than my Marlin 30-30 with a 4 x 9 scope. I bench sighted it at an inch high at 100 yards. It dropped in perfect at 200 yards. I could hit paper standing at 200 yards. I now just have a single shot bolt action 20 cal for plinking. I figure once the shtf they’ll be plenty of stuff to just pick up. However, I can’t help but notice some of the finer things in life. Pretty nice. Shooting well is like hitting a good jump shot.

  2. To KaHo: The short barrel is the magic. It uses a ballistically efficient NATO 762×51 bullet driven by fast burning pistol powder in a smaller casing. It achieves 1925 fps in an 8 inch barrel with extreme accuracy at 123 grains.

    At 500 meters, a BDC (bullet drop compensator) scope is needed, and, as you saw, the combat Zeiss/Elcan provides that capability driven by a 10mw laser that is visible at that range as well.

    If i need to shoot a coin, I have a 24 inch version but it doesn’t adapt for subsonic round and also use a silencer.

    • Thanks Gordon, I noted that troops have been more or less abandoning the 7.62 mm cartridges to adopt a much smaller caliber of 5.56 mm. I noted that the 5.56 can shoot at a rate of 15 rounds per second, which would exceed the 7.62 by about 50%. The crossectional area of the 7.62 is also ca. 1.9 times the crossectional area of the 5.56, which factors into the relative air resistance . But the mass ratio of the two projectiles is around 3.25. Hence The ratio 3.24/1.9 gives you a decelleration ratio of ca. 1.7. In other words, the 5.56 will lose speed more rapidly than the 5.56 and will thus have a much steeper down trajectory. To compensate for that, the 5.56 can apparently achieve a much higher exit velocity, with a square ratio of ca. 1.9. At short range the 7.62 thus carries about 2.4 the “punch” of the 7.62 (momentum transfer). However, the exit speed of the projectile will depend significantly on barrel length. The 5.56 would be better suited for continuous output, since the recoil would produce a smaller upward torque. With the heavier cartridge the barrel will tend to move up, and the weapon needs to be pulled down quite forcefully by you left arm. Tracer bullets would help then.

    • … I meant “the 7.62 … carries about 2.4 the “punch” of the 5.56 (momentum transfer)”.
      BTW I read about complaints against the new ammo. Apparently the soldiers were breathing in a fine dust of poisonous heavy metal particles : Soldiers became sick after shooting.
      Do you happen to know if depleted uranium bullets are also used for hand weapons?

  3. Kevin, Tell me if you think this is a false statement my late Father used to make usually at the dinner table: “If you get hungry enough you will eat shoe leather.” I have never been that hungry. I have never known anyone else that hungry either. But I suspect there are some unfortunate folks in the world, possibly tortured in prisons or military or others who have been that hungry. Today my problem is not lack of food but too much food. I suspect from observations that is the problem with many others too at least in the U.S. today. Most Americans from the 19th century and early part of the next were born on farms. Many farmers had a tough life then. However today the owners of most large farms are billionaires. But most of these billionaires have never milked a cow or skinned a calf or cleaned out the manure in a barn. Have you ever been hungry enough to eat shoe leather? Perhaps the current billionaires don’t even know where shoe leather comes from.

    • WJ Abbe: If you ever feel like trying out fasting, you will discover that hunger disappears after two or three days. From there you can go for weeks without feeling any hunger at all. The only difference is that your glycogen stores will be empty, and so your muscles will have to burn fat instead. You will then not have too much energy for spurts and things like that. But your endurance will be almost miraculous. Your non-fasting partners on long mountain trails, will become exhausted long before you do. Read Arnold Ehret. He knew this stuff.

  4. If only I could have a weapon like Gordons, to protect myself against our tyrannical Govt, or at least have the right to own one.
    Our Govt stripped away our rights after the Port Aurther Massacre, blamed on a man child, low IQ etc, as all these false flags are, check out ‘Richie Allen show’ with Keith Noble.

    • Will Gordon’s rifle be any more effective in fending off government troops than a black powder musket or a long bow? Unless of course, Gordon has some additional measures developed by the likes of Keshe?

      Much of history may be fake, but we have enough that cannot have reasonably be faked to know what was once state of the art for a military would be hopelessly overwhelmed by technology sometimes less than a decade newer.

    • That automatic weapon had an awfully short barrel for 500 yards. With regard to peppering open windows, it would seem that regular hotel guests might have opened a window, to see what’s going on outside, with all that noise. All in all, I thought it was a very interesting conversation. I wasn’t bored for a second, which is rare. But I cannot see what is wrong with Sputnik or RT. Actually, I do not watch RT very often. But Sputnik is always very brief and concise. It updates several times a day, and gives all the latest news without delay. Try the German version.

    • Oh, if only . . . frog.
      You in UK??

      Australia. Isn’t that the same thing?

      It didn’t seem to bother Mad Max.