By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

It’s 48 degrees here on Lake Michigan, after a massive freeze. I though I knew cold, cold I remember from walking to school back in Detroit or the Hooverville suburb several of us grew up in.  Some of us here have known each other for nearly 60 years.

Others met later, SouthEast Asia War Games, where, as the TShirt depicts, we won a ribbon for a 2nd place finish.  The US has won more silver medals since with one big win, Grenada.  Thanks Ronnie, the “acting president.”

Some notes on Tusli.  I was asked by Russians and Syrians about who I liked as a political contender.  Tusli was my answer, warning “tough as nails,” and “politically savvy.”  She’s a combat vet, can handle the press and has a nasty honest streak.

The issue, I believe even the Russians, compromised as they are, and few know how compromised, worse than us, want world peace.  Recent developments in Russian weaponry, such as the Poseidon sub-drone, are totally insane.

It’s one thing when Putin controls these monstrous weapons.  What if the Kosher Nostra, that is a super-power within Russia, took total control with weapons that erase America’s military advantage?

The Poseidon can carry a huge nuclear warhead a mile deep, sit on the bottom for years, dodge any defenses and wipe out the entire Eastern Seaboard of the US for the cost of a single F16.

This thing is nuts and no treaty even suggested covers it.

Time to disarm in a real way, no more carriers, no more nuclear submarines. give it all up.  Imagine giving Britain’s Boris “Little BiBi” Johnson the British equivalent of the nuclear football?

Time to face the truth, America’s military, though the corrupt service academies and Israeli penetration/subversion of our command structure, is now useless.

We have an occupation army, a military depleted, corrupted, compromised and “fake-professionalized.”  I do so love our kids that serve, mind you.  These are our children but it is time we returned to a civilian army, got the draft back, made NG and Reserve units homebound, as in Vietnam, and closed bases around the world.

Screw em all.

The idea of spending a trillion a year supporting a fake hydrocarbon economy through fostering terrorism and bullying around the world is a joke.

There is no longer any real discussion of planetary survival, quite the opposite. Trump, above all is an “Extinction Event.”

The world can survive prettymuch anything but not American psychosis and that’s what we have here.

Time to shut down the internet as we know it, end all surveillance and close known social media platforms, returning to simple chat forums and personal contact, like where real humans have sex with each other without lawyers present.

The idea of having to review VT comment boards and having to deal with Haifa’s Russian housewives splattering insults and “talking points….”

You get the picture.  The entire planet is catfished.

For the US, term limits, total redistricting by an international organization and placing all organizations working for corporations and interests with non-American goals to be excised.

This means most DC think tanks, the ADL, SPLC, Federalist Society, Heritage Foundation, CFR and perhaps Congress.

Lobbying has to be declared criminal.

America now needs international oversight of its police, its courts and prisons.

If you are so friggin’ stupid you think you are getting decent healthcare (unless you are one of the 12% of America’s with premium health care coverage) you are insane and unlikely to get better.

Even if American psychiatrists weren’t crazier than the rest of us, real care is unavailable.  I use both VA and paid insurance.  The difference is tremendous.

Either way, key treatments that are long proven are denied in the US.  It costs 9g to get stem cell knee treatments, which can in many cases eliminate knee replacement.

They are 100% effective but “unproven.”

As for the VA, no shots, no treatments at all, they give you a cane or walker and schedule you for “pain management” instead of real treatment.  I spent 15 years on a knee replacement waiting list at the VA and eventually, being the cheap bastard I am, went to the private sector.

Right now, the idea of Trump sending 3700 troops around the US, illegally deploying them to do what, knock down doors looking for illegals?  We don’t know but no commander should allow any deployment inside the country.

Greg Abbot is a useless and cowardly POS.  He laid Texas open to military occupation at the hands of an Israeli run traitor and hid under his desk.

There is no threat, no armies hitting our borders, Trump made it all up, he is nuts.

What Trump is, however, is the right man in the right place at the right time.  America is “done,” we are a failure and Trump screams it to the world every day, we are a pack of useless losers. I would rather it not be such.

It isn’t just America, its happening around the world, particularly in Europe, even Russia and China, corruption is overwhelming, the first world is racing to third world status at an alarming pace. Europeans notice, we don’t.


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  1. Indeed, there is a lot to like about Tulsi – including her invocations of King and Kennedy in her formal announcement. Sadly, this highlights precisely why America is finished. The daily attacks she is receiving across media show that those in power will spare no effort to keep someone of her integrity from the presidency. But imagine if she did pull it off – what then? Do we really think all the corrupt moral degenerates in all the “alphabet” agencies and “neocon” lobbies are going to cede the power they have wielded from the shadows since 1963, and even more blatantly since 2001? I suspect it will be American Gladio meets Samson option forcing her into WW3, if she is lucky enough to avoid the very fate of the great men she invoked. Maybe the looming systemic collapse will hit before then and wake up some dormant revolutionary public spirit. But as it stands, having already rolled over after the first two domestic coups, and ceded reality itself to morons, this cowed dependent citizenry surely does not deserve someone so brave.

  2. Great p(r)ep talk. Thankful every day that Putin got in charge of Russian politics and how lucky the mindless NATO Vanity Fair got with him. Otherwise it would have been nuclear winter already.. I hope that US will start electing someone else other than Rep-Dem. At least one (woman) senator or (woman) congressman, just for starters, and then move on gradually and break away from provisional shackles they call dual democracy.

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