Since 1950, ownership of Media in the United States has been consolidating, with small independently owned and managed radio and television, magazines, newspapers and publishing houses being consumed by the corporate giants. By 1983 there were primarily 50 corporations controlling the bulk of American media in all forms; by 2014 that number had dropped to just 6 mega-media houses.¬†–¬†Has Judea Declared War on America?

Now with nearly 98% of the available mainstream channels, the power to ‘stream’ a new consciousness and fabricated (simulated) culture within the monopoly of media was possible. Although only an inch thick, this new culture is thousands of miles wide and, for the first time, mass substitution of a model of reality, in-place¬†of reality, was possible. The model providing events, news, science, religion, music, morality, economics, psychology, medical information and more. Instantly it was possible to influence and cause behavior, predict reaction and, finally, maintain the mind-entrainment needed to secure the new culture.

At the same time, in the 1950s the CIA and other ‘Intelligence Agencies” (intelligence==mind, agent==controller) began to script television shows and create the content of movies, comics, graphic art and more – the most famous, revealed program of the day, controlling public consumable content was called¬†“Operation Mockingbird.”

Mockingbird was just a baby step of a vastly larger operation designed to control all aspects of a person’s perceived reality, created to cause behavior in a made-for-technology culture.

The goal of this disinformation campaign is the “Mass Control” and engineering of human consciousness, which will cause a historical, unprecedented and megalomaniacal change in the behavior and control of mankind.

In the 1980s the CIA and other ‚ÄúMass Control‚ÄĚ operatives decided to infiltrate and neuter the Forth Estate, the news media, journalists and journalism.¬† After the Church Committee Investigation in 1975, which revealed the manipulation of the media by Intelligence Agencies, the CIA and by induction, their contemporaries in similar and supportive industry, decided to manipulate not just the last stage of production, but infiltrate and operate on the actors of production, before they made programming decisions. Infiltrating and filtering at the level of¬†higher education (reaching journalists before they entered the media) offered better cover for the manipulators, and solved the issue of being too visible at the source of production.¬†By influencing the philosophy, and morality of the culture of media and further influencing the selection and promotion of those becoming journalists and media operators, the once visible programming manipulators could become transparent and more pernicious, worming their way below the mainstream¬†to produce programmed people who would then do the public programming themselves.

As we can now see in hindsight this program of infiltrating and controlling candidates for positions in powerful media operations and through long term manipulation working to change the philosophy of those in charge of content, has resulted in the near total control of information. There are no longer any investigative journalists working honestly in the mainstream propaganda media, and in-fact, mainstream media has now become just an extension or ministry of propaganda on behalf of intelligence agencies and their masters.

The quote below was part of recently declassified documents made public by the FOIA investigative cooperative MuckRock.

The breadth of these changes (changes not decided by the people, but deceptively forced on them) are staggering; what is an acceptable set of ethics? How can the public find truth in a matter where arbitrary and self-serving ethics become the authority for truth?

“We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.” William Casey former CIA director

With nearly 70 years of machinating to control all forms of large publicly consumed media, it is easy to see how they control most of the supportive technologies of the day. It is with the use of these technologies that a centralized, consistent, wall of¬† ‚Äėinformation‚Äô is presented by each source (information channel) appearing independent and reinforcing, but in reality, all of it comes from just¬†one source.¬†¬†Out of the same well flows a contaminated ‚Äėstream‚Äô of information, which has been used to manufacture a simulation of reality.

Imagine a world where events are simulated which feature the role of Government as heroes, and with the expected (coerced) reaction, government enriches itself, creates legislation which further smothers freedom and stifles access to truth and boldly creates icons to gods of deception for generational mind control (Flight 93 Memorial in Shanksville for example.)

So entrained to accept the words of a created culture‚Äôs ‚Äėauthorities‚Äô, Americans, it seems, are helpless as apparently nothing can break the spell, which the ‚Äėmainstream‚Äô media acting in concert has cast.

The Reality Mockers have made fantastic progress toward the goal of creating a societal simulacrum; a fabricated reality with simulated similarities to reality, but with no connection to reality at all. 

The French Sociologist and philosopher and cultural theorist Jean Baudrillard noted the stages of transition of images of reality (simulation) into something, which depicts no relationship to reality at all (simulacrum, or Hyperrealism)

The image, in this case, is the projection of a culture and the shared public sense of consciousness (as created by mainstream interlocking media, of all types; a hive mind)

  1. It is the reflection of a profound reality;
  2. It masks and denatures a profound reality;
  3. It masks the absence of a profound reality;
  4. It has not relation to any reality whatsoever; it is its own pure simulacrum.

Our ‘created’, collectively experienced reality, has reached the point where a newborn or young person born into this floating, reality void, experience – no longer has any moorings to actual reality – which still exists below and upon which has been formed a blown-up-bubble of fabricated or simulated of reality. This reality is soon to be removed from it anchors and set free as a simulacra, floating free in the hyperreal world of string theory and dark matter.¬†¬†It is in these inventions,¬†‘the new world people’, where the reality manipulators will make their stronghold, creating armies of reactors, believers, actors and proselytizers and dangerous mobs of the confused. It is in this pragmatic un-real world where the incompetent can rule as kings, where nothing is objective and all ideas equal; a place where communism works and whims find legs.

This “Brave New World” is where the future of mankind will live and act, trusting and believing their manipulators – like collections of puppets on strings of technology; a co-dependent universe with victims and tormentors entwined in a dance of pain-relief, where relief is dispensed as a drug from the pushers of para-reality.

It is here where the beginnings of the New World Order will take the next step in a slow and gradual march toward the end of the individual and a new beginning for a gelatinous bio-gel  human-like organism, each behaving in synchrony, like trees in a strong wind, moving and swaying in the waves of technocratic whim; unaware, and with diminished intellectual capacity,  slaves no longer with any claims to their own lives.

The man of the future will be a mongrel. Today’s races and classes will disappear owing to the disappearing of space, time, and prejudice. –¬†Coudenhove Kalergi

A system of slavery where, “through consumption and entertainment, slaves would love their servitude.” —¬† attributed to Aldous Huxley author of “Brave New World.’

Our Lives As Bit Players in an On-going Movie

This new world is now a simulacrum; bearing no relation to reality and free from the constrictions of natural law and the nature of being. A world where the maniacal and menacing never fear exposure, never fear the reckoning. A new normal has emerged including artificial people, race as a construct of culture, sexuality as a choice, absurd storylines explaining full channel broadcasted faked events, positive values are given to life-damaging choices and nonproductive people elevated to the highest value; saints in the religion of the new Real World.

Today, it is the real which has become the pretext of the model in a world governed by the principle of simulation. And, paradoxically, it is the real which has become our true utopia‚ÄĒbut a utopia that is no longer a possibility, a utopia we can do no more than dream about, like a lost object.[1]

Examples of the Simulacrum of reality are all around, in fact, too numerous to mention but only a few of the notable examples.¬† We are all familiar with the “story”, a movie plot, called 9/11. As this movie unfolded, on September 11, 2001, we are told fully loaded jet airliners slammed into 3 large buildings and a fourth crashed into the ground at Shanksville, Pennsylvania.¬† After years of examining the information and processing what we were told, it‚Äôs clear the entire scenario is a lie and also, sadly,¬†obviously quite impossible.¬† It is only in movies where the impossible is possible; where men land on the moon and journey to the center of the Earth.

I wrote an¬†article¬†explaining why the story of what happened in 911, was a total fabrication; the official ‚ÄėPapal Bull‚Äô story is now part of the bubble of lies which make up the public-sphere of commonly experienced, fabricated events, created to cause reaction which can be harnessed to take actions our controllers have already planned to make.

The world is now a community with a body of lies from which to form a thought, opinion and evaluate perception.

The Sandy Hook School Shooting was a fabricated, rehearsed and presented as real, hoax, for purposes of disarming Americans using legislation expected to become law (anticipated programmed reaction followed by encouraged behavior [action]) as a result of the predicted outcry after the event.

The process of bringing fake and simulated events into reality and making them part of a fabricated reality is very common and quite easy when you can manage all aspects of the event’s evolution including, carefully planning its stage presentation, manage the post-event reaction, while maintaining tight control over the evidence and carefully writing and publicizing, over the controlled channels, the desired narrative and lastly maintain control of the cover-up for years.

Christopher Bollyn has detailed in his talk presented at Oregon State University how the fabricated events of 911 were planned, implemented and then defended for more than 17 years now.  After a generation has passed, all that remains is an authoritative acknowledgment of the events to make them real objects in a virtual reality.

It is no longer possible to manufacture the unreal from the real, to create the imaginary from the data of reality. The process will be rather the reverse: to put in place “decentered” situations, models of simulation, and then to strive to give them the colors of the real, the banal, the lived; to reinvent the real as fiction, precisely because the real has disappeared from our lives.[1]

Publicly accepted details of the assassination of John F. Kennedy were a fabrication carefully presented, the post-event reactions and access to the evidence were tightly controlled, the script was presented in lockstep by all media and the cover-up was managed for decades via education in schools and media monuments (virtual monuments) such as movies, documentaries and other digital objects of the mind.


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  1. Bye_Enlarge…

    IS the space station real? Or are we just floundering in the concept of what‚Äôs real and what‚Äôs not real?… This commentary takes us out in the Twilight Zone of Critical Thought‚Ķ AKA‚Ķ making us think‚Ķ The aboutness and examples of the moon landing or Elon Musk‚Ķ Are these the derivatives of misguided illusion that establish a thought process to be evaluated by the reader?

    There are always the decenters of common knowledge and fake illusion, yet, we miss the point of the authors intent… Does it matter the example of all that is listed to make us think… Every human psychological distortion of an altered dimensional reality is going to be different in the earthly demographic frontier of object exposure… Needless to say… the illusion of the Amazonian Prophet of Peru’s Shamanistic Ayahuasca Retreat…. Here visions of the forest incubate in the minds of the attendees of western fermented realities… The shamans interest is in what the viewers mind sees in it’s relevance to the Shamans visions in his altered since of non object reality within his psyche… His environments object reality is most important…. What the westerner takes away from the experience my , in fact, be nothing but a bad trip, or the revelation of his/her illusion of reality, and thusly, changing the indoctrinated conditioned format of a western cultural conditioned education .
    Byenlage, The fiction of awareness and the awareness of non-fiction, pulsates as an altered reality and a life giving change to undo the status quo or the perception of altering the minds delusive course and send the message in a bottle to the rest of humanity. The awakened mind has been reset and now facilitates the consciousness and spirit of being born again as the psyche realizes his or her dimmwitted perception of reality.
    Needless to say, the prescription may not be for all who wish to find peace of mind without Big pharma, as well, government oversight of our enslaved mind to the protocols of the chosen… the slave masters of illusion and control of the mass mind separated from mind controls and slavish actions by the Freudian ID!

  2. Interesting thoughts, can’t agree with a stationary Earth, non existent space station, or the moon landings not being real events.

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