In revering Trump, the religious right has laid bare its hypocrisy

The evangelical fortress around the president can look like a problem, but progressives can use that heresy to fight opponents


The annual anachronism known as the National Prayer Breakfast attracted its usual array of clergy, military, and political leaders in Washington on 7 February. Most prominent of all, of course, was Donald Trump, who used the de facto pulpit to call for outlawing abortion, among other positions dear to the Religious Right.

Yet the presidential comment that most typified all that has gone morally haywire with the supposedly moral majority came when Trump praised the “abolition of civil rights”. You can consider that statement an innocent, if embarrassing, misreading of the Teleprompter. Or you can hear it as a Freudian slip.

As inspired by the Reverend Billy Graham and originated by President Dwight Eisenhower in 1953, the National Prayer Breakfast served two consensual, almost anodyne purposes. It epitomized the moderate, mid-century civil religion that preached that an American was a better citizen for believing in God and going, at least occasionally, to church or synagogue. And amid the Cold War, American leaders insistently portrayed their nation’s collective faith confronting what was routinely called “godless Communism”.

In fact, the greatest application of religion in the public square during the 1950s and 1960s occurred in pursuit of a liberal goal: civil rights.

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  1. So will you guys please explain why getting rid of Trump is any better? Why would Pence be better? Why would overturning the election…. getting rid of Trump and Pence and putting in Pelosi and such be any better? It all seems like a no win situation. Yes I do not like people like Glenn Beck pretending to be oh so religious. The hyper-religious are Illuminati tools also, preying on us, praying us into all these wars. I do not trust you guys either. The Democrats with their Israeli connections are every bit as much involved with 9/11 as the Republicans with their Israeli connections. The Democrats internally are more of a threat to American Civil Liberties. Netanyahu is meeting in Warsaw with Pence this week?

    • Some things to Read.. 1. Search engine Albert Pike’s plan for 3 world wars…. 2. The Controversy of Zion by Douglas Reed…. 3. Who wrote the Bible by Richard Elliott Freidman 4. The Bible with Sources Revealed by Richard Elliott Freidman 5. Under the Sign of the Scorpion The rise and fall of the Soviet Empire 6. The Synagogue of Satan by Andrew Carrington Hitchcock For 2019 Joseph Farah is the author of “The Restitution of All Things: Israel, Christians and the End of the Age,” a breakthrough book about the Hebraic roots of the Christian faith and what awaits us in the Coming Kingdom in which a fully restored Israel and Jerusalem will take center stage in a new world, [ in a New World Order ] a Garden of Eden-like paradise presided over Jesus-Yeshua. ……. So who does Jesus warn us about in Revelation, you posers The Synagogue of Satan . So we just hop skip and jump over all the Anti-christ stuff? Jesus just returns with no fuss and bother?

    • Democrats bad too… for example Hagel under Obama went after Assad who had done nothing wrong and did this for Israel… “It was Aug. 30, 2013, and the U.S. military was poised for war. Obama had publicly warned Syrian strongman Bashar al-Assad that his regime would face consequences if it crossed a “red line” by employing chemical weapons against its own people. [note any chemical assault was proved to be a false flag, Assad did not gas his own people ]Assad did it anyway, and Hagel had spent the day approving final plans for a barrage of Tomahawk cruise missile strikes against Damascus. U.S. naval destroyers were in the Mediterranean, awaiting orders to fire.”………. a February 2013 Saturday Night Live skit on the impending confirmation of Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense. A Senator asks Hagel. “It is vital to Israel’s security for you to go on national television and perform oral sex on a donkey… Would you do THAT for Israel?” A “yes” answer was, of course, expected from Hagel. The skit was never aired after objections from the usual suspects.

  2. Consider the hypocrisy of the Gettysburg Address in November, 1863 by Dishonest Abe. He was about half way through the massive illegal destruction and plunder of the South under the phony ruse of eliminating slavery when not only was it “legal”, New York had been built by black slave labor. The bullies in the North had imposed a 40% sales tax on the South but he didn’t mention that in this famous collection of words. This war was, like most wars, about a five letter obscene word MONEY. Not one word in the Constitution Dishonest Abe recited in his meaningless oath gave him the authority to kill upwards of 1 million and plunder over half the country for the purpose of “holding the Union together.”
    Instead he could have said, “Go you will be back in 20 years and we will welcome you back”. Wouldn’t this have been the Christian way to solve the problem? How would you like to pay a 40% sales tax to enrich the rich scoundrels in the cesspool New York then? I grew up idolizing Dishonest Abe but changed my mind after living in Georgia for over 50 years. Lincoln is not the Saint portrayed in lying history books but a garden variety tyrant. Slavery was not technically eliminated until the 14th Amendment yet today aren’t we all “slaves” to government? Most of us work about half our lives just to pay taxes to all levels of government while the whores in Congress give our hard earned money to Israel and many other countries.

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