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About the business of billionaire Epstein.

Crime and punishment of billionaire financier Jeffrey Epstein has attracted considerable media attention in recent weeks. Most of the articles are about the role played by Labor Minister Alexander Acosta, who, as Chief Federal Prosecutor in Miami during the Epstein trial, signed a friendly agreement with him.

Acosta claims that the sentence of 13 months on two charges of incitement to prostitution is the harshest possible, but the Miami Herald newspaper and other sources have exposed this lie. In the early 2000s, and possibly earlier, Epstein corrupted dozens, perhaps hundreds, of girls, most of whom were between 13 and 16 years old. He is also allegedly involved in the trade in living commodities, “sharing” his harem from helpless girls in his circle of financiers, politicians and lawyers.
During the investigation of his crimes, the trial and the prison term, and to this day, Epstein was served by helpful judges and prosecutors, who, because of his enormous wealth, treated him as a client, not as a molester. They helped Epstein and his lawyers to minimize the knowledge of the public about his case, diligently replaced the charges of more serious crimes with less serious ones, and finally broke the law without warning Epstein’s victims about the amicable agreement reached with him.
The history of the Epstein investigation and trial is an example of such a basic fact of modern life: there are two justice, one for the rich, the other for the rest.
Epstein began his career in New York many years ago as a specialist in derivatives for Bear Stearns, and then founded his investment firm. He does not know exactly how much money he has, and the Miami Herald writes that he was never on the list of the richest – Forbes 400 – “mainly because the magazine could not estimate the source and size of its wealth.”

Although the exact amount is unknown, Epstein had money to buy, besides a mansion in Palm Beach and a large private plane where he committed many crimes, also islands in the Caribbean, a ranch in New Mexico 4 hectares, and a mansion in Manhattan, occupying a whole quarter, the largest private residential building in New York.

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  1. “I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”
    The last phrase , “with liberty and justice for all” must be replaced by, “with liberty and injustice for the ultra rich perverts while everyone else gets the shaft by the lying lawyers in the Injustice Department”. In addition to the example in the article, we have all the perps from New York Israel, Bush, Cheney, Four Star Generals and more who aided and abetted the 9/11/01 attack, all free as birds, some with armed Secret Service Protection. America is a corrupt cesspool worse than any totalitarian dictatorship. Never recite the lies that are the Pledge of Allegiance to our meaningless flag hijacked by gangsters called lawyers and liars and criminals in the image of their idol Al Capone.

    • Wake up Americans. Who are the folks who allowed the special favors to Epstein? The perverted group of LYING LAWYERS that is who. Even now, after the Miami Herald exposed them, although all of the insiders already know of their own crimes, nothing has been done other than hot air talk. Nothing is going to be done unless and until enough Americans rise up and demand it be done. The lying lawyers have hi jacked all three branches of our government. There are no, zero, checks and balances on anything. Wake up Americans. Lawyers are some very evil folks. They have bad reputations going back CENTURIES in history. Citizens must be appointed to do the dirty job of Justice, not corrupt Al Capone lying cheating lawyers. Lawyers are taught to lie and cheat in school!

    • Lying cheating lawyers are the same everywhere throughout history. “Lawyers and judges operate the judicial system in total isolation from the rest of society. Their guiding principle is the perpetuation of this corrupt system, which enables them to criminally exploit the American people. When the system is threatened, judges and lawyers unfailingly circle the wagons, and destroy the intruder. Matters such as justice, conscience, human rights, honesty, etc. do not enter into consideration. Is this honor among thieves? The Mafia would envy such blind allegiance.” IBM and the Corruption of Justice in America, 1992, Earl Carey, page 320. All this is why lawyers love secrecy. In this way they hide and cover up their special favors to despicable criminals like Epstein. They have secret meetings with city officials and tell them to violate any law and the lying lawyers will get them off. Secrecy is the enemy of the truth. Unfortunately the word secrecy does not even appear in our Constitution, one of its greatest failures because the real decisions of our corrupt government are made in secret and have been made in secret since the beginning. Secrecy is the enemy of the truth.

    • Everyone should observe the deafening silence of the usual big mouth from New York Israel Lover Liar Con Artist TRUMP about his friend in Florida the subject of the Miami Herald article. What if Trump’s daughters or granddaughters had been a part of this con?

  2. It would be intellectually disingenuous & a remote of a statistical mathematical possibility to suggest Trump is completely innocent of any amoral transgressions of moral turpitude in all the years he hung out with dubious characters, partied on a private level & number of women in the past as all being wrong or hearsay or witnessing his own statements like ‘grab them the p**sy’. It walks like a Duck, quacks like a Duck, swims like a Duck, fly’s like a Duck but, apparently it’s a Pink Flamingo. You can’t roll in it w/o getting any on you. Rome’s Janus the hypocrite continually plays out in the continual alchemical social/cultural psychodrama empire creating a hyper-reality we are living in & witnessing.

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