The UN Vote on Venezuela, Gordon Duff on Press TV (with Background)


Then, a day later, according to Pravda, but do wait and see the other video as well, hell I will put it first:

Venezuelan army goes over to the side of Guaydo: infantry recognized interim president

On February 10, a video appeared on YouTube in which a man in military uniform expresses support for Venezuelan provisional president Juan Guaido, and swears allegiance to him. The man introduced himself as Colonel of Venezuelan ground forces Ruben Alberto Paz Jimenez.

This is not the first time Venezuelan military officials have expressed support for Juan Guaiido. Earlier, the interim president was recognized by General Francisco Esteban Janes Rodriguez, who served as head of the strategic planning department of the Venezuelan Air Force General Command. After the statement of Rodriguez, he was removed from office and recognized as a traitor.

Recall, “Pravda.Ru” published analytical material, which presents the true motives of the Bolivarian revolution and the coup d’état in Venezuela.

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  1. the good news is that surprisingly the rest of the world is not following the USA led insanity …… most have discarded Guaido ………. Trump & Guaido are insane and idiots ………. I would have already charged Guaido with Treason for suggesting inviting American Forces , that recording is good enough for Treason Charges ……..

  2. CNN; Counterfeit News Network.
    Nobody should believe anything, anyone in MSM says or even considers as fact. That also includes Yahoo and Google news as well, especially so.
    The name of the game is pawning off staged events, photo shopped pictures and even photos taken from elsewhere and then passed off as part of a narrative. This was never so evident when after the Charlie Hebdo false flag, the photo of heads of states were photo shopped in front of a large crowd.
    The deceit that so often makes up the MSM which includes the print media as well, belies the statement of a free and unfettered press.
    That the MSM has decided to declare war on independent media and that some of them being Google, Facebook, Twitter and other social media have jumped onto the band wagon of censorship and de-plat-forming indicate the war of freedom of speech and press is being waged wholesale.
    There are many problems inside America which threaten to tear it apart and the attempt to control and stifle independent media being the worst. At a time when Americans most need the truth and facts, they are instead told lies, propaganda and just plain rubbish. Unfortunately there are enough Americans who either lack the intelligence or the knowledge to know better.
    Orwell rolls in his grave.

    • the worst part is that these ” Media ” can even go to the American Courts to insist that they never said that they’re reeporting 100% accurately …….. i think that too has already happenned ……….

  3. Ill advised, overly eager, arrogant, unprepared, unpopular, bad timing, poor execution, transparent motive, and just generally amateurish.
    Venezuela keeps Maduro. It is in fact the US that should look at the legitimacy of our president, and I actually signed a petition during the 2016 election asking for UN supervision of our election. And this was before Trump became the R nominee. I signed because of the D primaries.

  4. Knowing full well the U.S. Govt. as we see it and that other U.S.Govt. that hides behind closed doors planning one propaganda event after another is heading into another overthrow of ” A really bad guy[s] ” uh as we have heard so many times , ” Regime change ” ….And again the U.S. will be raping it of natural resources and claiming a legit. Govt. using a prop up puppet . And the beat goes on and on and on ………….

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