Pentagon duped into buying $65mn worth of fake cream


… from Press TV, Tehran

[ Editor’s Note: You just can’t make this stuff up. I mean in this day and age you would think they would have fraud software to trigger uncovering any anomalies much sooner than this, especially for any new billable medical items, and even moreso when they came in under the evaluation testing threshold.

I don’t see the word court-marshal used anywhere in the story below. What’s up wid dat? I thought the military always made examples of their crooks, At $300 a month in kickbacks per soldier that had to involve lot of people to run up $65 million scam bill.

The $2.7 trillion major bread missing in the last big audit also has not generated the court-marshal word being used in any of these stories, an indication that the “Doo doo happens” fairy is able to make the whole story disappear after a few days.

Meanwhile no one in Congress posed the obvious parry to the problem, “No more money until you find out what happened to the missing dough, or that no retirement time would accrue until the money was found …Jim W. Dean ]

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– First published … February  12, 2019

The US military has been caught up in yet another embarrassing gaffe, this time wasting more than $65 million on fake scar creams.

The scheme involved a former member of the US Marine Corps, several doctors and health workers as well as a pharmacy in the state of Tennessee, who exploited a loophole in the TRICARE insurance to sell veterans $30 tubes of scar healing cream for a whopping $14,500.

Two doctors and a nurse at a Tennessee clinic have already pleaded guilty to defrauding the military insurance service for more than $65 million since 2015.

Court documents revealed that former Marine Joshua Morgan, “targeted Marines around Camp Pendleton, often by convincing the Marines they were joining a drug trial for the pain and scar creams. Marines were paid about $300 in illegal kickbacks each month.”

“The Marine was being paid to get medicine he didn’t need. A Tennessee doctor he had never met wrote him a medicinal cream prescription, which was being filled by a pharmacy in Utah. The military covered the bill and the Marine got a cash kickback from somebody,” according to the Nashville Tennessean, which first uncovered the scheme.

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Cream That Nobody Needed Cost Military $65 Million 
Aren’t we sick of this? This massive corruption and theft from society for DECADES, NOTHING is done. And YOU cant have medicare.

“cream costs $30 on Amazon, but for the military, a tube of cream is $14k”

Fake Scar Cream That Nobody Needed Cost Military $65 Million

A tube of Mederma scar cream costs around $30 on Amazon, but for the military, a tube of scar cream runs $14k and doesn’t actually treat scars.

Joshua and his accomplices made a fortune by using a TRICARE loophole concerning “compounded” medications which rely on mixing several medicines into a single treatment.

TRICARE fully covers such medicines even if their effectiveness has not been certified by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Fake semiconductors

The news comes only days after a US military contractor admitted that he had tricked the Pentagon into buying used or fake electronic parts that ended up being installed on the US Air Force’s strategic B-2 nuclear bombers.

Rogelio Vasquez, the owner of California-based PRB Logics Corporation, pleaded guilty to trafficking in counterfeit military chips and fuses that were old, used or discarded from China and selling them to the US military by deceptively marking them as brand new.

“Some of the counterfeit parts in this case were installed in military applications, which means the trafficking of these circuits posed a threat to national security,” Nick Hanna, US Attorney for the Central District of California, said in a statement.

The Pentagon has been accused of wasting large chunks of its roughly $700 billion budget every year on bogus parts coming from China and other countries.

Last year, the first-ever audit of the of the $2.7 trillion enterprise that is the Pentagon identified widespread problems in the way the money was spent, concluding that trillions of dollars in the Defense Department’s budget remained unaccounted for.


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  1. They are not stupid. They have put out on the table, long ago, that “if you play with us we will cut you in as permanent partners with a serious chunk of the loot. All you have to do is provide security to the operation, to make sure we are never prosecuted, and what you make on the side is your business, and we will keep this going forever. We will be the Titans.” We have a situation now where our “best and brightest are tripping over themselves to get in on the action.

  2. How do we know anything in the corrupt military will work as claimed? Even on 9/11/01 it was obvious to anyone with eyes that the four star generals didn’t lift a finger to defend the country from that attack providing evidence that it was a con. Observe the recent accidents in the Navy. Do you think some of them were watching films of you know what? Our military needs to face a real test from a real attack and see how they do. Fire all of them and start over. Ditto with the whores in Congress.

  3. I think Russia and China get their military money’s worth. Russia you would be fired, money returned, and face prison.
    China you would face firing, family disgraced, assets seized, then execution!

    Just think of the leadership we would have if the USG were under those rules!

    BDS Israel whenever you can!

    • Corruption in my country is very strong. And it is one of the main evils. Jim Dean is right. In Russia, if you steal a shovel – you may get up to 5 years of prison/ But if you steal 1 million of shovels – you will be just a rich man. Or stay at home under house arrest for 1 year. Or even get off on probation. I used to think that in my country they are stealing like nowhere else. But when I learned what amounts were being abducted in the USA, I realized that Russian thieves are just puppies. But essentially this does not change anything. They all steal like crazy – like their motto is: we got a single life and we want to use this chance.

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