By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

The media is filled with stories of police murdering the black, the poor, veterans, hispanics, of police corruption, of entire police forces owned by drug cartels or, as with the local of Mara Lago and Trumpland Florida, police condoned and protected human trafficking.

The truth is worse so much worse. Being a cop can, in some cases, be the worst job in America.  As most whites will tell you, the average cop is a “good guy,” with a desire to help.  Others don’t see it that way, the poor, minorities, and those in communities with corrupt departments.

My own time as a cop, while in grad school, was amusing.  I had 6 years of Marine Corps seniority and combat experience in Vietnam.  By those standards, the police academy was beyond “unchallenging” with low standards, exceedingly low by Marine Corp marks.

For a Marine, passing the rifle qualification for the police was easy….with a pistol.

I could still pass the physical fitness part, and I am 70.

The issue isn’t about police so much as what we have created for police.  Imagine having a job where you have the worst, most corrupt and thieving co-workers imaginable, mentally ill, violent, blatantly dishonest.  Then give these maniacs guns and make them the “favorites’ of supervisors and local corrupt politicians, always in bed with meth dealers, pimps and the local gentry, meaning “the Republicans.”

Then figure any day you might end up at a traffic incident with children smashed into unrecognizable pulp or be called to a domestic disturbance where either or both party would gladly put aside their own homicidal dispute to kill you.

This is the life of a cop.

For those who have to interact with the armed, uniformed police, sometimes ignorant thugs, that are sworn to ‘protect and defend,’ it can be domestic terrorism.

On the whole, most armed Americans see two potential uses of their exotic assault rifles.  Remember, there are more assault weapons in the hands of American civilians than in all the armies of the world combined.

The big threat is zombies.  No, I’m not kidding.  I am not going to explain, but Americans are terrified of zombies.  Hell, we elected one to the White House.

Past that, Americans are armed to shoot it out with police.  There are dozens of scenarios where any American family can be slaughtered by police.  A wrong address on a warrant can do it or perhaps speaking up, making a wrong comment of fakebook, or being on “the list.”

Violence is endemic to America.  Rural America is wrought with poverty, drug labs, crooked police and multi-generational families right out of Texas Chainsaw.

To escape being a victim is easy.  As Billy Joel once said, “all it takes is looks and a whole lot of money.”

Living in a gated community filled with rich people helps.  I live on a private road surrounded by 1%ers.  It works for me.  No police here, just extremely well armed neighbors with useless alarm systems.

Hell, police here are decent albeit useless for protection.  If you want protection, hire a few former IDF/Mossad to sit on your porch with Uzi’s.  If you don’t have that kind of money, good luck with that.

In general, if you stay home in a wealthy private area, miles from crime or any minority, live in a huge home and drive a Mercedes or, better still, a Bentley or Rolls Royce, you are going to get a good reception from police.  A good  reception is in actuality, no reception at all.

If you are otherwise, living in a working class neighborhood, or in or near an area with crime and you look a bit unkept, good luck with that also.  Expect to deal with police, expect disrespect, perhaps being shot and certainly being questioned and jailed, whether you did anything or not.

The answer is always having cash, even if you have to steal it.  The advice, and this has worked so well for Trump, is to steal and steal big.  After all, police are no better than the politicians they serve.

Where I stop is speaking for minorities.  Imagine having your child pull out his mobile phone and being shot because police think its a gun? Most handguns that police see are phones.  No, not kidding about this.

There are reasonably safe communities in America but none free of heroin, meth and human trafficking, crimes that attract corrupt police like flies to sugar.

The real issue in America is drugs and the money drugs bring, starting with hundreds of billions that run the banking world and Washington politics to the tens of billions that buy the Pentagon and CIA to the millions that buy police and local government, why heroin is easier to find at an American school than chalk.

For the honest cops out there holding the line, know you are appreciated.  For the rest of you, our wishes you are hunted down as soon as possible.

But, it isn’t them, we reap what we have sewn and we have sewn the seeds of our own suffering.

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  1. The size of the forces increased exponentially while simultaneously violent crime exponentially decreased due to abundance and education.
    This left the cities and sheriff departments facing increasing budgets paired with quotas and seizures and grabbing everything to pay for it.
    Sheriffs are elected and the poor do not vote in sheriff elections.
    I always strongly urge people to make time, and be active in the elections of local sheriffs and judges. Find the candidate, and compel them to run. An 18 year old son of a local pig farmer won the local judge position in my home town 1-0. He got on Letterman for that.

    • It works for me as well. A small rural town with good local deputies that are actually on our side. That don’t happen often, and when it does, that’s the place to live. Having your own aux. power, well spring water, an independent comms system that can’t be turned off or restricted. Also all the neighbors are heavily armed. A lot of vets out here. They know a good thing when the see it too.

  2. As far as Oliver North being the head of the NRA… this gives the red list blue list FEMA DHS types easier access to the NRA database? Not that they could not have hacked this anyway. But it also gives them a way to bait, watch the info, get the emails traffic and such phone records as to anyone who might organize a militia and such. So can allow monitoring in real time. The Darkside is always analyzing tipping points and such. Looking for patsies stuff like this.

    • Book to Read Tortured for Christ by Richard Wurmbrand it is a short read. I think I will just passively die, let them kill me, the main point not to join in the evil. So, we reap what we sow? sown not sewn A time to tear apart and a time to sew together; A time to be silent and a time to speak. To me it is looking more and more like DARPA and the Jasons are really behind bitcoin and blockchain so one would imagine this has something to do with the mark of the beast.

  3. Authoritarians don’t like to have their opinions and directions challenged. One of the post Katrina trials in New Orleans, when several cops were charged with murder of citizens who were scavenging for water and food, revealed that even cops are afraid of other cops and the bad things that can happen to those who talk too much about police business. Most of them being crooks, liars and womanizers, are long time traits, but many police these days seem to be into violence, murder and delve into Mob type business.

    • In New Orleans, the mob and the cops are one and the same. All kind of power groups grabbing for power. The only real thing going for it is Mardi Gras.

  4. John,
    There were affirmative action problems in the 70s. Here’s how they worked, in order to destroy affirmative action, the worst of the worst were purposefully hired. This included women/white women, former prostitutes in order to prove how incapable women were. Some were surprisingly capable though ‘damaged.’

    Typically, all command personnel are corrupt, sgt. and above.

    The worst of the worst hires are white, male and of rural “white trash’ background. They would represent 80% of those now cited for assaholic behavior, my guess, a very good guess.

  5. Deindustrialization and the war on drugs… The hollowing out of the real economy, the loss of the true American dream: of one blue collar job per home, the corruption of most government institutions, the gutting of all real constitutional protections and the militarization of police… 80,000 SWAT raids a year in minority neighborhoods just because somebody wants to get high…WTF…and never forget that it’s ethnic cleansing…the same RethugliKKKlans WHO CREATED THE WAR ON DRUGS WERE ALSO THE ONES USING THE PENTAGRAM MILITARY AND THE CIA TO BRING THE CRACK, THE DRUGS INTO THE BLACK NEIGHBORHOODS FOR DECADES…. and yet you disingenuously cry, we’re the good guys! 5% of global population but 25% of global prison population….land of the free ONLY FOR WHITES.

    • My neighbor seems like a decent person, and since he has commuting privileges maybe having his squad car parked in our shared driveway will deter housebreakers and car thieves.

    • Sorry the script on my RCA 7″ Android is small and typo”s are difficult to see with my bifocals. I do have a larger laptop , but I hate windows 10. Driving for a living I get frequent inspections. It’s State Troopers, DOT, MTA, and County police with an occasional Sheriff. The most was three times in two days. Most of the stops are well done and very efficient. Some are insane and very time wasting. I once got a ticket for being on a weight restricted road in front of my delivery destination. Trying still to laugh that one off.

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