Anti-Vaxxers: Dupes or Terrorists?


Health Editor’s Note: No one has a natural immunity against “childhood” diseases which there are vaccines to prevent. Meningitis, measles, mumps, rubella, polio, hepatitis A and B, diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough (pertussis), chicken pox, haemophilus influenza B, influenza, rotavirus, and pneumococcal (pneumonia) are these diseases.  When a baby is born, he or she may have a passive immunity to whatever his or her mother had an immunity to, due to her either having a disease before certain vaccinations were available or having had a vaccine. This passive immunity for the baby wears off, thus the need for the baby’s own vaccines so he or she can develop an active immunity, with the production of antibodies to each of the diseases the baby receives a vaccine for. Either having one of these diseases (although survival is not guaranteed) or receiving a vaccine will both produce an active immunity against the disease. The body develops antibodies to the antigens of the disease and the next time the body experiences that disease the body will not allow the bacteria or virus to multiply and create a sick individual.

The wife of Trump’s White House communications director Bill Shine. Darla Shine, thinks it is a joke that there is a measles epidemic here in the U.S. She does not stop with laughing about the epidemic but also spreads lies. Her comment that measles can cure cancer is purely delusional, she thinks allegation of sexual assaults are a joke, and that using the “n” word should not be considered racist.  Oh, she also thinks there is is no use for sunscreen.

Have you ever heard of the greater good? Parents who do not vaccinate their children are really not exerting their Constitutional or human, or whatever rights. They are willfully placing their children and others into harm’s way.  The U.S. has laws that demand that children be placed in car seats and restrained by seat belts when riding in a car.  You will be fined if you are found to not have your child restrained. If you want to get real about anti-vaxxers…they are nothing more than terrorists who use their children as bombs.  They know that all the diseases that there are vaccines for are greatly harmful to their child as well as others who are either too young, too debilitated, or immunocompromised and cannot be vaccinated due to sound medical reasons. 

The excuse that vaccines cause autism is lame at best.  Autism is GENETICALLY based…really.   You get those genes from your parents…You want to talk about side effects of vaccines?…..all the diseases that can be vaccinated against have far worse consequences.  Look each of these diseases up and see what happens to a child if he or she gets one of the preventable diseases….pay special attention to polio.  You are either too young to know what polio did to our human population before the Salk and Sabin vaccines, or very, very ignorant of the ramifications of that disease, which by the way will be found in places all over the world, where vaccines are not being utilized.

The unvaccinated are a clear and present threat and danger to all others who are either too young to be vaccinated, or immunocompromised or for other medical reasons cannot receive vaccine (s).  Anti-Vaxx is not about pro choice.  Anti-vaxx is about ignorance. Anti-vaxx is like terrorism. An unvaccinated child, loose within a school system, is like a child wearing an explosive vest….you know, like the terrorists you see over and over again on TV and in movies. A person who has measles has the potential to harm all within a few feet of him or her.  Measles is extremely contagious.

Anti-vaxxers believe in fake science and fake ideas. Fake is okay for them if they want to live in a world that is fake. The problem for the rest of us and our children and grandchildren is that they do not live in their parallel fake world. They live in a world with the rest of us.  If they do not want their children to be vaccinated, those children should remain at home and be home-schooled. Pediatricians face a special quandary with parents would do not want vaccines for their child.  The pediatrician’s job is to help a child and keep him or her healthy and a great part of that help is to vaccinate. When you have a patient whose parents do not want vaccinations for their child, they tie the hands of the pediatrician and prevent him or her from taking care of their child. What are your forced to do if you cannot complete your task of taking care of a child? Do you ask them to leave the practice? 

Again, some real facts about vaccines: MMR vaccine does not nor did it ever contain thimerosal as a preservative used in multidose vials to stop bacterial, viral, fungal cross- contamination (thimerosal = ethylmercury which the body readily clears and is not harmful), studies show autism is genetically based, not caused by vaccines, Jenny McCarthy is a former Playboy playmate of the month who wants to sell books, but for 100% certainty  measles can and does kill. A study at VT has identified key influences behind the anti-vaxx movement as deep state operatives. Denial of real science is very much behind the move to depopulate the earth starting with the children. 

Children who have been denied vaccinations by their anti-vaxx parents are now getting vaccinated, often wondering how they have managed to live without vaccines. They had to wait until the age of eighteen before they could have a say in their lives….what a sad commentary on families who believe in fake science. Those who have made getting on the anti-vaxx crazy train seem plausible/credible/believable are those who would divide us and the only reason to divide is to conquer….Carol   


Wife of White House Communications Chief Goes on Anti-Vaccine Tirade

Former TV producer Darla Shine spreads conspiracy theories about measles outbreak on Twitter

by Sabrina Saddiqui in Washington/The Guardian

The wife of White House communications director Bill Shine went on an anti-vaccine tirade while spreading conspiracy theories about an outbreak of measles in the Pacific north-west.

In a series of tweets, Darla Shine lashed out against a CNN segment detailing the outbreak, which has seen more than 50 unvaccinated people contract measles in Washington state and Oregon.

Bill Shine, the White House communications director. Photograph: Kevin Lamarque/Reuters

“Here we go LOL #measlesoutbreak on #CNN #Fake #Hysteria,” Darla Shine tweeted. “The entire Baby Boom population alive today had the #Measles as kids. Bring back our #ChildhoodDiseases they keep you healthy & fight cancer.”

“I had the #Measles #Mumps #ChickenPox as a child and so did every kid I knew,” she went on to claim, adding: “Sadly my kids had #MMR so they will never have the life long natural immunity I have. Come breathe on me!”


Darla Shine, a former TV producer, is married to Bill Shine, the former executive at Fox News who was appointed last year as Donald Trump’s deputy chief of staff for communications.

Faced with criticism over her comments, Shine accused “the Left” of attempting to smear her. She also suggested, without evidence, that measles can cure cancer, pointing to a 2014 case that was far more complex and did not draw any kind of definitive conclusions.

This is not the first time Darla’s Shine’s public statements have sparked controversy. She once declared that sunscreen was “a hoax” and on numerous occasions pushed debunked theories about the danger of vaccines.

Other unearthed tweets found Darla Shine making profane remarks about race, questioning why white people were considered racist for using “the n’word” given its use by black people and defending the Confederate flag.

She has repeatedly struck a dismissive tone when discussing allegations of sexual assault, be it in the military or at Fox News.

When allegations of sexual misconduct surfaced against Roger Ailes, the network’s late former chairman, and ex-host Bill O’Reilly, Darla Shine sought to discredit their accusers.

Her husband, Bill, was forced to resign as co-president of Fox News following the allegations and has been accused of seeking to suppress the accounts of their accusers.

Darla Shine’s tweets on vaccines come as state legislatures in Washington and Oregon consider changes to their laws that allow school-vaccination exemptions for children on medical, religious and personal or philosophical grounds.

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  1. I read this: $4 Billion Paid for Vaccine Injuries and Deaths – Federal vaccine damage court awards since 1989 on behalf of those who were injured or died after getting federally recommended childhood vaccines have now topped $4 billion, with claims dramatically increasing in recent years as people learn about vaccine dangers. About $1 billion of that total has been awarded to vaccine-injured victims in just the last four years. Click

    I also read: 157 Research Papers Supporting the Vaccine/Autism Link – Media reports have claimed that there is no scientific evidence supporting the link between vaccines and autism. Here we provide for the reader research that demonstrates links between vaccines and autism, and the mechanisms by which vaccines can cause autism. Click

  2. There is a cacophony of peer reviewed research data & verifiable history of eugenics agenda easily available. Bertrand Russell, Aldous Huxley, Eustace Mullins et alia regarding pharmacological methodology & the alchemical nature of the human dynamo (electro/chemical beings). It doesn’t require being a ‘cognitive leaper’ to recognize fraud, conspiracies or how power operates & influences statistics. It’s the quantity & frequency (environmental & increased # of vaccine schedules of systematic toxicity of aluminum/mercury adjuvants regarding ASD) of increased idiopathic or etiological exposure where the data reveals the devil in the details. I also know that human fetal samples used in some vaccines are NOT tested for epigenetic expressions of diseases. I don’t think all vaccines are necessarily tainted per se & most likely not the MMR specifically. But I know & can irrefutably can prove the suppressed data, known increases & frequencies of vaccine schedules have increased values in known human toxins (i.e. mercury/aluminum) regarding a putative role. Especially when you consider the tested & verified toxic Chemtrails contain toxic nano particulates of increased Aluminum environmental exposure (acid rain) at unprecedented increased levels. ‘Correlation does not imply causation’ or ‘absence of evidence isn’t evidence of absence’ argument has it’s sub rosa syllogistic problems when research data is subverted. To note, of course unless the correlation metrics are cooked, skewed, suppressed, trashed, not released etc which we already know has happened many times. Wouldn’t be the first time the CDC & WHO were caught lying. I know Professor Huxley’s research paradoxally noted that NO metric for Aluminum exposure threshold was established by CDC he noted. That’s a pretty significant revelation. This fact is not defensible & should vitiate any substantive further argument as the proven agenda of de-population gives cause for serious health concerns. No different than EMF Radiation issues which we already know is proven to be carcinogenic.

    Professor Chris Exley: Aluminium in brain tissue in autism

    The Aluminium Age

    Autistic Brains Have High Aluminum Levels

    Assessment of Hair Aluminum, Lead, and Mercury ina Sample of Autistic Egyptian Children: Environmental RiskFactors of Heavy Metals in Autism

    Big Pharma can’t roll in it & not get any on them anymore. No different than Opioids, SSRI’s/SSNRI’s, Glyphosate, Sodium fluoride, Agent Orange, aflaxtoxin etc.

  3. Taking a hard provaccination stance for Measles is one thing. To lump all vaccinations on the same bandwagon is another. I believe you must look at each one separately.

  4. This is becoming comical. What a joke. I guess you have to keep posting this same nonsense because no one even commented the last time you posted it. Come on folks it’s pointless to even comment on this. This is what she wants. She obviously can’t believe in this nonsense. She/they keep posting this to create a reaction in the comment section. It’s too easy to see through.

  5. I am not opposed to vaccines. I have had them all my life with no adverse effects. I will be 80 in about two weeks. However alternatives are always good. The late Fred Klenner, M.D. was a top medical doctor who graduated from Duke University. His nurse was also his wife who also graduated from there with a B.S. degree in nursing. Klenner was a research doctor and also treated patients. He cured all childhood viral diseases up to and including polio before 1949 and long before the vaccine was approved. He gave his kids measles and cured them with vitamin C! Read his published research papers! His results have been criminally obstructed by the usual suspects for all the usual reasons MONEY. Here is a link to some of his great articles:
    However when taken by mouth Ascorbic Acid leaves the body in about two hours. This is why it must be administered intravenously to get a high enough concentration into the bloodstream to do the job. The corrupt FDA has criminally obstructed all this information and all should be sitting in a jail cell for life. Also many poorer countries have difficulty paying the high cost of vaccines. This provides a safe, cheap and effective alternative. However no one can prepare the compound to be injected themselves. Only a qualified medical doctor or pharmacist can do this safely.
    I urge Carol to read up on this. Many other doctors confirmed Klenner’s results.

    • Dr. Cathcart would disagree about your last paragraph. Here he himself shows how easy it is to prepare the stock 50% solution for IV Vitamin C treatment. 250gr Sodium Ascorbate (from Bronson Vitamins he used, they still sell it! Non-GMO) in 500 cc of distilled water, plus 1gr Disodium Edetate (from Purebulk for instance). It is very inexpensive if you compare the ready-to-use products sold by some europeans manufacturers nowadays.

  6. ‘An unvaccinated child, loose within a school system, is like a child wearing an explosive vest….you know, like the terrorists you see over and over again on TV and in movies.’

    Are you F’ing kidding me? You do not deserve to call yourself a ‘health’ anything with that BS. Let’s ponder this for a moment. If vaccines are so safe and reliable, what does it matter if a vaccinated child comes in contact with an unvaccinated one? The vaxxed one is protected I thought?

    Oh for the record, your comparison of a child suicide bomber to an unvaccinated child is reprehensible on so many levels. Tell the parents of a child lost to a bomber ‘at least he didn’t get measles’ and see how that goes over. You are disgusting.

    • And tell the parents of a Palestinian suicide bomber who fought against his occupier. Speak to Miko Peled, the general’s son.

    • To All naysayers…State your peer-reviewed publications or go away… really do not see what is going on here. You are dupes of a big pharma scam. If there were fines for not vaccinating your child we would not have medical epidemic issues. A child spewing very highly contagious droplets of measles (or any of the diseases mentioned) virus/bacteria into the air, for those nearby to inhale, are exactly like a child wearing a bomb vest….think about it. These diseases can and are deadly for some….Keep the non-vaccinated in their parental bubble. They have no place in a public school system. I cannot believe the medical ignorance of these comments. These articles are not meant for those who cannot see the dangers of not vaccinating. Get over your ignorant prejudices. It is what it is and no amount of denial of the importance of vaccines will make the measles epidemic situation any better….Carol

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