China Bars Millions From Travel for ‘Social Credit’ Offenses


Millions of Chinese citizens were blocked from traveling last year because of Beijing’s dystopian new “social credit” system, which punishes people for offenses as minor as paying a fine late or walking a dog without a leash. The Associated Press reports 5.5 million people were barred from buying train tickets, air travelers were blocked from buying tickets 17.5 million times, and 128 people were blocked from leaving China because they were behind on their taxes. The ruling Communist Party insists the system will improve public behavior—President Xi Jinping’s government has also used genetic sequencing and facial recognition to attempt to tighten control of society. Vice President Mike Pence criticized the system in October of last year as “an Orwellian system premised on controlling virtually every facet of human life.” A slogan often heard on state media says: “Once you lose trust, you will face restrictions everywhere.” There are plans to roll out a nationwide “social credit” system by 2020.

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  1. What a surprise! RED China is a, ‘One Party’ totalitarian dictatorship! Remember, the Clinton Crime Family of Arkansas has sold to them in 1996, for tens of millions of $$$s, that went into the coffers of the DNC, an the Billy Boy re-election drive, the Reds have received sensitive and classified technological information on, Super Computer Tech, Missile Guidance Tech. Multiple re-entry Guidance Systems and God knows what else, through LORAL INC, ! Today we lament on the strength of the Red Chinese, military might, while the Clinton Crime Family became wealthy, thanks to committing Treasonous activities! God Save America! SHALOM!

  2. Not so long ago, in the 60’s, you could buy dynamite, to blow stumps or beaver dams. Now you can’t buy a box of strike anywhere matches.

  3. Last year or so there was a report from the State of Michigan, where a panhandler was begging for money off a sidewalk at a busy corner where a car dealership operated. One day the Manager came out and offered the beggar a job at the dealership. The rude response to this offer was, “I make more money than you do begging!” So why not government demand these beggars, using the public roads and sidewalks for their trade, go at the end of every day an pay a tax to city hall like the rest of us “honest” citizens are forced to do but not every day but every year with enormous property or State income taxes? Why no laws for beggars? Isn’t this a violation by government of the so called “equal protection” clause in the Constitution, either State or Federal? All the nice sounding highfalutin words in the Constitution are virtually meaningless when government refuses to enforce them aren’t they? One set of rules for ordinary citizens, another set of rules for trespassing beggars and squaters and yet another set of no rules just right for government in the cesspool which is America today.

  4. If you own real estate today there is little you can do on it without violating some law or rule resulting in fines by government. Cars can be prohibited and towed if not currently licensed or taxes paid. Too much “junk” in the yard can lead to a court appearance. But if you don’t pay the taxes imposed by government you face losing the property. Allowing a dog to run loose results in a $1,500 fine plus court date for first offense. Obviously the elected officials of this day and time hate the Constitution and give it their middle finger every day. The recent SC ruling on excessive fines is not much help because they left it to the local yokels to work out details. Good luck with that. Where are the 1.3 million lawyers to help us out of this jam without bankrupting us at the same time?

    • In fact if you park on your own grass you can be jailed. Many more blatant violations of our basic “protections” under our Federal and State Constitutions could be listed. Are we really much different than China? Look at the gang rape of the 4th and 5th Amendments to thousands of airline passengers at air ports everyday in this country by thugs in Homeland Security all approved by the whores in Congress who passed the illegal Patriot Act following the false flag attack on 9/11/01 by Bush, Cheney, the Four Star Generals and criminals in Israel.

    • And to add insult to injury almost anywhere in the country homeless squatters are observed illegally trespassing on public property, living in scandalous conditions with tents made of blue tarps, urinating and defecating directly on the ground, which, in turn, washes directly into rivers and streams. Many of them return to begging on roadways illegally jay walking in busy streets violating laws without any law enforcement on them for the many violations of laws. Cameras take pictures of your vehicle at intersections while bills for violations are sent by mail. Is all this too much government for us lowly taxpayers but not enough government for the slackers and is not all this a patent violation of our State and Federal Constitutions? Government has no problem with the word hypocrisy do they?

  5. I’ll bet it’s just as easy to get on the US terrorist watch list as it is to get on the Chinese bad credit list. Both appear to target individuals, just to make up a list.

  6. Here in Maryland, we laying in the groundwork for mass surveillance. “Those who would give up essential liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither.” Big Daddy Ben. Of course, this is not something we chose. It’s just crammed down our throats. They just keep putting in the cameras without so much as a by your leave.

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