Trump, the Space Force and the AI That May Kill Us All

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By Peter Paget for VT

Arthur C. Clarke in the 1968 release of “2001, A Space Odyssey” identified that HAL the on board ‘super computer,’ figured out that the weak link in the mission were the human Astronauts and therefore to complete the remit most efficiently they needed to be eliminated. Clarke was gifted with a lot of insight about the future, the use of satellites and the way humans might progress in space exploration. Also the dangers and what they might encounter out there away from the cosy confines of planet Earth. Abstract intelligences that might span vast periods of time and distance beyond our understanding and the implications of different parallel universes, who may be oblivious to our petty existence, like mere colonies of ants on a farm. Perhaps we are a farm, a nature reserve left over from the past where our original DNA serves as a useful genetic data bank to be drawn upon, much like the ‘seed vault’ up there in the permanent ice field that we keep, just in case we need to restock the agricultural industry in the event of a crisis?

So now we have in the recent past The White House talking about the United Sates Space Force, supposedly currently just a proposal, but we know from long experience that when something is outed for public consumption, it in fact is already a reality and often operational. The various ‘stealth aircraft’ are a classic example, where they are ‘rolled out’ only perhaps when their existence can no longer be kept a National Secret or they are needed to showcase some military prowess in a new theatre of conflict to impress the enemy into coming to their senses and cutting a deal or surrender. Hence the logic of this is that a US Space Force already exist and in fact may have been around for some time.

President Trump receives his COSMIC clearances in July 2019 and will be much better ‘officially informed’ of what the true situations are on a number of sensitive subjects and perhaps will feel inclined to work some elements into his political tweets where he is known in the early hours to, as we say, ‘go off on one’, perhaps before the advisors can get to look over his shoulder and offer cautionary advice? COSMIC is only granted to US Presidents after being in office two and a half years; it is a long standing protocol. So we await with baited breath as to what he may blurt out; he is not a man known to hold back on his opinions. I care not if you like him or not, he is a historical reality and an unpredictable personality. The extent to which his close advisors have a bearing on White House policy is debatable as they seem to change on a regular basis. Wet your finger and hold it in the wind.

A British computer hacker back in the early part of this century accessed various restricted computer platforms and came up with some curious and unexplained scraps of data. List of “non terrestrial officers” and the names of eight ships that do not appear in the US Naval fleet records; significantly named after distinguished scientists known to have been consulted over the prospects and implications of alien extra terrestrial contact on our civilisation. The consensus agreed apparently was that it was far too hot a potato to share with the general public as they were post World War II, embroiled in concerns about the rise of Soviet power and did not need the distraction of thinking further than the next ball game and economic security. Much as is the case in the UK right now with the wild obsession with Brexit and the various opinions on benefits or trade tariffs. One of the EU highest officials is on public record as thinking the situation is being watched over by off World entities – a very curious statement indeed, nearly as provoking as President Reagan’s speech to the UN back then referring to how the World might come together in the face of an alien foe?

We do know that the British hacker certainly got into some pretty sensitive stuff as the US administration was hell bent on prosecuting him but intelligently backed off when it was realised that a public prosecution in Court would likely bring to light more than had already gone ‘over the wall’. He could be written off as just another crazy and his claims too rediculous to be considered real, but were they? You folk know as well as I what dark secrets are kept for decades behind closed doors, even on an almost mutual unwritten agreement between the super powers to prevent proliferation. How on the money was Arthur C. Clarke back then in identifying that along with space travel came the explosion of cyber knowledge and the necessity to handle artificial intelligence as our abilities in this domain expand exponentially. They used to say they doubled every two years or so.

When that ‘chemical plant’ (sic) blew up in The Peoples Republic of China three years ago it was just a mile from one of China’s ‘Super Computers’. The facility had to be shut down for a while but appears to have not been majorly damaged. Perhaps a failed mission in it’s intention, or have you not studied the high temperature blast zone around those two ‘mushroom’ explosions and the very large crater footprint in the ground, uncannily similar to the footprints of low yield nuclear tests. Do super computers or rival ‘AI’ intelligences have silent wars with each other and are they a little more ruthless or draconian than humans with shambled egg on their shoulder and something called a conscience?

Which posses the obvious question that if we have have already developed some forms of DEW Directed Energy Weapons (High Powered LASER guided microwave beams) and could these in the tradition of ‘Star Wars’ now be deployed in space either on unmanned or staffed stations financed by the ‘black budgets’ how much control do we exert over them? With the Soviets boasting that they have remote controlled subs armed with nuclear warheads lurking off the US coastline ready to create super tsunamis if need be how sure can we be that such systems could not be highjacked by very intelligent AI systems and used to help eliminate the non productive elements of a New World Order largely automated – like Neom City, Saudi Arabia?


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  1. This is another scam by Trump’s infamous “art of negotiations” nonsense. Whatever happened to the similar crap about Regan’s SDI nonsense. From the get go all the scientists gave their verdict that such a PsyOp SDI will not work and neither would this pipe dream of Space Force nonsense! Presently worthless most advanced technologies based military aircrafts are failing their missions right and left despite the tight lipped lid about their repeated failures. Trumps’s high speed PsyOps are now exposed and none of them are working. Nutcase John Bolton has his own mission along with his enablers like the idiot Pampeo and their newly appoint felon Abrams… Mossad operator like hundreds that occupied the Pentagon, the State Dept., the OFAC, the Commerce etc etc.
    We are on a fast train to rapid disintegration of fake democracy, fake “exceptionalisn” and fake “human rights” and the rest!

  2. We built a supercomputer with the energy and water requirements of a whole city. I wonder who ‘s idea that was. Camp Williams, sounds like a resort, 1.5 Billion dollars. Does anyone believe the 1.5 Billion dollars cost? or even it’s stated intent?

  3. I believe this short video summarizes the proper intelligence level to understand the “Space Force”.
    The best way to redirect funding into the arms and vans of your fellow criminals, is to create a new designation within the military trough, which is bottomless.
    Mafia Meeting – SNL

    Think of AI as a tractor. It can help you with efficiency, but not if you drive it sideways across a steep hill.

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