RT: Warsaw won’t bow to ‘lies & racist insults,’ Polish PM says amid simmering row with Israel

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After an Israeli minister claimed that Poles harbor anti-Semitism from childhood, a Polish PM fired back, saying his country, where thousands risked their lives to help Jews during WWII, will not accept “racist insults.”

Amid a simmering political row between Warsaw and Tel Aviv, Mateusz Morawiecki told Haaretz that Poland “will no longer give in to a pressure to accept lies, misleading phrases, let alone racist insults.”

Poles ‘suckle antisemitism with mothers’ milk’: Visegrad talks off over Israel's ‘racist’ comments Poles ‘suckle antisemitism with mothers’ milk’: Visegrad talks off over Israel’s ‘racist’ comments

Morawiecki was apparently directing the comment at Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz, who upped the ante last week by saying that every Pole “suckled anti-Semitism with his mother’s milk.”

The Polish PM said the controversial quote “seemed totally unbelievable,” and that such words “could be used by a radical extremist, but not by a Foreign Minister.” He added that “some politicians want to make headlines” ahead of the elections in Israel.

Morawiecki said that “tens of thousands of Poles, perhaps even more, were helping their Jewish brethren,” and that Poland was the only German-occupied country “in which a person helping Jews faced death penalty at the hands of the Germans.”

On the back of last week’s exchange, Warsaw pulled out of a summit of Eastern European countries in Jerusalem, with Junior Foreign Minister Szymon Szynkowski demanding that Israel “reject this declaration… and apologize.” The Israeli ambassador to Poland was summoned to the Foreign Ministry twice in a week.

Poland has been bombarded with accusations of stirring up anti-Semitic sentiment since it passed its controversial Holocaust law last year. The legislation, which prohibits implicating the Polish government in the historical crimes of the Nazi regime, sparked outrage in Israel, with senior official claiming that Poles collaborated with the Germans en masse.


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  1. The West has been a blackmail and extortion victim for some time and it’s surprising that Poland’s stance hasn’t generated threats of war from the frightened cowards who populate most Western government’s leadership, to appease their controllers. Truth telling isn’t a characteristic of the 21st century. As a Taleban leader once opined, ” We are sorry someone broke your buildings, but we had nothing to do with it.” Most people are aware of who really broke our buildings and stole trillions of dollars, but fear keeps everyone silent. The former WWII victors are now the world’s biggest cowards.

  2. Stalin’s Jews
    We mustn’t forget that some of greatest murderers of modern times were Jewish


    Ashkenazi Jews seem to be in control of “society”in the “West” & the US in particular.
    This is because 0.02% of the human race in a small state , Israel , the size of New Jersey is equipped with nuclear weapons & a fleet of Dolphin-class attack submarines capable of delivering them to any city on earth & hold the USA hostage & can bring life on earth to an end with their Samson Option.

  3. Anti-Jewish pogroms began in Poland in the summer of 1936, three years before the war. The growing aggressiveness of Polish nationalism expressed itself in violent attacks on non-Poles living in the German and Russian territory that had been taken by the Allies in 1919 to create the new nation. Hitler felt compelled to resort to arms when he did in response to a growing Polish campaign of terror against over a million ethnic Germans living under Polish rule in their formerly German lands.

    It is a matter of record that many Jewish survivors were murdered by Poles after the war when they returned to reclaim their property and possessions. The celebrated Polish hero Lech Walesa of Solidarity ran for re-election in a whispering campaign alleging his opponent was Jewish and therefore not to be trusted.

  4. That is a piece of history that they will regret. Doing anything to help them has only encouraged them to take even more advantage of the Poles. This is the reward they get in return. Who is surprised? It’s quite amazing that Israeli liars and propagandists can inflict any sort of insult they desire, especially lies, yet no one is allowed to call them on it. Any sort of criticism is antisemitism today and whether it is true or not has no bearing….

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