Judge: Prosecutors violated law in dealings with Jeffrey Epstein victims

Epstein and his million dollar smirk

… from Politico, New York

[ Editor’s Note: This story came as one hell of a surprise, and an inspirational one as it shows that the judiciary is not entirely under the control of the Deep State mob. But a dark shadow still hangs over the Justice Department and it is getting darker.

The judge noted the the government has dragged out defending its conduct for ten years now, something I don’t remember in anything that I read on the story.

What stinks here is the inference of what is called in the trade, the “deferred bribe”, as in we can’t give you any cash obviously, but if you are patient we will find a nice high government position to get you into down the road”.

Is it a coincidence that the former prosecutor on the slap on the wrist Epstein case ended up as Secretary o Labor? Suspicious minds would love to know.

The other juicy item I learned from the story below, already having heard that Epstein served his time in a light security institution, is that he had even been allowed out during the day to go to work, returning back to jail I suspect after he had had a nice dinner in a restaurant.

This story reeks of someone who had tons of blackmail on a number of folks who were exerting all the pressure they could to get Epstein off with as light a deal as possible.

The Justice Department’s conduct here has been a disgrace and I hope a special prosecutor is appointed to roto-rooter the rest of the story out of the political sewer on the others who were involved who have gotten away so farJim W. Dean ]

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– First published … February 23, 2019

A judge ruled on Thursday that federal prosecutors broke the law by failing to keep victims adequately informed about a plea deal that Jeffrey Epstein, a prominent financier, cut to avoid federal prosecution for sexual encounters with numerous underage girls.

Epstein is upped his age limit since the old days

Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta was the U.S. attorney for Southern Florida at the time the agreement was negotiated more than a decade ago.

The Justice Department’s internal watchdog for attorney misconduct announced earlier this month that it had opened an investigation into the government’s conduct in the case.

“Petitioners and the other victims should have been notified of the Government’s intention to take that course of action before it bound itself under the NPA,” or nonprosecution agreement, Marra wrote.

Marra criticized federal prosecutors for not only hiding the agreement from the victims but also misleading them about the state of the case.

…The full article on Politico is here.



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  1. Judge Marra was from Queens. Trump hit for 5.7 mill Jupiter golf course,…Kraft and Childs are not small fish.
    Ken Starr keeps adding to his list, his fame does not match his ineptitude.
    This is a battle between billionaires. and churches

    We should enjoy watching them pull each others molars with a Swiss army knife. And the victims now have a suit. push pins, string , and a new wall space.

    • Another interesting layer, the police said the origin of the Chinese sex workers was Flushing, which is Queens.
      They said, “the tip of the funnel ends there.”

    • I guess I’m keeping an open mind to spot , sexual scandals, coming to the fore, coincidently during the sex summit at the Vatican. Often we see , surfacing scandal used as cover for Catholic exposure. Marra is described as devout Catholic.
      So, so far, we have the laws suit filed against Wa Po, with pecker at AMI and the whole sordid business just before the summit, and then spas that have been operating for years in every city suddenly being considered “new information”. I have a spa not far from here, very Chinese, all the cops go there. 2 decades and counting, right by the airport and police and fire training facilities.

  2. Could it be Kavanaugh got his Supreme Court nomination as a reward for a number of criminal cover ups? Here’s just 1: Vince Foster murder.
    Mueller’s deep involvement in covering up for the Clintons, plus 911 will lead to an appointment on the Supreme Court. My guess the odds of this happening. 10 :1, or better.

  3. Whatever and whoever is caught up in Epstein’s blackmail schemes; the information must be made public, irregardless of who it hurts. It is the only way to relieve and set their souls free, and return our nation to one of morals and light. I’m calling for a purge of both Houses, the Executive and Judicial departments. It’s way past the time for this.
    Search warrants must be issued, and a early morning raid on AIPAC offices, and the homes of AIPAC’S officers must happen: targeting and seizing all of their computers, and paper files. Everything seized must be publicized. The only way to free us from their grip. Long live The Republic.

  4. “Conservative Scold Ken Starr Got a Billionaire Pedophile Off
    Many believe Jeffrey Epstein could have been jailed for life for violating scores of underage girls, but Ken Starr and the rest of his legal team got him a deal.”


    01.30.15 5:55 AM ET
    There is no way these lying lawyers did not know the law enunciated by this Federal Judge. But this judge should not have turned the problem back to them. He should have hauled everyone involved into his public courtroom and put them under oath for all to see. In a sense all he did was add to the problem, not solve it at all. We will all be very very surprised if anything of merit and justice comes out of this tempest in a teapot won’t we? This is a perfect example of how these scoundrels operate and why they almost all have bad reputations going back centuries in history. What a total disgrace. People guilty of much much less have been forced to spend years behind bars with zero special treatment. Even if Acosta did not get his plumb job as a pay back for this, he should be immediately disbarred and jailed for this criminal misconduct. But why didn’t this Judge do it? He even passed the buck!

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