Why There Will Be No Full US Troop Withdrawal From Syria


…from SouthFront

A contingent of US troops will remain deployed in Syria even after the troops withdrawal declared by President Donald Trump.

On February 21, White House press secretary Sarah Sanders announced that “a small peacekeeping group of about 200” troops will remain in Syria for “some period of time.” By February 22, it had appeared, according to US officials quoted by mainstream media, that Sanders had underestimated the number of troops remaining. According to these reports, 200 US troops will remain in northeastern Syria and 200 others will remain in the al-Tanf base on the Syrian-Iraqi border.

By February 23, the story had developed further with the Pentagon officially declaring that the remaining US troops will be a part of the multinational force consisting of “primarily” NATO member states. While Pentagon spokesman Commander Sean Robertson, provided no manpower estimations for this force, media reports relying on US defense officials suggested that the US allies will keep from 800 to 1,500 troops.

Therefore, from 1,000 to 1,700 troops, 200-400 of whom will be US personnel, will remain deployed in the war-torn country alongside with an unknown number of private military contractors. Comparing to the current 2,000-3,000 US troops operating in Syria, this is a notable decrease. However, this is far from any kind of the rapid and full troops withdrawal announced by the US president in December 2018.

In fact, Washington is reshaping its contingent to pursue own political and military tasks in the post-ISIS Syria. The US-led coalition will also keep most of its infrastructure established in Syria, including the al-Tanf base on the Damascus-Baghdad highway. This will allow the Trump administration to achieve the following goals:

  • To limit the growth of influence of the Damascus government, Iran and Russia in northeastern Syria;
  • To keep own proxies, the so-called Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), under control and prevent any significant progress in negotiations between Damascus and the SDF in short-term. In some cases, this may lead to the creation of a quasi-state on the eastern bank of the Euphrates. This entity will in fact be controlled from Washington;
  • To keep a direct action tool to influence the situation on the ground. This should strengthen the US negotiation positions in its ongoing bargain over the northeastern Syria safe zone with Turkey;
  • To continue projecting power in Syria assisting to Israel in its operations against Iranian and Iranian-backed forces.

Meanwhile, Washington also continued its diplomatic campaign against Iran. During the Warsaw conference held on February 13-14th, the US, Israel and Saudi Arabia once again attempted to establish a multi-national anti-Iran coalition to crack down on the growing regional power. This effort failed mostly because a neutral stance of EU states. However, this does not mean that the conflict between the Iran-Hezbollah bloc and the US-Israeli-Saudi alliance has any real chances to be de-escalated.

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  1. In other words Israel Lover Liar is a pathological liar and every member of the U.S. Military in Syria is there as an illegal invader in patent violation of the law. Suppose Assad and Putin decided to send Syrian and Russian troops and camp out in Washington D.C.? Just imagine the loud mouths coming out of the woodwork if this were to happen. Armed force would be used to rout them out just as armed force must be used to immediately rout these international criminals in the U.S. out of Syria. The criminals in the U.S. have been indulged far too long now. This is what happens when strong action is not immediately taken against a bully. Ask any grade school teacher. Also the corrupt four star generals are illegally executing illegal orders to trespass in Syria. Shame on them.

    • When did the U.S. Congress vote to approve the money to be spent on all these illegal criminal trespassing actions in Syria? The U.S. is nothing but an outlaw nation of criminal gangsters beginning with the four star generals with all those meaningless ribbons and medals they do not deserve because they blindly obey illegal orders like duped fools. I have more respect for the late Charlie
      Angelo Liteky, two time medal of honor winner who returned the medal after he discovered how corrupt his government was and even spent two stints in federal prison for demonstrating against the totally outlaw corrupt U.S. Government. Shame, shame, shame…on all involved in the United States Military CRIMES.

    • All this and much more is why every good American teenager must boycott the U.S. Military and avoid it like the plague. Do NOT join. Walk right by any lying recruiting office. They will tell you any lies to get their easy money while you will suffer the rest of your life while the officers are likely getting laid at the nearest brothel. Tell the corrupt military of gangsters to SHOVE IT. Boycott the corrupt U.S. Military just like you boycott the lying cheating government of Israel which controls our totally outlaw government. The four star generals totally sold out our country on 9/11/01 and aided traitors Bush and Cheney and Israel in pulling off this massive con on America. Muslims did not do 9/11/01. This was a U.S. False Flag operation against its own citizens run from thugs in Israel. Wake up Americans before it is too late. Do not salute any four star general. Look the other way and spit on the sidewalk as you pass to express your displeasure with these cowardly traitors who sold out America on 9/11/01.

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