By Gordon Duff and anonymous sources

I was sent a video yesterday. VT has a very large number of people who submit material. We could be ten times larger than we are; and too often, important material is around for only an hour, and I mean things that “regular people” really should care about. It is a failing, we are too good and getting better.

It has been some time since I have talked about disclosure. This is alien stuff, flying saucers, breeding programs and demonic possession stuff, really fun to read.

For us it’s different. We get material out of government files. Files on alien issues are all over; and real scientists deal with inexplicable advances in technology, hidden discoveries like unified field theory solved, wireless energy transmission, “magnetic buoyancy” and others. VT publishes the material, things that should eliminate hydrocarbons, and planes with wings and rocket ships that burn fuel, and yet things keep moving on as though this were a planet of cattle and morons, which of course is exactly what it is and was intended to be.

We begin with a bona fide, a secret file from the United States Department of Energy, one covering alien technology as it applies to their work. We got this today, we have gotten as of now, up to 200 such files, including extensive files on nuclear weapons and 9/11, US government files, and much more. This one simply discusses alien technology.

Submitted to Jeff Smith, our only real scientist here with a (we can’t even mention it) security clearance, here is what we learned:

Aliens invented the light bulb. Yes, it’s true, without them, the LED candelabra bulbs I have put in half a dozen things hanging from my ceiling wouldn’t exist. What do we mean by this? Well, according to an examination of a file at the DOE, a UFO “found” by the US was reverse engineered, not to build more UFOs, that was done long ago we are told, but to develop LED lights.

According to the DOE, a “normal flying saucer” is a giant LED light bulb. They emit circularly polarized light at specific wavelengths that react with the gases in our atmosphere or with sea water for UFOs that, according to the DOE, operate under the sea (as I was dumb enough to tell the public in 2009 on Coast to Coast with George Noury and got “talked to” afterward).

You see, the circularly polarized light magnetizes the gas surrounding the UFO which produces “magnetic buoyancy.” Magnetic buoyancy is discussed in this journal article published by the Russian Academy of Science (written by me) called The Wizard War Against Humanity, the Threat of Hidden Science. This is the most read article in Russia ever, by the way.

Let’s continue. The magnetic field of the surrounding gases then repels the UFO, pushing in an opposite direction, like a sailing ship (I keep thinking air hockey as well). This is how we got our LED and fiber optic technology. The three-point propulsion units mounted underneath the UFO are basically fiber optic based laser light generators used to propel the ship with polarized laser light.

White light is used because it is broadband spectrum in radiated energy guaranteed to produce the correct wavelengths of light in order to create the magneto fiber optic effect that is needed for propulsion.

The date on this file was before 1950.

Now for the video. This video, brilliant actually, contains disclosure material but also omits, by accident or not, the nature of the Bloodline families and how many are of Sephardic origin. He concentrates on the Astors and Cabots, Venice and Genoa, but not their origins nor their blood relationships with the fake “Warburgs,” Schiff or Rothschild, and all of those are phony names that were Spanish for a long time, and heaven only knows what before that.

These “Bloodline” families were never Rothschild or Bauer, they in fact have no names at all. The issues of the video, still a superior work by a brilliant guy, can be discussed:

I am going to bullet point just a few issues that we know and can prove.

  • Earth has had interaction with alien “civilizations” for more than 300,000 years.
  • Aliens have lived here, formless beings that feed off a type of biological energy, for some time.
  • Those entities are, in fact, the Deep State, based on their “marriage” with what some call “bloodline families.” The explanation here is complex but, typically, a bloodline family member with a “non-corporeal” partner will engage in a lifetime of augmented abilities and live a life of what we would normally call either “evil” or Satanic worship.
  • These families, with their non-corporeal pre-human (perhaps) partners rule the world and governments serve them.
  • They see humans as cattle, something that shows up in any works of literature or politics, even religion where Bloodlines control, and that is so many. Thus the idea of Goyim is repeated in Marx and Engels, but also in science fiction and Malthus. It is the core of “Trumpism,” hatred of common man and the elimination of inferiors. Refer to video for a far more intelligent discussion than I am capable of. (an admission)
  • There is both strong belief and evidence that “corporeals,” meaning alien races with human characteristics are widely interbred with humans. These are also “Bloodlines” and represent wider ruling families, fake “royals” and financial cabals.
  • In general, their characteristics are predatory and this theory, and I take it as theory, is extensively discussed in the enjoyable video.
  • Minimally we can add 10,000 years or more to civilizations; and both history and archeology have broadly lied about the mass of evidence of how mankind really developed. The lies are so heinous and pervasive as to be insane.

There are two generalized areas of concern we move onto.

  1. What is believed by those who rule and control. We are on solid ground, highest level confirmed sources, that non-corporeal beings exist and partner with the very nasty parasites that manage our economies, our news, own our governments and turn mankind against itself. They love destroying things and represent what can typically be termed “evil.” These forces control much of the world’s religions, not all, but certainly control Catholicism, Talmudic Judaism (not all), Evangelical Christianity, Wahhabist Islam and endless other sects. There are those that are not controlled or controlled to a lesser extent, including Eastern Christianity. This is important, very important. Where beliefs are not based on any fact, any real hidden power, the very wrong beliefs of Bloodlines has brought about a world built on lost truths, nightmarish though they may be, and glorification of evil and ignorance.
  2. Behind it all is a real history, mankind victimized, with current power systems a derivative of the corruption of the Roman Empire, reborn through Bloodline families, with far more continuity through the “Dark Ages” than one might guess, ending in rule by City of London “bankers” who are, in fact, petty servants of a dark agenda of disease, suffering, depopulation, mind control through not just social media but “dark science” as well.

Past this, we have the clues. Michigan State University’s School of Business has found $21 trillion in black budget, which may fund the secret programs Richard Dolan talks about. His work is interesting, and he may well be right about many things.

What is not known, what is not told, is that there are opposing levels or layers of power on earth. Fiction such as X Files and the humorous Men in Black describes, too well, the outline of what real rulers and key Bloodline operatives are “read in” on.

Behind it all, humans live a superficial life, reading about ghosts and demons, of UFOs and ESP, and from time to time, nearly all of us touch “the other side,” and too readily accept either fake religion on mass media based wrongful interpretations.

My opinion here, and this is simply what I believe, we are having our real “spiritual selves” stolen. When who and what we really are starts to manifest itself, we are derailed, put in asylums, sent to church, given medication or bought off.

My own experiences can’t even be related. I belong to an official “Bloodline” family, as the Duffs are of the Merovingian line through the St. Clair family of Roslyn. Otherwise, we are, according to the video, “crazy killer Scots” as well.

From time to time, that has come up in communication with our “dark overlords”, which include wild promises I believe are intended to play me for an idiot.

You see, everyone wants to be special, as we have learned so unpleasantly from Cohen’s remarks about Donnie Trump, a clear Deep State, or better, a “Dark Overlord” operative.

Trump’s superhuman weaknesses make a very real case for human “junk DNA” actually being reptilian, as so many claim. I, of course, love reptiles and don’t think they deserve the insult.

What I do know? We aren’t really human; we are more, we are less, some so much less. So many of us carry the shadow of power and ability, of greatness and yet live in a regime where we are either cattle or tenders of cattle for hidden rulers that should be scourged.

It is so easy to see the light and goodness here; and yet, simply turn on Fox News, look at the snarling faces, listen to the lies, take a deep look into the eyes of Netanyahu, Assange, May or Trump.

Even those who don’t submit as beaten dogs are led in circles. The heroes of old are the “capos” of today. Earth is Auschwitz.

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  1. Thanks for this, I have been waiting for VT to begin discussing this in more detail. Definetly interesting that VT released this the same day Alex Jones started dropping bombshells on the Joe Rogan Podcast. Alex never touches this topic which is one of the reasons I started following VT more regularly as you guys were the only serious outlet with the balls to put it into print.

    Can you or Preston expand on the Secret Space Program in the future? Very interested in hearing VT’s take on the ancient and ongoing Galactic Space War. There seem to be several earth factions entangled in this space war and it is difficult to distinguish the black hats from the white hats (if there are any). From what I have understund there are two major earth factions jockeying for control both working with nefarious off-world entities:

    NASA Group (USAF/NATO/DVD Genisis from German intelligence, Paperclip era) – definitely BLACK HATS
    CIA Group (USN/OSS Genisis from British Intelligence) – most likely BLACK HATS

    A possible splinter/rebel group consisting of former members of both groups and independent aware individuals. Possibly (QAnon and higher density neutral off-world entities) . – if they Exist hopefully – WHITE HATS

    Yes you are right it is really ‘fun to read’ and so incredibly insane ‘you just couldnt make this stuff up’, but it is becoming undeniable that there is a cosmic struggle going on for the mind and spirit of mankind. One direction pointing to a living hell of enslavement and the other to a grand awakening to free choice, love, and freely given service to others. The best way to battle the ‘Darkside’ is by bringing it into the light and the collective consciousness of man. I commend VT and its editors for taking up this fight.

  2. A little surprised to see this in a blog about foreign policy but not entirely. It’s all related.

    Good Stuff. The late great Jim Marrs discussed this topic in his book “Rule by Secrecy”. David Icke talks about it extensively and has gained a broad audience. Which brings up this interesting bit: Icke was recently banned from entering Australia after some Jewish groups accused him of being anti-semitic. See him discuss here:

  3. Thanks Gordon and Jeff for some of your descriptions, I always made my own practical experiments in the past which showed a connection between gravitation and electromagnetism. As most of Tesla’s basic ideas and experiments, my also where basic.

    On the theory side I don’t agree with Jeff’s assesment of 2 separate parts of Maxwell’s equations, one gravitational and one electrical. If you really go back to the source around 1880, you’ll find his baisc laws of electromagnetism scripted out in a somewhat strange manner at those days, he used new mathematics, dealing with Quaternions. These are a kind of generalized complex numbers with very specific and also strange features which suited perfectly to describe all these differential equations.

    I later form, the were translated into another mathematical form (differential or integral) by some physicists, who thereby eather by mistake (too much implification) or with purpose put them into the new form of equations (cutting them also to half in number).

    The remarkeable feature of the original equation is this:
    1. They make a connection between gravitation and electromagnetism.
    2. They don’t prohibit the existense of longitudinal electromagnetic waves with the absolute cruical addition that the solutions (the real physics of..) are independent of time.

    The first gives the theoretical of all form of antigravity of byoancy.
    The second gives the possibility of quasi instantainious transportation of messages through the whole universe without any one beeing able to disturb or grab the infrmation other than the receiver. It’s working also right through the earth (no transversal normal Hertz waves). Think of it, this and not old microwave technology are the future and the rescue from microwave damaging of nature as a whole (no and especially 5G).

  4. Misinformation: Something that the speaker/writer believes to be true, but is actually false.

    Genuine leaked government files prove nothing but that someone in the government created such a file. What other verification is there for any of this, or has someone been putting us on for a very, very long time?

  5. So are you a descendent of the Scottish gallowglass? That warrior clan that would invade Ireland every spring until Queen Elizabeth’s armies put an end to it somewhere around 1590. Hmmm … interesting. That’s quite an heritage.
    Recently China rolled out the first AI human looking robot news caster. Ironic, isn’t it. Fake news spewed from a plastic good looking doll. This should send shivers down the spine (if they had one) of all these over paid actors.

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