Italy: Netanyahu Emulates Hitler in His War on Syria



of  Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio for VT Italy

Machine translated from Italian with careful editing in “restaurant Italian” as well

“The sun will change into darkness and the moon into blood, before the 

great and terrible day of the Lord comes . Whoever invokes the name of the Lord will be saved, because on Mount Zion and in Jerusalem there will be salvation, as the Lord has said, also for the survivors whom the Lord has called .”

The prophet Gioiele recites in the Old Testament (3) . It is well known how the Israelis, in a minority descendants of the Palestine Jews and most of the Cazari converted for opportunism, keep to the Sacred Scriptures, even though they have been persecutors of their own Messiah and of his disciples, even if they often interpret them in the most favorable way to their economic and war affairs. No wonder, then, that the most massive air strike ever unleashed by the Israel Defense Force (IDF) against Syria came precisely on the night of the red moon and sent the first Syrian blood through 4 dead and 6 wounded serious: the Observatory of Human Rights Siriani reports even 11 deaths overall. On the other hand, Benjamin Netanyahu’s army did not have problems attacking Damascus even on Christmas Day, while the many Christian Syrians were celebrating Jesus ‘ first nativity with a little peace.

On 21 January, however, there was yet another overbearing aggression that still increases the staggering, enormous and shameful number of about 2,000 bombs dropped by Israeli aviation on Syrian territory until December 2018 . In the afternoon, shortly after midday, there was the usual hypocritical announcement rebounded on all Westerners that the Iron Dome self-defense system in Tel Aviv had intercepted a missile launched by Syria, obviously omitting to say, as later confirmed by Sana (Syrian Arab National Agency) , that the rocket was fired after Bashar Al Assad’s anti-aircraft army had been forced to defend itself from the fire rain of the Israeli F-16 fighter-bombers . According to the IDF the raids were made on Quds Force posts , the Iranian militia in foreign missions, and not only against the Lebanese Hezbollah that have always considered the looming danger. And the Iranians would have responded by launching a ballistic missile directed true of Mount Hermon , known ski resort next to the Golan. The rocket would have been intercepted immediately by the Iron Dome defense system but the tourist facilities would have been closed as a precaution. The conditional are due to the fact that they come from Israeli sources that have often mystified the facts and concealed the air raids, using as radar coverage even the scheduled flights and putting at risk their abatement, exactly as it happened at DC9 Itavia in Ustica . From this first skirmish with rockets, hell broke loose: for half an hour, the IDF airplanes targeted Damascus , the capital of Syria . Until 2 am: the new batteries of the Syrian S-300 anti-aircraft, supplied by Russia, they would have shot down 30 Israeli cruise missiles. The official goal was the Quds Force posts , which had never been reported in Syria, and the military depots of the Lebanese Hezbollah ; unofficial purpose to induce Assad to expel the pro-Iranian militias by firing closer and closer to the city.

The motive of the raid is in fact always the same: to induce the government of Assad to expel the Persian forces of Forza Quds and the Lebanese Hezbollah pro-Iranians who helped him to win the war against Isis being of Shiite Islamic confession  as the Syrian president and the Party of the Arab Socialist Renaissance aka Ba’th that supports it, guidance Alawite, a branch of Shiism . A war of religion, in fact, to eliminate a potential enemy, at the time dormant, and also do a favor to the Sunnis, the Muslims who occupy most of the Middle Eastern Arab countries, sworn enemies of the most moderate Shiites: all the organizations of Jihad ( Al Qqaeda, Al Nusra, Al Shabaab, Isis etc … ) are in fact of Sunni inspiration.

A plan of preventive purge and religious discrimination that in fact emulates that of Adolf Hitler and the Nazis of the SS against the Zionist bankers accused of having seized the European and world finance, often with illicit methods, and of having piloted the fate of the international economy also in the collapse of Wall Street in 1929: those plutocrats heirs of the Illuminati of Bavaria as well as great-grandchildren of today’s world-famous Bilderberg . If Benyamin Netanyahu , the premier of Tel Aviv, still can not get the same results as the Third Reich in the extermination of Shiite sworn enemies of Iran and Lebanonit is only because he does not have the military strength of Germany in the 1930s and because Russia isloyal ally of Syria as well as of Tehran . And it is precisely the patience of the two presidents Bashar Al Assad and Vladimir Putin who is creating an angry irritation in the Israeli leader who seems willing to replicate the 2006 Golan War against Lebanon , when in retaliation against an attack by Hezbollah against IDF soldiers an infernal conflict lasted 34 days and ended with a truce imposed by the UNbut without peace: even for the occupation of a part of the Lebanese plateau by the army of Tel Aviv .

Unlike then, the attack on Syria , to which formally Israel has not even made a formal declaration of war, comes after seven years of Syrian civil conflict in which almost half a million people have died, including about 100 thousand civilians and 19 thousand children . A belligerency that the Syrian government army supported by the Russian militia has conducted against the terrorists of the Islamic State Daesch (Isis) with the strategies of a daily guerrilla to limit the civilian victims to the maximum and in which Hezbollah proved to be fundamental help. The trail of blood, however, does not seem to induce Netanyahu to prudence and, after having long targeted in 2018 various Hezbollah base camps and depots near its borders, it has now moved the Damascus pitch to make its intimidation more energetic. Rather. If, up until a few months ago, the attacks were unspoken or even contradicted by the aggressive politics of Tel Aviv and became shameless as well highlighted in an article on the network site Russia Today of January 13: “The outgoing commander of the IDF has Recognized that Israel has bombed Syria on an “almost daily” basis for years, in a massive military campaign aimed at destroying the alleged military grouping of Tehranin the region – wrote Rt – The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) rarely recognize attacks on specific targets in Syria, but the head of staff has openly confessed to having organized a large-scale bombing campaign in the territory of its neighbors. Only in 2018, Israel dropped about 2,000 bombs on alleged Iran-related targets: Gadi Eisenkot told the New York Times in his last interview as IDF’s chief of staff before retiring next week: “We hit thousands of objectives without claiming responsibility or claiming merit, “said Eisenkot, admitting he made” almost daily “attacks.”

“The Israeli attacks killed four Syrian soldiers and wounded another six, and” partially damaged the infrastructure of Damascus International Airport “, said the Russian Defense Ministry – writes Russia Today in the main breaking news on Monday 21 January – Israel states that his attacks target Iranian forces stationed in Syria and warned Damascus not to take revenge. The Syrian state media claimed that two waves of raids have been rejected by Syrian air defenses in the last 48 hours. “During our attack, dozens of Syrian ground-to-air missiles were launched, despite clear warnings to avoid such fire action, and in response we targeted several Syrian armed air defense batteries,” wrote the IDF on Twitter ». In the silence of the world and of the UN we have now reached the perverse paradox that Tel Aviv he also claims that Syria misses the missiles on its battered country and does not take any counter-offensive action. The impudence Israeli war-mongering is confirmed by these two days of repeated and obsessive bombing that follow these two 2,000 missiles confessed by the commander of the army . «At 1/10 on Monday 21 January 2019, the Israeli enemy launched airstrikes with successive waves of dozens of guided missiles – confirms Syrian agency Sana – The source added our air defenses have immediately faced the situation and intercepted the missiles enemies, knocking down most of them before they reach their goals by continuing their heroic response to aggression. The SANA reporter said that the Israeli attack was carried out by the Lebanese territory, the Galilee and the Tiberias lake , using various types of ammunition. A military source reported last Sunday that Syrian air defenses faced another Israeli air strike aimed at the southern region, preventing all of its objectives from being achieved. ” In support of a good report it is obviously necessary to report both versions. But the point of view of Israel always finds punctual mention on the agency ANSA and on other Western media that completely ignore the Syrian and Russian. Here is an example.

“” We have a constant policy of damaging Iran ‘s encroachment in Syria and of hitting anyone who tries to harm us. A policy that does not change, whether they are in Israel or on a historical visit to Chad “. This was stated by Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu thus evoking, albeit indirectly, the Israeli attack today near Damascus and attributed by Syria to Israel itself – wrote the ANSA yesterday afternoon – The Iron Dome , the Israeli anti-missile defense system, intercepted a rocket launched against the Golan Heights. The army said so. Shortly before, Syrian sources announced they had failed an Israeli air attack in southern Syria. “The Syrian air defenses have faced Israeli aggression in the south and have prevented the aggressors from reaching their goals,” reports the Damana government agency Sana. The news of the attack has not yet been reflected in Israel “.

The ANSA reporters in Italy have added today that ” Iran is impatient to attack the Zionists” reporting anathema launched on national TV by Brigadier General Aziz Nasirzadeh , commander of the Iranian Air Force, but they failed to report the detailed version Syrian spread both from the Sana agency and from Russia Today . As if the punitive, Hitlerian preventive mission of Tel Aviv  was to be considered more than justified against the Quds Force and Hezbollah , considered terrorists by various Western nations, but since they have been in the Syrian territory, they have never carried out direct attacks against Israel. The Hezbollah have been accused by the Israelis of having excavated underground tunnels to carry out attacks in the Golan , however, in that territory of Lebanon already occupied by Israel and never recognized by the UN . But no ambush has ever been made since the beginning of the war in Syria and in light of the mystifications on air raids, until recently confirmed, and of the media manipulations organized by Netanyahu and collaborators, it is legitimate to doubt every word reported by these now disgraceful followers of the Star of David : emblem of the shield of King David pugnacious in spite of himself and even came to leave  Jerusalem to prevent it from being destroyed by the attack of his rebel son Absalom . Precisely because, as a Christian, I have immense esteem and respect for the noble biblical traditions of the Israelites  and I have always defended Israel from the missile attacks, also preventive and provocative, of Hamas , today I am disconcerted in assisting this massacre deemed politically correct by too many countries and too many Western journalists. A daily challenge to Syria , to Russia, but also to Iran, which uses prudence only by virtue of the historic and close-knit alliance with Vladimir Putin . Until the Kremlin Tsar Will he be patient, hold back Tehran and thus avoid the Third World War that Israel seems to be longing for?








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  1. Lets suppose Venezuela were to fly over A border country and begin bombing , or China bomb Japan , or Spain bomb France…..Oh but this hateful Israel can bomb anyone anytime and sssshhh…. not a peep about the slaughter house of Israel , nothing no not one word spoken out against the most underhanded criminal country/State the world has ever known …..

  2. Observe the deafening silence of all the whores in Congress, the head whore Israel lover liar con artist Trump, all the lying media and the corrupt Four Star Generals on these totally illegal attacks by the international outlaws in Israel. What a shameful disgrace this is. What a shameful disgrace the UN is. What a shameful disgrace MAN is. MAN does not deserve this planet. All this because Israel stole its lands from the Palestinians and the world looked the other way. Doesn’t this all confirm again that MAN evolved DOWN from the higher ahimals as the genius Mark Twain proclaimed over a century ago? Man’s inhumanity to man did not begin or end with WWII. It has been going on since the beginning of time. Obviously some folks in Israel are very very slow learners of history. This is what happens when one tolerates a bully instead of forcefully responding to their inhumane criminal deeds against others. How long will it take the world to turn Israel into ashes if WWIII is started?

    • Frankly many of our American ancestors are guilty of the same crimes of land theft from the American Indians as Israel is guilty of land theft from Palestinians today. But two wrongs do not equal one right do they? Man is a slow learner and loves to get land or other wealth for “free”. Man is a worthless piece of hypocrite garbage a destroyer and plunderer of Mother Earth.

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