Turning the Corner in Hollywood


…by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Two things happened this week on television.  Let’s start with NCIS New Orleans.  We have a new Middle Eastern character, an NCIS agent. This week she talked about the US and Iran and how the US in 1953 illegally overthrew the government there, betraying the democratic ideals of the Iranian people and doing it to profit the oil companies.

It was only a few short weeks ago that Dick Wolf, producer of the Chicago based shows and the new FBI franchise, went after “Animal Assad.”  President Assad of Syria is one of my heroes and it is time that a TV show exposed the fake White Helmets and their child killing ways.  Otherwise, Dick Wolf can do great TV.

The last one is this week’s Lethal Weapon, the TV franchise.  It dealt with CIA/FBI relations and how badly they have gone.  My personal life is filled with this, good friends at the FBI and their continued dealings with me, sometimes forgetting the years I aided them when they came to me “hat in hand.”

However, on the whole, the FBI is good people.  I have worked with former FBI agents for years, Dr. Phil Hayden and Fred Coward, and they have been consummate experts and professionals around the world.

The big deal is TV and reality itself coming together, both in  Lethal Weapon, a great series and a very touching episode for someone who has lived it.

Thanks also to NCIS New Orleans and Scott Bakula for his efforts as well.

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  1. I gave up on Pedowood when they released that putrid fairy tale and fantasy United 93 and Olly Stone unloaded that load of horse manure entitled “9/11”.

    That is aside from making remakes of remakes and a sequel for every thing. By the way Wolfe was a good writer until he began writing for the Law and Order.

  2. Scott Bakula seemed an OK guy until he got into NCIS. I guess he needed the paycheck. He sure f****k up the ST franchise.

  3. I haven’t watched television in so long I have no idea what any of those programs are about nor do I care. None of it has any attraction for me especially “cop” shows”. The last ones I watched was Hill St. Blues, which I thought was pretty good but that’s before police department became infected with low life trash.
    Actually what I tend to watch are some shows available on Youtube such as Time Team( British archeology) Monty Python and some geology lectures out of Central Washington University,Ellensburg, Wa.
    Like old reruns of Star Trek, StarGate, Kolchak, The Night Stalker.

  4. I had to stop watching “NCIS” a decade ago. It was obvious that all the bad guys were either Iranian or North Korean in the show. Even one of the team members was an Israeli national, Zeva David, played by the Brazilian beauty, Cote de Pablo. It just confirmed to me who runs Hollywood, and I’m no longer interested in anything they’re selling. I’d rather watch Bonspiel (Curling).

    • The Zios May throw us a bone once in awhile to assuage our suspicions, leading us to believe in the notion, “they know we know”, but I firmly believe that’s all it is. The tribe will stay the course, until the “Moshiach” comes, Tel Aviv is the tech center of the world, the Supreme Court of Mankind and a new United Nations are seated in Jerusalem, and America is, in the words of David Ben-Gurion, a failed welfare state with a planned-economy.

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