Sunday Morning: Remembering Cohen, the SNL Version and Why


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Today, as I do every day, I reviewed the world’s media, US, UK, Israel, Turkey then Russia to start, then I open email and look at Skype.  For me, this is 4 hours, just so I am not embarrassed when asked to be interviewed about an election in a country I never heard of.

There should have been more, the formerly Mossad controlled Daily Beast is supposed to have its mix of liberal claptrap with blended in smears of anyone who doesn’t bend over for Israel.

The Russian media, a mix of occasional excellent reporting and “the word from the Kremlin” is on a roll of late, bashing Pakistan over their air war humiliation of India and, of course, humiliating themselves by defending Trump.  They do such a terrible job of it, the term is “ham handed,” it sickens me.

You see, Russian propaganda, their defense of themselves in the Skripal matter, their attacks on the White Helmets in Syria (while defending Trump for attacking Syria and staying silent on criticism of Israel even for killing Russian military) is honest reporting diminished by crap.

Iran’s media is superb, to a point and Israel has a far freer press than the US, worth reading.  One might note that the Hebrew version is totally different than their English version, look to Google translate and compare each.  Do the same with Russian press.

Press TV in Iran, along with Fars, is quality reporting, honest, seldom tasteless breast beating.

Reading the media generally requires stomach medication of some kind, particularly when it comes down to looking at Politico, the Hill or any of the alternative media.

The real jokefest is the Guardian, a mix of UK reporting, occasional good analysis and a mass of “ham handed” (why not keep using that) censorship and Israeli ass kissing.

Some thing I would like to see, it’s time Melania or Menalia or whatever her name is, has to testify before congress.  You see, Michael Cohen said he spoke to her at the direction of Trump, lying to her about Stormy Daniels.

I want to see her face under questioning, she has been a 4th rate “first lady.”  It’s one thing dealing with Bill Clinton and his fat little princess, it is another for Trump and an endless stream of pre-teens, hotel maids and, above all, an addiction to prostitutes.

We all deserve to know how she feels about this, after all, we are paying millions a month to keep her and her Russian mobster neighbors at Trump Tower “safe.”

The $35,000 check makes every accusation against Trump by every women, in fact it makes every word of testimony Trump has ever made, and he has spent plenty of time in court, a lie.  Whatever was said, the check said it all, the accusations of rape, of child rape, and they have been made, of endless and continual sexual assaults, and the minor issue of selling the US and its secrets, even its nuclear arsenal, to the highest bidder, it makes them true also.

In return what do we get?

The real question is what do we settle for?  I watched, for 8 years, the reaction millions of Americans had to living with an African American president.  Millions felt shame and revulsion, murderous anger and having a “human monkey” ruling them.

This was stoked every day by Mossad owned and run Fox News and thousands of Satan worshiping fake “Christian Evangelist/Zionist” preachers.

I look at the Obama family.  At times I hated Obama for taking it all so quietly.  His humor and eloquence were a gift that so many of us miss so badly now.  Compare families with the Trumps, compare first ladys for instance.  How many threats and lawsuits have their been, now many thugs sent out to keep Mrs. Obama from being openly accused of being a “call girl.”  Half of Slovenia lives in terror.

I think she is decent people and I know nothing of this and if I did, I would consider her a victim.  I consider her a victim now.

Most Americans don’t live all that well, 3rd rate health care (thank you republicans), poor paying jobs (thank you republicans) but a chance to make lives that many around the world will never have.  We are a nation of anger, of children thrown at devices and garbage culture, and when that bill comes due, there will be hell to pay.

The gold toilet, the tall food by a 5 star chef, the cowering and slavish ass kissers, and this has been Trump’s life from birth, are an infection.  When added to a dangerously low IQ, and there are plenty of people with Trump’s level of intelligence, some in the food service industry, working as hotel maids, working in factories, picking or vegetables or serving in congress, with the exception of congress, decent people.

Intelligence is overrated.  Trump proves that every day.

What has happened here, however, is that we have increasingly been “brain washed” into thinking we are the British, with their bizarre royals and landed gentry.  I come from one of those families.  We went from owning 40% of Scotland to, after 150 years, selling of 11 titles on Ebay while the rest of the family works works as grocery clerks or insurance salesmen.

The idea of born nobility is insane, always was.  I’m going to end this Sunday morning sermon with a long hidden piece by Theodore Roosevelt, a man long forgotten.  It’s several thousand words, read it if you can, comment of course, let me know what you think:


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  1. But THIS IS IMPORTANT The United States and Israel and Saudi Arabia should leave Iran alone, if Trump allows them to attack, if the US participates this is the beginning of the end…. Do we really want WW3? No More Wars for Israel and Globalist Bankers. Please ask President Trump and Israeli Leadership to stop the killing. and I still think we are better off with Trump than Killery…. Remember Obama/Killery messed with Egypt, did Libya, armed ISIS in Syria ( Assad and the Syrians did nothing wrong, lots of False Flags to set them up ), Israel, US, the Saud started the Yemen war, Nuland-Kagan/Obama/KerryandKillery/BIDEN did the Ukraine, so definitely the Demorats are not better and were in on 9/11 with Cheney and Crew. Why was it Clinton/Schumer as Senators from NY on 9/11. Remember they are planning another major False Flag to get us into a war with Iran. ???? Pray for Chicago? Watch what Rahm Emanuel is doing?

  2. ” Here is a collection of around 200 Scottish songs which we all know and love ” these are fun to look up on youtube for example ….. The Corries – The Braes O’ Killiecrankie (with lyrics) ….. The Music Show Scotland: Killiecrankie ( Two different versions ) BTW I did some search engine on my old User Name from another site… and someone else was using it at various sites….. Moral of the story Just because you see the same User Name this does not mean it is the same poster as the original user.

  3. Was a big Obama fan. Was convinced that he’d end the wars Bush had started due to the obvious false nuclear flag 9/11 but instead he not only continued them but expanded them as well. Libya, Syria, Somalia etc, etc. Used the CIA to undermine the elected Government of Ukraine and turn it over to a bunch of NeoNazi wackjobs. Same with Honduras. Was still hoping he’d repeal the onerous and oxymoronic “PATRIOT” act but also expanded that as well and then he continued bailing out the banks while average Americans were going homeless. In my view he went from Bush Lite to Bush II.

    Never bought that birther BS which BTW was started by his former Secretary of State which was a torch that was carried by the Faux News crazies.

    Roughrider Teddy was more like Trump would have been if he had ditched the Zionist Lobby “America First” but Trump like Teddy now straddled an empire which he himself helped to create by charging up San Juan in Cuba which also included the Philippines and Hawaii and the base at Pearl which became the “east wind rain” target for the Japs which led us to where we are today but the damage had already been done when racist Wilson a big fan of Birth of a Nation who resurrected the KKK single handedly, not only signed us on the Federal Reserve but got us in Britain and France’s Imperialist Adventure against the Germans thanks to the Zionists which led to both the Bolshevik Revolution, WW II and Trinity.

    If you want to find America in what is called “America” you might end up like Billy and Captain America in Easy Rider. I’d say the best place to really find America is on the Pine Ridge Reservation or at any Pow Wow.
    This is where one finds real Americans.

  4. I keep doing the pilgrimages, looking, perhaps for that home I never had.

    There are places I can live, Accra, Ghana with one exception, driving to work and seeing unemployed young men selling sundries along the road, that’s heartbreaking. Lunch at the Movenpick gets me past that such as I am.

    Granau, in Southern Germany is another. I have lifelong friends there. Visit if you can, they won’t let you live there unless you are invited, not kidding.

    Fairford, UK, where the US has/had a major nuke base. I was stuck there for some time and became a local, great 12th century church, an even older pub with horrible food, the Bull, but worth the visit.

    Cirenchester, nearby, has turned into a bit of a dump but Gloucester has a great cathedral. Driving the other way, Lechlade has a great fish shop and my favorite antique/junk shop in the world, better than one in Scotland (Cullen).

    For Americans, Paris will always be home, for vets who are Hemingway/Maugham fans. VT has a major operation there where we are MSM and do trade shows and local news.

    I am still looking for somewhere to settle in Italy. The towns of Nothern Veneto, around Aviano AFB are ok, and up into the Dolomites, not friendly. I have friends in Lucca and Rome but can’t really fit in.

    I spent years looking for the perfect small town, somewhere I would feel like I was part of the world. Tune back to Don Genero’s dream in Ixtlan. (reference for the literate crowd)

    Houston in the early 80s, when it was a mad house, I loved it. You could bathe in the crazy there. Texas is the best kept secret, now seemingly from Texans themselves. I did love living there. When I go back to Houston, I recognize nothing, it’s gone. Galveston: gone. San Antonio: gone

    Florida as well, I remember it from the 60s, Palm Beach County and sleepy little towns with beach camping, now a nightmare. Trump has made it worse, Dade, Broward and PBC, with Roger, his stepchild.

    If anyone has news of where America is, please let me know.

    • Nobody owns the land, so the only thing that is solid, is the spirit of the place. every place has a spirit. Well traveled people know this, at some level. It doesn’t matter where you go, there will be certain people, who let everything go and become that essence. Mostly they are the homeless or wandering mystics. They gave in. They can be observed to identify what home means for that place. Here, on this land, agreements were made, but most are not into the transition. Teddy kinda was. He was keen on the preservation of the land because it spoke to him. He knew what loyalty to it meant. This is a wild place, and a free place. It has a protective spirit that values family. That’s why it is ripe for usage by others. Why can’t they protect themselves ? To be accepted by this place, is a free and abundant thing. protective and selfless. Like an eagle. They eat fish.
      No matter where in the world a person is, they can go into undisturbed places, and get permission from the biggest tree to enter, and see for yourself. It’s a question that requires an intention.

    • Actually Gordon, it’s definitely not America, it’s something else entirely. It is New Orleans. A place that is not really part of Louisiana, or even the US. It is more like a city state with it’s own unique culture. As I write this Lundi Gras is upon us and Bacchus is marching.

  5. We have a problem in our Officer Corp., in their training, in their education, and in their mindset. We have a problem in our political class, in their training, in their education and in their mindset. We have a problem in our religious leaders, in their training, in their education, and in their mindset. It is the same poison which has caused all of it, and it is moral treason. We are no longer fit to represent ourselves with these persons, and they are no longer fit to serve us.
    It is not just Israel, or Britain, or any other country. It is the issue of religious loyalties, and these attach themselves to countries outside of our experiment. Why should I care what a person believes, if not for the infiltration and influential agendas set forth by these groups ? I am not anti-religion, but I also know as the founders did, it is all made up, and that is still fine, unless it seeks to destroy us from within. And that is what is happening. The triumvirate has banded together with Monarchy from all corners and has gained confidence with their success. It is time to put a boot on their necks.

    • Who are those that embark on pilgrimages ? Who is required to journey to their “real” center of their loyalty ? Is it Jerusalem ? Mecca ? ,,.. the Vatican ? Are these places where these persons owe their allegiances ?
      These are the new Loyalists, and they stomp and shout with confidence that they have every right to be loyal to these places. I myself am derided and thought of as unpatriotic, if I speak of these disloyalties, and point out their dualism and hypocrisy. Who is more loyal , the Lakota, the Hopi and the Oneida or the Catholic and the Jew ?
      Who is molesting our children, subverting our laws, and calling the faithful to their palaces abroad ? Who is living high and tax free, even on the sweat of our own labors, while simultaneously infiltrating our courts and offices ? Who is training our officers ? And why is this tolerated ? Take the sword to their ankles.

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