Watching Israel Own The U.S.


“The Israelis control the policy in the Congress and the Senate.” – Senator William Fulbright, 1973

“America is a thing you can move very easily.” – Benjamin Netanyahu, 2001

If you have half an hour to spare, you might want to watch the most “powerful” Democrat in the U.S. Senate, and the most “powerful” Democrat in the U.S. House Of Representatives begging (soliciting) for Zionist million$$ during a 2018 meeting of the Israeli-American Council (IAC). Quite a show. 

As it opens, multi-billionaire Haim Saban strides commandingly across the stage, his name emblazoned in immense letters behind the seating arrangement. Thereafter, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer appear and, despite hugs, quickly assume the submissive attitude of the supplicants that they are, respectfully attentive as the dominant Saban slouches casually. One needn’t be a sociologist to read the body language.

“You have to know that we have shared values about the Israel-U.S. relationship, and how important it is to reach every American, that we keep that as strong as possible, and that is the work of the Democrats and the Republicans”, Pelosi began. “Let me tell you about Israel in the heart”, she said as she described her father as a “Shabbat Goy”. And then: “If this Capital crumbles to the ground, the one thing that would remain is our commitment to and aid – I don’t even call it aid – our cooperation with Israel. That is fundamental to who we are.” She actually said that. It is difficult to know exactly what was intended by “we”, but it is certain that many Americans do not feel a part of it.

 Despite assurances from the U.S. legislators, Saban expressed distress that support for Israel is declining among America’s youth, and he turned to Schumer: “What can you do to address the problem?” Schumer, who admitted that he calls Saban weekly, then recites a list of pro-Israel U.S. laws for which Democrats are “virtually synonymous”, including the Taylor Force Act (HR 1164) that prohibits economic aid to the Palestinian Authority unless the PA essentially makes itself defenseless in the face of Israel’s expanding Occupation. Schumer also cites a letter, signed by all [!]100 U.S. Senators, to the U.N. Secretary General complaining of “anti-Israel bias in the U.N.” (Which is to say, from the Rest Of The World). Schumer suggests a pro-Israel campaign “aimed at the young”. Saban: “We’re going to educate the young people [to bring them] under the tent.” Although not discussed, the fact of the Boycott-Divest-Sanction Movement hangs in the air. The growing BDS Movement on U.S. campuses has Israel frightened enough that it has developed a sophisticated “malign campaign” against it. 

That Zionist interests and wealth have captured Congress is old news, but the performance of these two high-profile United States legislators, both of whom made clear that they had worked for Israel’s interests for thirty years, was a truly humiliating display of how grubby the American political system has become. Pelosi: “We have people very well placed who share our values in terms of Israel in heart and Israelness [sic] in spirit”, and she began to enumerate the well-placed, pro-Israeli heads of important congressional committees. “I believe the establishment of the State of Israel is the greatest political accomplishment of the 20th Century”, she said. Saban seemed pleased. 

As for Schumer, he mentioned, as if it were a positive point, that a third of American “cyber security defense” is done by Israel. Not “shared”, but “done”. That naturally means that everything the U.S. Government knows about its citizens is known by Israeli intelligence, which may even be the first to “know”. And should one assume that Israel would eagerly share everything it discovers? All of this is beyond “ally” and way beyond mere “cooperation”.

When essentially the entire Congress – both chambers – has put itself in such thrall to the interests of a foreign nation, how is it possible to avoid seeing it as treasonous on a huge scale, and seemingly just taken for granted as the way things work now?

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is like the fuse of a powder keg that requires a balance of understanding and position. As is, Arabs and Muslims everywhere have watched for many decades the gross injustice heaped by Israel on the blameless people of Palestine, and their collective anger is a force behind much of the violence that wracks the world. That America is Israel’s most powerful and manipulable weapon, as indicated by the appalling one-sided stance of Pelosi-Schumer, and by their confirmation of “who we are”, is why the U.S. is a prime target everywhere for “terrorist” rage. 


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  1. Ref: Beginning at about 41:55

    As Jesus Christ was a Semite, then is this video recorded Congressman’s statement that is linked in the above VT article, an anti-semitism statement ?

    What does the U S Congressman Chuck Schumer mean in his video recorded statement beginning at about 41:55 in the video, in which Chuck Schumer states that he took Nancy Pelosi everywhere in Israel except where they did the stations of the cross, he stayed home ?

  2. “Once we squeeze everything out of the United States it can dry up and blow away”
    Benjamin Netanyahu overheard speaking to Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard.

    • Never vote for any dual US-Israeli “citizen”
      Never vote for any politician that takes money from AIPAC, Sheldon Adelson, JDL. ADL or Israeli Lobbyists.
      Get rid of “Citizens United”
      Follow the Money!

  3. Both of our political parties are totally corrupt, bought and paid for by gangsters in Israel. Both must be totally abolished and start over and enforce the laws against treason. Israel also did 9/11/01 with the aid of traitors Bush, Cheney and the Four Star Generals who stood down and disabled NORAD that day. All traitors free as the breeze enjoying the good life while they sold out America they took meaningless oaths to protect and defend.

  4. So, the reason she says this,… “And then: “If this Capital crumbles to the ground, the one thing that would remain is our commitment to and aid – I don’t even call it aid – our cooperation with Israel. That is fundamental to who we are.”…. is because actually, the claim on the US by the Vatican is the Doctrine of Discovery, in the Papal Bull of Inter Caetera pronounced illegal by the ICC, but which has been cited by SCOTUS as recent as 2005 as reasoning in our constitution for stealing land. this reasoning is in alignment with the creation of the state of Israel in Palestine. In the mind of the christian origins, both countries have a right to exist because God says so. Completely out of alignment with the actual intention. this is quite plainly, Catholicism claiming their rights to this land. Tax them all every dime and penny. If the christians knew the truth, they would tear down their own churches with their own bare hands.


    Missouri back in the day – 1900-1901 or so got rid of lobbying for one year. An extraordinary fact. To do it today at national level Congress and the Senate would implode. And Pelosi and Schumer could sing till the cows come home.

    America, now Paradise Lost with its sea of troubles where you cannot see the woods for the cankered leaves or rather, the leavings of Satan afloat in a fiery sea ‘thick as the leaves that strew the brooks in Vallombrosa.’ You sense their presence everywhere, even by the home-fire edged out by these skulking strangers – in the forced absence of our American household deities, while they hog the flames like dogs in the manger.

    To be or not to be an American anymore is a mute question when everything we stand for is being undermined and destroyed. Yes, think of the prevaricating prince Hamlet who mulled the question of action and whether:

    “… to take Arms against a Sea of troubles,
    And by opposing end them…’Tis a consummation
    Devoutly to be wished.”

  6. America pimped out by the elite Jew …..” Just taken for granted ” …Americans for the most part are lazy and selfish . I see it and hear it everyday from We the People . Its been hard enough to get people to vote BUT when you look at what We the People are looking at all packaged and promoted by the MSM all candidates have been Koshered ALL running for President and Congress are already Koshered OR soon will be after in office . The rewards are many from checks , cash or even a large envelope from time to time filled with credit cards some having amounts into the thousands of $$$ for support , paid vacations and habits can be supported for political favor . Welcome to the Greatest whorehouse America …..

    • And how about the big sex saga in Florida where it was recently reported that lawyer Acosta broke the law with the slap on the wrist for Epstein. My my has anything been done about this travesty of Justice? According to articles on VT they likely have compromising pictures of all the whores in Congress, both varieties, doing hanky panky of all embarrassing things, as security for the money to them from Israel to buy favors for Israel. Of course all this is why he was given the slap on the wrist. Israel also did 9/11/01 with the aid of Bush, Cheney and the Four Star Generals; bet they know all the details too but remain silent. There is virtually nothing citizens can do about this except you know what. In American people with MONEY can do as they please; the rest get the shaft. Americans: You have been had.

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