Alex Thompson, Shape Shifting, UFO’s and the Church


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  1. Was the entire commentary on this video meant to convey the Vatican is filled with reptilians? Is the Pope a shape shifting alien? Watch his eyes the next time you see him. Was he at Skin Walker Ranch?

    • I hear things are starting to heat up at Skin Walker Ranch again.
      Jeepers, I hope it stays there.

  2. David Odell, please explain what ‘probably how Welsh gained title in England’ means. What are you trying to say? The Welsh simply did not gain any title in England. If you know anything about Welsh esoteric practices please let me know. I am a Celt and I am Welsh living in Wales. England is somewhere else.
    As for the periodic table, elements are arranged in order of atomic number. Nothing fancy.

    • I’ve been reading a book by Adrian Gilbert/The Holy Kingdom, which seems to chronicle a number of sites in Wales with certain religious figures including Joseph of Arimathea. An interesting book but I’m skeptical of a lot of what he writes. The book is about the search for the real King Arthur.

    • Phoenicians landed on those parts, so follow the knowledge. When I see people wondering and speculating about stone circles, that tells me they don’t know what they are doing.
      The periodic table is arranged by atomic weight and groups. It is broken at Lanthanum, so that tells me they don’t know what they are doing. Check out the memorial to Mendeleev, it is circular for a reason.
      Elements have unique functions, and when arranged according to that, match perfectly with circular calendars that have existed for thousands of years. It does not disagree with the order by atomic weight. Conforming to basic natural laws should not be that hard. Nothing fancy. The 20 days are the worlds oldest and most advanced calendar. The same number of consonants in the English language. Mendeleev got the periodic table in a dream, not a lab.

  3. Mr. Thomson rightly pointed out that starting from around1890 there was a major rework done on the orignal quaternion formulation of electromagnetism of Maxwell himself. One reason for that, mostly overlocked now, was simply the then inability to deal with such heavily generalized form of second order differential equation. They needed a much more simple formulation to even get to practical solution under experimental circumstances, often they also needed heavy numeric work to get to real numbers. Without a computer, tis is a very tedious undertakng, taking also a lot of time in practice. He also rightfully hinted at the possibilit that some people from the background led this whole reformulation with a specific intent, for instance getting rid of the physics of tmie inependent scala waves and getting rid of the connection to gravity t all. We only can guess, or ask Mr. Heavyside himself or some other physicists.

    The Americans stole more than 60 years of work in the very advanced field of non standard science, in organic and in inorganic matter. This involves their early rediscovery of the eather and amuch more powerful way to describe life as such, including all the western ridiculed fields, which are here set aside at beeing esotheric. Germany now has a renaissance of that whole knowledge by the help of many Russian scientists. See here:

    I hope you enjoy the upcoming and emerging new reality we all will be part of.

  4. As far as power generation? Search engine harvesting differences in potential utilizing polarity of magnetic fields…. using the magnetic fields of the earth

    • There’s been a number of articles here at VT chronicling the works of Keshe and his power system.
      Tesla also knew this over a hundred years ago.

  5. The quest is to locate energies and objects on top of , and in the ground. The welsh had this kind of stuff imported from the Phoenicians. probably how Welsh gained title in England.
    Others have it too, and it is neither for sale nor is it given for free. So, lots of people want it, few have it. I suspect it will stay that way, as what would be the intention ?
    If the right thing is sought and for the right reasons, then ……
    Otherwise I refer to the 4th hexagram of the I-Ching – Mang it’s like something finding you if you are looking for particular things, otherwise, not so much. Military does not have it.

  6. lol – Can any of them explain Mandelbrot’s Universal Multi-set code/Fibonacci Sequence & the Schumann Resonance ? After 30+years of of researching trying to sort through Fermi’s Paradox I have yet to hear any of them ever address those very real science truths. How does this alleged (yet to be proven) entity adapt to the bacteria/viruses & funguses ? Common sense left many people’s minds in lieu of a fluoridated simulacra reality long along. Humans & all organic life survive on Schumann Resonance no exceptions known. No other planets known to exist currently have the Schumann Resonance. At what point does logos, sapience & pansophy prevail ?

    • The periodic table properly configured follows the Fibonacci sequence, as a four quadrant toroidal donut, with each quadrant following the sequence independently. This also fixes the Scandium Lanthanum issue, and affirms Hydrogen as the first element..
      I have no idea why they broke it and left it like the way they teach it. It is not artistic at all. and certainly not a complete thought of any kind. It also forms a labyrinth which is a universal shape of expansion of life.

    • ? Search engine inductive feedback increasing magnetic resonance …. then you have kind of an old fashioned egg beater with intertwined coils counter rotating to each other.

    • Along with seven men on roller skates, three hens a layin’ two turtle doves and a partridge in a pear tree. Add those all up and it becomes a code for the Annunaki and seventh son of the seventh son… father was a pistol so I’ma son of a gun. If you add up all the numbers of speed limit signs and divide by 666 you will then enter into the third phase of the moon, the blessed one will return and the earth will become as in the old prophecies the age of the opossum.

  7. A plateau was reached in this conversation about a decade ago.

    To get to the next level, we need to discuss , with honesty, how we keep time. The 36 decans and 20 days, is the foundation of the KJV and is the structure with which it is written. As for the esoteric arts or exploration of the unknown, that is best learned from the mystics or the shaman, but the language is unintelligible, and it shows that the people we like to blow up, and keep impoverished, are way smarter than us.

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