Should Jewish Parents Tell Their Kids the Holocaust is a Conspiracy Theory?

Dachau crematorium, capable of 4 bodies a day

…by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

More and more Jews are turning to VT for information on what is now called “Holocaust Revisionism” or “Holocaust Denial.”  We publish material, from time to time, that covers this issue but unlike other publications, we have Jewish staff and ban all racism from our publication.

VT has a long history of opposing foreign intervention in US politics and, taken as a whole, VT believes Israel is in need of political reform and now a “closet” military dictatorship run by extremist elements tied to organized crime, pretty much like Trump is doing here.

That said, let’s get down to the issue.  Revisionists claim the gas chambers never existed and offer “scientific proof.”  Those who oppose use testimony and investigations from Nuremberg and are currently digging around the old camps looking for the “disappeared” mass graves and evidence of death camps.

Both sides, to an extent, are “over the top.”

The real issues are these:

  • Without accurate history, and I can assure you, most of what we are taught about WW2 is total crap, we are slaves to lies.
  • Jewish children may be victimized by “2nd hand” Nazisim, crazy racial inferiority theories and an almost religious hatred of all things Jewish.

I would ask a study of this, is current teaching and massive media exploitation of a holocaust that is now illegal to debate openly in much of the world, more political exploitation of fear for gain rather than justice?

Do children, told these horror stories, which some say aren’t true or are partially untrue, terrorize children and cause serious trauma?  My guess is yes.

Let’s begin with being “Jewish.”  To any parent, send in your DNA and get it tested.  You probably won’t be “Semite,” or “Arab,” as Semite means Arab, do ten minutes of study on that to get clear.

What you will be is Eastern European and maybe a bit of Northern Turkey or Caucuses.  This is what “Jewish” means as far as ethnic background.  Is there anything unique to these characteristics racially?

Obviously no.  Does this mean the Nazi’s were nuts with their head measuring and pictures?  Yes.

The real issue for a Jewish parent is to do what is best for a child, help a child develop without “racial guilt and inferiority,” which is the byproduct, and this is my opinion, of what I see as the “holocaust business.”

Nazi Germany ran on slavery and brutality.  Near the end of the war, millions starved and were murdered, not 6 million, more like 10 or 12.  Many of them, perhaps most, Germans.

Jews who were taken for slave laborers, for absolutely NO reason whatsoever, died in mass numbers of starvation, typhus and even of allied bombing as happened outside Dachau.

Some debate the gas chamber issue.  That is a “debate,” not hate speech.

The issue isn’t their debate or whether some espousing the issue of fake gas chambers, which is not our job to look into now, are crazy or not, criminal or not.  Free speech exists in order to defend exceptionalism, with Israel under continual criticism for brutal treatment of the Palestinian, Lebanese and Syrian people, is also a problem.

Justice and truth are the issues and anything that diminishes these two concepts kills us all.

For a Jewish parent, working to raise a child that can think and examine, that grows up without fear or anger, perhaps not as much if possible, is important.

The separate issue, of those who hate minorities, Jews or others, can’t be avoided.  That Trump, the most racially bigoted politician in American history, is the most “pro-Jewish” should be an issue of shame.

Perhaps this is why parents need to be honest with themselves and their kids.  Were Germans all insane?  Millions of Jews were German, not just a bit but very German and not hated in Germany, not until the Nazis came to power.

This is what we are seeing here and may well be seeing in Israel as well, the damage hate does and that anyone, any group, can be on the receiving end.

I dragged my own kids to Dachau.  I now think I was stupid.

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  1. Good stuff Gordon. I only take exception with your comment that the Germans detained the jews for no good reason. At the end of WW1 the communist party, which was largely jewish controlled (as was Soviet Union at the time), got their members to walk away from their military units and oppose war (in which Germany had not lost a square inch as yet). This made continuing war effort untenable. So Versailles Treaty became a set up by the Allies to plunder the German nation, reducing it to penury for years to come. So that was the reason I think, communism/bolshevism in short.
    There were jews serving in the German military, so it is clear that the race was not an issue to most, only the extremist element. The bolsheviks created the Ukraine horrors in the 20s, and although it was kept largely secret, I’m sure the intelligence services at the time were cognisant to what was happening there. Bolshevik takeover was feared everywhere. And international finance was behind bolshevism, so the dots do connect.
    If the US was to launch a war against something that Israel supports, how successful do you think that campaign would be? With AIPAC and ADL etc. it’d sink before it reached the other shore. Of course it would never even take off from the desks of the general staff, but just imagining.

  2. My father, in the RAF in Germany, took the family to Dachau when I was 16 back in 1962. I suspect that the place was much like it was in 1945 except that the ‘tenants’ had changed, the long barracks were full of refugees. What struck me was the graffiti in the ‘shower’ rooms and how small that part was compared to the rest of the camp.

    Dad found it very difficult to get to the camp, none of the locals he asked seemed to know where it was.

    • My belief is that there were death camps, along with ‘work to death’ camps and labour camps. The Germans certainly needed the slave labour and would probably not have killed it off in large numbers before its use had been exploited.

  3. Next week I will start a new Senf-gas religion. During WWII in south Italy, the Germans bombed some special amercan ships, containing thousands tons of Senf-gas bombs. Bombers should bring the gas to the German civilian people. The US military estimated 5.6 Mill deaths and roughly 10 Mill injured cvilians (Spiegel 1989).

    Churchill never ceased to be angry at the Americans that he could unload his many anthrax bombs over German towns.

    Should we start a new religion for that also and forcing everyone to shut up about it?

  4. Look at the number of reads of this ariicle already: 2228. This is a relatively large number. If you are a good Jew reading this article tell the Zionist expletives deleted in Israel that right now many Americans are still asleep at the wheel, but when they wake up to discover their precious Constitution, which American Soldiers have died defending for over 200 years has been gang raped, especially the freedom of speech and possible the freedom to drink, the freedom to be free from search at airports, they will be stark raving mad and nothing will stop them from defending their rights, nothing!! If the corrupt government of whores won’t defend America than lowly citizens will do the job and it won’t be pretty either. But they will win. If they are going to die anyway what do they have to lose? The basic freedoms guaranteed by our Constitution are worth more than any amount of fake, printed borrowed money. Shove it Zionists!

    • Please notice that the way the First Amendment is worded does not enumerate freedom of speech, assembly, press or religion as positive rights that people possess, but rather as activities upon which only the national Legislative branch may not infringe. There are no restrictions imposed on the Judicial or Executive branches or on state governments or non-governmental entities. Federalist James Madison wrote the Bill of Rights under political duress. Anti-federalists flatly refused to ratify the Constitution unless it guaranteed something so he had to provide what appeared to be some sort of guarantees.

      The word “right” is mentioned only once in the actual Constitution and “equality” is mentioned only in the Declaration of Independence, which has no legal force.

  5. This is an excellent and intelligent statement. Many others below also excellent too. Thanks to VT Editors with the guts to publish them, even some with which they personally disagree. This is what true freedom of speech is about, what our precious Amendment Number 1 is all about and what the despicable criminals in Israel seek to steal from us. Americans must now allow this to happen. Freedom of speech and thought are all we have against Zionist tyranny which has already hi jacked our corrupt government in the U.S. today right now as we speak! Henry Ford was prescient a total genius from a simple farm in a very cold State Michigan. His parents must have done something right in bringing Henry into this world!

  6. If one reads the mostly lying propaganda media produced mainly by propagandists in Israel, one might conclude that history didn’t exist before the Germans of WWii because that is obviously what they would have us believe. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact only about 20 or so years earlier another Holocaust was being carried out against Armenians but this is carefully not called a Holocaust, which is “reserved” for Jews in WWII, but a Genocide and it is almost better documented than the so called Holocaust of WWII in Germany: It is obvious that man’s inhumanity to man did not begin or end with WWII as the propagandists in Israel would have us falsely believe. In fact it has been going on since the beginning of recorded history. Today a number of Holocausts are going on, one of the main ones by Zionist criminals who treat Palestinians like garbage and steal their lands and terrorize them daily with the aid of criminals in the U.S. Government which has been hi Jacked by criminals in Israel. Nothing ever really changes in history only the perpetrators of crimes against humanity. The genius Henry Ford acknowledged the Jewish problem about a century ago.

  7. Hitlers best friend , driver and bodyguard was a Jew . Thousands of Jews served in Germanys WWII military . oh but thats true and it doe$nt benefit the Greatest Lie ever $old !

  8. The idea of ethnic purity is rapidly becoming moot as more people keep mixing up the gene pool. What we really need to archive is all the great recipes from our families to share with humanity. I’ll bet your Grandmother knew a thing or two around the kitchen. Music, art, cuisine are what we need to hold dear. Stories of death, war, torture and the macabre can be compartmentalized and stored for reference and not shared with children.

  9. Come on, Semite is a short word of Noah’s son named Shem the eldest son as I had to recheck the spelling of this name. Semite is not Arab, this is a language category for which is mixed in from different continents or jurisdiction land area, Arab is not Semite and Babylonian’s Chaldean’s are not Semite, everyone likes to claim they are Semite.

    • Wrong. All Arabs are semites, no Chaldeans are Arabs but rather Sumerians, a subset of Babylonians mixed with Assyrians. About 30% of Kurds are Chaldeans, mostly Christian, most live in Detroit or San Diego.

      Remember the ancient city of “Ur of the Chaldees?”

      It is ALSO a language group which is based on Arabic and Aramaic.

      Racially, Semites are Arabs and mixed Arab/Somaili/Ethiopians.

      Nice try, careless and self serving, troll like in actuality. Wrong place to play smart guy.

  10. Interesting read. We know Soviets helped the US propaganda w/ the Hitler lie & alos revised the number. We know Stalin was hidden hand as was Churchill an admitted Zionist & Roosevelt a Freemason. Anybody see a trend ? All religions w/o exceptions are a man made construct. Yet you will still get people disagreeing & arguing over that fact. A sampling of people will claim their ‘faith’ is based on God’s word & therefore more pious than the other’s or even a canonization of a Saint. Reductio ad Absurdum. Ask any antediluvian/pre-diluvian researcher/archeologist/anthropologist/theologist/philosophy et alia or scholar how many religions/cults/beLIEf systems w/ stories of creation (200+) there are. Why is there any Secular Theology if the word ‘religion’ etymology religare/religio meant to bind/bond ?

  11. 60,000,000 people died in WW2. If anyone needs more perspective to prevent anything like that again , they are a complete idiot. How many more with no legs , and all sorts of other things.
    That is the real embarrassing number , hardly ever brought up, because war might seem really dumb and some people don’t want that. So, I’m so tired of hearing who God is and what his name is, and how you talk to him, and who is doing this and who is doing that. It is all a scam.
    We have massive abundance. There is no need for war. But if you are a foreign country, and you attempt to control the politics in the US, you are asking for trouble, and creating it is foolish. The long game does not look good for anyone who does so.

  12. Guilt is the cornerstone of one of the longest running psyops in history. Who has a lock on using guilt as a weapon? Jewish mothers in-law/

    • I don’t know about a lock. Catholicism has way more numbers, and guilt by birth is their motto. Two peas in a pod I say. But as far as guilt is concerned, it is pretty hard to say anyone infuses society with more than Catholcism/christianity.

  13. There would be no hate if it wasn’t for censorship. If people were allowed to openly debate issues with a fair shake given to all sides there would be less hateful. Its only going to get worse as time goes on. The more these Jewish oligarchs censor the more frustrated and “hateful” people will get. Once they start passing laws against free speech things will probably start getting ugly from there. The future is not very bright.

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