By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Sources within Russia’s military command have briefed VT on American plans to redeploy ISIS inside Syria when and if a spring offensive against Idlib begins.  Turkey has failed in meeting their obligations to secure regions under their control.

In reality, Turkey is fully complicit in working with al Qaeda and has totally given up on the fake Free Syrian Army.  Erdogan trusts no one around him and is becoming increasingly unstable.

As for the US actions, 2500 ISIS cadres, these are US trained, Saudi paid operatives, not simply mercenaries but company commander and above, including intelligence specialists trained in Israel, drone operators, and al Baghdadi himself, a man the US claims it killed several times over.

Saudi Arabia has already deployed ISIS trained forces inside Yemen and there is now talk, according to intercepts, of deploying ISIS against Venezuela.


Trump’s trade war on China is 100% fake, all noise while he and Kushner take hundreds of millions in backhanders from China, pushing the current trade deficit to record levels.  The balance of trade with China has soared in their favor since Trump came to power in the US.

This means, of course, that the billions in defense funds spent faking a military confrontation with China is being done to cover up the cozy relationship Trump Incorporated has with that nation, while Trump and his cronies continue to sell US secrets to China and destroy America’s industrial base.

The Bolshevik Lobby, AIPAC/ADL/JDL/alQaeda

Veterans Today has been briefed by members of the FBI, NSC and nearly every command, every agency, on the threat the “Israel lobby” is to American security.

Hiding behind the neocon driven 2005 US Supreme Court 5/4 decision to legalize bribery, the RKM and Sheldon Adelson has gained control of both parties in Congress, not just the Republicans.

What experts have told us, Israel spent the entire Cold War as a Soviet ally, using their power within the US, their army of traitors, to spy on America, not just Hansen and Pollard, and, starting in 1993, they fully penetrated the Clinton White House and began looting America’s nuclear secrets and stealing weapons grade uranium and plutonium.

Our sources place full responsibility for the planning and execution of 9/11 on Israel and Saudi Arabia, aided by arms dealers from South Africa and former Rhodesia, who handed the nuclear WMD’s needed to pulverize the largest buildings on earth.

Aiding them was Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld, who ordered a full stand down of American air defenses and put on hold long in place protocols for terminating threats from hijacked aircraft.

The “superbowl scenario,” the idea of a (from Thomas Harris’s novel and film, “Black Sunday”) or “Black Sunday” killing 100,000 Americans by plowing a single hijacked aircraft into a Superbowl Sunday crowd, brought about well known, well documented policies that required hijacked aircraft to be downed.  It was law and Cheney and Rumsfeld suspended it for one day only and, from that day forward, the media erased all history of this policy from public view.

The listed 2003 hijacking shoot down policy, according to our sources in airline security and the US Air Force, was really implemented in 1977, when hijackings were a major threat.

Then again, as we have seen over and over, any hijacker or group of hijackers on an American plane would quickly be overwhelmed by passengers.  The idea that American veterans, and there are plenty on every flight, would be afraid of box cutters is insane.  I’d be glad to show anyone why.  The whole thing is fake.

The real issue at hand is this; Israel has always been a communist state, with its “Jewish population” mostly Russians or Russian Poles.  Poland only existed for 20 years and, otherwise, was always part of Russia.  The massive Jewish/Russian/Polish population that spread across the Steppes into the Caucuses since 700 AD makes up, according to genetic studies by Johns Hopkins, published by Oxford Press, 95 percent of Israel’s Jewish people.

With them are the most extreme of Russia’s “holdover” communists leaving Israel, Cuba and North Korea, along with China and Vietnam, the last survivors of Marxism.  Israel, managing to have their communist government paid for by the US taxpayer, has shown utter brilliance.  We salute them, their communist government has ethnically cleansed the existing population and set up a socialist paradise, paid medical care, cheap food and housing, a massive military with American nukes, and a very warm relationship with Moscow, all while doing it with American cash.

I don’t want Israel destroyed, I just want their spies sent home, the lobby to be declared what it is, another communist front against an already totally broken and compromised America and for a “re-Americanizations” process to begin.

You can’t blame Israel for buying American politicians who put a price tag on their foreheads, can you?

COVER-UP: Trump writes check to his lawyer on May 23,2017 to pay him back for paying off Porn-Star Stormy and keeping her mouth shut; all this whilst he was meeting with his buddy Bibi in Israel.


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  1. I abSOULutely do blame them for the chaos & doom they have caused. Why would anybody give them a pass is beyond me & lack of accountability for war crimes brought us here. We use to drink from the skulls of our enemies but, this Casus belli stems from such a evil prodigious carnage of democide & eugenics agenda of merciless slaughter of so many I’d prefer leaving it resolved to be destroyed by truth for the future what ever that will look like.

  2. YUP , the very idea of the box cutters on 9-11 bringing down a plane load of Americans I knew then deep down inside thats impossible . .The very thought of the Bush family , Lucky pull it Larry and all involved did what they did is sickening .These ———- and their ilk should face a military tribunal and suffer the consequences ………..

  3. Yep, the call of cash is always more powerful than Maccabean myths or ubiquitus “Omnipotent” Protocols. Usually, you are always oneself to blame, selling out all votes for a pond in the Middle East. But Israel are losing big time, if they depend on having to have puppets like Trump in office, or whoever would be the chosen lunatic for increasing Jewish suffering while increasing Israeli lands, Lenin or Hitler.

  4. Oh yes I can Gordon, yes I can. The efficiency of their evil is admirable in a technical kind of way I guess, but there’s a reason Jesus Christ called these people “serpents and vipers” (Mt 23:33) The whole chapter will put hair on your chest, make your day.

    Talmudic logic is as treacherous as the most backward tribe in South America you can find. The concept of friendship simply isn’t in it–only exploitation and temporary convenience.

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