SO LET ME get this straight: The president of the United States has called neo-Nazis “very fine people”retweeted neo-Nazis; told an audience of Jewish-Americans that Israel is “your country”; and indulged in viciously anti-Semitic conspiracy theories. While running for office, he tweeted an image of Hillary Clinton inside a Star of David, next to a pile of cash; told an audience of Jewish donors, “You want to control your politicians, that’s fine”; and put out a campaign ad that attacked three rich and powerful Jewish figures. While a private citizen, he insisted only “short guys that wear yarmulkes” should count his money and kept a book of Adolf Hitler’s speeches on his bedside table.

He has never apologized for any of this. Nor has he been censured by Congress.

Since coming to office, he has hired, among others, Sebastian Gorka — who made the Nazi-linked Hungarian group Vitézi Rend “proud” when he wore its medal to an inauguration ball — and Steve Bannon, who didn’t want his daughters attending a particular school in Los Angeles because of “the number of Jews.”

Neither of them has apologized. Nor have they been censured by Congress.

In the Senate, Ted Cruz has denounced “New York values” while on the campaign trail, and Sen. Chuck Grassley has suggested that Jewish philanthropist George Soros paid the protesters who confronted then-Sen. Jeff Flake in an elevator with their stories of sexual assault last October.

Neither of them has apologized. Nor have they been censured by Congress.

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  1. Mind You JohnZ , its a Slippery Slope ……. All Govenrments are Liars is a Zionist Thing …… When the Liar Zionist Governments Lie then to Justify it , They tell Everyone ” All Govenments Lie so You gotta let us get away with this or What else choice do you have ? ” ……. Factoid = All ZionistGovernements Lie to Mask themselves and totally senseless Actions ……..

  2. Queens Blvd. Forest Hills 1976, across from the Stratton a famous waterhole to pick up rich Jewish whores, was what they called the Crystal Apartments, which had a huge crystal chandelier in the lobby and every apartment had a maids room off the kitchen. Well the Trumps own it and probably most of Forest Hills at that time and let me just tell you this about those Jewish tenants. “Mr. Trump if you ever rent to a black person in our building, we don’t care how qualified he is, we will move out and not pay you a dime in back rent till you bring us to court. It was called red lining and it still happens today.
    You might not agree with a lot of Trump but, the Jews he dealt with are some of the most racist people to walk this Earth. I went to one of those tenant meetings and it was extremely vocally violent and showed me how vile these people really are as they spew just the opposite in Liberal causes as some kind of atonement for how vile they really are. They just loved having black maids and black nannies pushing their snot nose babies around in bejeweled carriages just to show off they could afford to be a rich obnoxious Jew.
    And yes, every new Congress person gets a visit from AIPAC asking the newly elected what bank would you want us to deposit your first check.

  3. This beautiful and courageous lady scares the hell out of AIPAC and Israel because she is shining a light on Israeli atrociousness in the Middle East.
    They are scared to death that the United States will cut off the Trillions of dollars being sent to Israel.
    Israel depends on the united States for it’s social programs, free education, free health care and thousands of social programs.
    Not to mention Trillions of dollars for “defense” including the new THADD
    missile defense system (Thanks US Taxpayers!), which won’t be used for “defense” at all, it will be used against civilians in Syria, Palestine, Iran and Yemen.

    • Amazing, isn’t it? The US Congress gives Israel free dollars courtesy of the US taxpayer, so Israeli’s can have free healthcare and free college, but that same congress wouldn’t think of giving American citizens the same benefits. Goddamned treasonous!

  4. Hopefully, as time passes, more progressives not bought by the Israel lobby will be elected, replacing these “democrat” and “republican” fossils who are either compromised or bought and paid for. This “anti-semitism” resolution the House democrats are drafting, because of Rep. Ilhan Omar’s rightful complaint of undue Israeli influence in US politics, is shameful!

    • Every single one who accepted money from AIPAC and/or related organizations.
      Hint: You chances of getting elected withOUT accepting money from AIPAC and/or related organizations – slim to none.

    • The best way to stop this madness is to find out whom takes money from Sheldon Adelson, AIPAC, JDL and the Israeli Lobby and stop voting for them.
      Never vote for a dual US-Israeli “citizen”.

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