Zuckerberg suppresses my viral article “Ilhan Omar’s Tropes Are True”


By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

My Ilhan Omar article (at Unz) had hundreds of FB likes yesterday—then they suddenly disappeared. One Zuck dislike wipes out a million likes. Looks like I got Zucked!

Now why would a guy like Zuckerberg want to cover up Jewish-Zionist wealth and power?

So please, “like” this story on Facebook! Oh, wait a minute, I forgot. Facebook has banned VT urls. Try posting one and see what happens!

To hell with Facebook. Let’s make this information go viral everywhere else.

Make sure all your friends and relatives know that SOMEBODY doesn’t want them to see this stuff. Hopefully they—or some of them anyway—will wonder why…and have the curiosity to try to find out.


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  1. Facebook is just a medium for Hasbara Cyber Terrorist.
    Everybody in America needs to watch “The Lobby”.

  2. No you USING #FakeBoobies ? That’s you’re 1st mistake, especially since you Kevin already KNOW better, until 911 Brutal Truth Flat Facts hit the #Meanstream Media #ZIONISM is still running most of America’s Free Speech, and inching the left into Gun ownership lists for confiscation. I’ve also been banned from #FakeBoobies, #GiggleGestapo, #YouPeepers. But I also have 7 domains 5 are https; one is blank. Even so I get enough hits to satisfy me without any funding, though I ask for it through PayPal. I also have LEGAL permission for my theme use, too and the Jefferson Starship who doesn’t like the Global Imperialism that Zionism made America into.

  3. My surprised look. Welcome to the club as it happens to most truthers now as a stupefying trending de rigueur. Nazi Book burning 2.0 Redux war is on truth. Any regime government that try’s to destroy human abulia of truth isn’t for the people.

  4. Fakebook, Twatter and Ghoulgoo take hypocrisy to new heights. All three of them and others like them are just Internet parasites.

  5. Kevin: Let’s return to bumper stickers. Send me one. On second thought don’t because then they might cut my tires. So much for freedom of speech. Have a good day in the cesspool USA where whores in Congress are the best whores on the planet. They sold out to Zionists in Israel whose God is MONEY. Winfield

    • Once I tried to buy billboard space to criticize the corrupt, lying, cheating American Cancer Society. I quickly learned that the only way I could accomplish this feat was to buy the billboard company!

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