Time to Disarm American Police


…by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Over the past 40 years, a bit of that time has been spent in law enforcement and corrections, Africa, Latin and Central America and here at home.  On the whole, police and corrections personnel are dedicated to being as human as possible in jobs that are a nightmare.

This occasion, this video and we are hit with one a day, just isn’t OK.  This is a bad department, and that’s how it works, entire departments are rotten.  Some are perfect, or nearly so, others are, as we are noting in Boulder, not only incompetent and poorly schooled in law, my guess is they are utterly corrupt as well.

We see this kind of incompetence in departments with widespread corruption where officers, in order to keep their jobs and be “trusted” by their “fellows,” are forced to take bribes, work with criminals and, in truth, be part of a criminal conspiracy that, too often, is “the police.”

We could talk about jails and prisons across the US.  Some people see  them, the lucky ones never do. They are nightmares.  For county jails, there is one meal, moldy bread and cheap fake chicken baloney sandwiches twice a day.  For those who have relatives that can put money in accounts, snacks can make up the majority of calories.

Cells are filth and stench and the biggest issue in corrections is safety.  Being in jail or prison is worse than combat, far more dangerous than Vietnam or the other fake wars of our time.

If you had the chance to evaluate who is in prison, something I have done over and over, looked at thousands of trial transcripts, sentencing and pre-sentencing reports and corrections programs, one thing becomes clear.

Most of the people incarcerated in America should be released.  Most crimes shouldn’t be crimes, maybe most, certainly many.  There are so few violent and vicious felons and in jail, they live wonderfully, they are kings and the guards love them, they are the enforcer and the drug marketing partners of the police and corrections officials who cash in on the control we give them with “0” oversight.

As for this video, shootings have to end or the slaughter of police that we saw in the 1970s, and I saw it up front and personal, we begin again.

Not all departments, but many, need to be erased and “done over.”  Boulder is one, there are many, so many.

There are tens of thousands of “good cops” out there and being a “good cop” is something special.  Many, if not most, are veterans.

It is time we backed up.  It is time police were disarmed.  You think I am kidding?

99% of police shootings are generated by police who are armed and in the wrong place, when no armed cop was needed and a shooting to protect an armed cop who claims he or she was frightened.

In truth, they are hopped up on “the juice.”  They shoot people because they get a high from it.

They shoot people because they can get away with it.

Figuring it out and fixing it is relatively simple but it requires everyone to get involved.

Supporting police is a part of it, being involved and communicating.  Demilitarizing police is critical also, eliminating SWAT in 99% of cases and reining in the fake TV police dramas.

The real job puts police into peoples lives at the worst times, a painful and stressful job.

Police is 99% social work and armed thugs aren’t needed.  Those doing the job the right way deserve our loyalty and praise.

The fools, a mix of idiots and cowards, we see above, need to find some other way of earning a living.  And so it goes.

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  1. I’ve stopped counting the number of times similar stuff has happened to me. Could be a connection with my complaints about the Narco activity at Clubhouse the cops have on highland avenue? Have photos and details. Possible FOIA is in order? By the way, I’ve been face to face with the father of a YPD officer, ex-military I believe, who was set up for a kill by their street crew. Yonkers is not a good place for honest cops.

  2. If we stopped training them in Israel that would eliminate much of the problem since such cops view the public as terrorists. Another would be to de-miliratize the Police force. As far as disarming them. The icon of the lawman or in many cases the “lawman” with a gun and a star in pretty much ingrained into American culture yet this was a time when practically everybody packed a Colt “the great equalizer”.

    Personally I don’t care if they’re armed solely for their own protection just as the average citizen has a right to be.

  3. Of course you’re right, but its gone too far. “Power corrupts, absolute power absolutely corrupts”. Or something like that.

  4. Well , no wonder: 8 passive homosexualists surrounded this hobo like he had jihady-belt. I understand the police actions against the armed (sometimes criminal and sick society). Russian cops are more polite and professional. It is a chance 0,010% that a man will be armed. 99,9% of Russians are unarmed.
    Well, i want to remind it to all good and real men: today is the international Women’s Day – 8th of March. Today all russian cops present flowers to all lady-drivers and passers-by. Greet and wish a good life. Our men in the streets present flowers to ladies (the age doesn’t matter) in the streets and say good compliments to them. Our women are beautiful in soul, heart and outlook – they are our treasure and a reliable wall behind us, the men. Greet your women! Say how good they are! Give them presents! Be proud of them! Without a woman a man is nothing! Yes, we are like from different planets, but we are on Earth and doomed to dwell here in harmony! Best wishes from Russia!

    • Reminds me the last time the FBI brought me in for questioning. When brought into the room, they asked me if I was carrying a gun. They didn’t seem concerned. I am white, of course.

      I might also note that you don’t enter a Federal building without a search.

      As an American, I always carry a weapon and am licensed to do so. Overseas, I not only am never armed, i hire drivers as well.

      The issue of being armed is an odd one. In Pakistan, while running around Lahore, everyone has an AK47 and all I have is two vehicles of guards with MP5s….one a truck with a dozen SWAT dressed guys.

      I have a video of this around somewhere, me with Mujtaba and BG Raja while the guards clear traffic to get us through by pointing guns at them.

      The key, as Archie Bunker might say (look it up) is to arm everyone, then guns are useless.

    • Thank you,Mr.Duff, for the comment. And yes, you travel the places where kids have AK as a toy since 3 y.o. I mean M/E countries. But it was always a good and eternal question for me: which society is better – all armed or 100% bare hands? At one point, you may kill a person with a chinese wooden stick (through the ear to brain) or a fork – both items are not weapons. Or it is better for all to be armed? Suppose it depends on society and individuals. As for me – i’d never adopt the idea to arm all Russians as it is in USA (traditionally). Because our emotional and a little bit crazy souls would never be stopped by the idea that the opponent has a gun, too. A gun in the hand of a Russian civil is as dangerous as a monkey with a hand-grenade. Most of us have no casual culture of gun-holding.

    • You can put all kinds of money into these inner city schools and it won’t make a damn bit of difference until the entire black culture changes. The culture of having babies at 14 with a 75% illegitimacy rate. The culture where there is no father present in the household, where young black males drop out of school at an alarming rate and take up gang banging and by their 18th birthday they have an arrest record of 19 or 20 and end up killing themselves and others in a fiery car crash in a stolen SUV. By the time they’re 20 they’ve murdered someone and sent to prison for life. When you have multiple generations of welfare recipients where the women have baby after baby each with a different man and education is scorned as white man’s work and the gangster life is not only admired but something to be desired and where 13% of the population commits 50% of the murders in America and especially in cities run by democrats who allow this to happen ie: Detroit, Chicago, Baltimore, and San Francisco .
      The problem is the black culture not white oppression but the idea of gangster/thug life which usually ends up with someone being murdered and someone ending up in prison for life.
      Whites are not responsible for this behavior and groups like Black Lives Matter are hypocritical when they ignore their own faults and short coming. Clean up your own backyard.

  5. Please consider that many U.S.A. Police Depts. chiefs are trained by Israel police . What do we expect ?

  6. Many cops aren’t inherently bad apples, they’re just trained to be that way. Straight out of the Israeli handbook. These parasites need to be exterminated.

    • Maybe so, but too many are just plain human trash. Obviously sociopathic. The bullies and the bullied. With a chip in their shoulders so big you can spot a mile away.
      Throw in a sense of power and disdain for people’s rights and this is what you get. Besidies the good cops never speak up for fear of retaliation.
      Now cops are retaliating against city board members.

  7. Good cops are a treasure,… and bad cops are a scourge. Find a good candidate and promote them for County sheriff. The local elections that are underrated. Judges too. Grass roots sheriff elections are the way to fix this.

  8. Tens of thousands of “good cops” who don’t dare say anything when some bad crap goes down for fear they will be retaliated against, fired, beaten or even killed. The black and blue mafia and their blue line of silence to protect their fat worthless arses when they murder someone in cold blood, sell drugs, extort, rob, rape and pillage and violate our rights all with impunity thanks to corrupt judges, lying lawyers and rotten politicians.
    Rights? YOU HAVE NO RIGHTS! Submit or die! A routine traffic stop can quickly turn into a fatal shooting at the hands of a cop, pumped up with steroids, filled with rage and a sense of superiority and power over the civilians who won’t hesitate to draw his gun out and shoot someone for the slightest insult or movement.
    Cops in America are out of control. They rob, steal, rape and murder at will. They are taught to be trigger happy thugs. They have NO respect for anybody except their own and the more murders they commit the more they are admired by other cops. They rob people at gunpoint with civil asset forfeiture, they steal people’s money for Christmas shopping, they rape women by the side of the road or in a jail cell, they rape children, they rob people who’s only crime was carrying money for Christmas shopping. The corruption within every police department has made Americans less safe and secure. The violation of our Rights has been legalized by corrupt courts and judges.
    The American people now have a jackbooted heel on their necks. America has become a police security state where our unalienable Rights have been tossed into the dumpster in favor of compliance and the threat of being charged with “contempt of cop”.
    Welcome to America, expect to be strip searched or raped by the side of the road, robbed at gunpoint, arrested without charges or killed at the hands of a trigger happy cop.

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