Blackout Venezuela: Sabotage, Explosions and 28 Dead in American False Flag Terrorism




___of  Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio for VT Italia

“We are facing the most serious aggression that has ever suffered the Republic in 200 years of history, United we will go on for here governs the Venezuelan people. Love and resistance winning the interference. US imperialism does not know the strength of this agguerite people who have it in their veins from the blood of the Liberators of America. We have overcome all attacks with revolutionary courage and we will stand up; firmly defending the sovereignty of this homeland “. These are the last two comments by the President-elect of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro , launched on Twitter along with the accusations against the Estados Unidos (USA)that “intensify the aggressions against the homeland” and the explicit invitation “Yankee Go Home!” after the “second cybernetic attack on the electricity grid” and the explosion of an emergency energy station, which has made to spend in Caracasand to the rest of the country a second night in the dark causing the first victims: 15 dialysis, who could not be treated in hospitals due to lack of electricity, died; another 13 patients, including a newborn, hospitalized in different departments, are spirati: among them the twenty-five year old Marielsi Aray, missed by the arrest of the artificial respirator which was connected to the University Hospital of Caracas. But the budget is still provisional because it refers only to 5 health facilities on the many in the country without autonomous power generators where doctors have had to give assistance to patients using the light of their cell phones. “Caracas has accused the United States of” sabotage“, While US officials blame local corruption and mismanagement for blackouts.” As reported by the Russia Today  network the detailed report of Maduro, unlike the American shootings, is very well detailed on what happened on Saturday: «systems had been restored to almost 70% when” we received another cybernetic attack , at midday, which interrupted the process of reconnection and thwarted everything that had been achieved until midday “. We found out that high-tech attacks were being conducted against power systems. ” Up to 4 today (9 in Italy) Telesur had drawn up a very tragic list of the state of the electricity network as reported by a tweet from CNW.


Explosion again due to the mysterious mystery of an electrical station in Sidor, in the state of Guyana, near the state road to Ciudad Bolivar, capital of the state of Bolivar, where the Guri sabotata dam is located on the Caroni river

But this to the known or unknown assassins must not have seemed sufficient. Because even “one of the sources of generation that worked perfectly” was sabotaged from within by “domestic infiltrators in the electric company”. Some previous rumors have reported that 95% of the country affected by the blackout returned again without electricity after a presumed explosion at the primary emergency energy station in Sidor , between the city of Guayana and the Bolivarcapital of the homonymous state where it is located. Guri dam where the Simon Bolivar hydroelectric power plant is located , the main source of energy supply in Venezuelaand one of the largest plants in all of Latin America . The first to report it was the Venezuelan information network El Nacional then the geopolitical social network Conflict Newsreported numerous photos on his Twitter profile ( those in the gallery below ) rebounded on RT and Sputnik International. According to what is learned, the target of the substation of Sidor would not have been chosen by chance since it is the central immediately entered at full speed after the cyber attack to that of the dam that guarantees 80% of the needs of the entire country. The authorities are now trying to restore systems “manually” and to “diagnose why computerized systems” could have crashed on such a large scale. Certainly it is a careful operation of cybernetic intelligence of military matrix. In the most delicate blitz in every inhabited center the total darkening is in fact created before the intervention of the special departments. I attended an operation of the Italian leather heads of the Gis (Gruppo Interventi Speciali) of the CarabinieriJune 27, 2005 in Bogogno (Novara) to arrest a murderer barricaded at home and I know how they work: total electricity separation across the country, descent from the helicopter with ropes on the roof of the house, plastic C4 on a wall external far from the position of the capturing (identified with the thermal visors) for the gap, flash-bang with blinding-deafening grenades, lens in handcuffs in 7 seconds from the beginning of the operation. Confirming that something terrible and premeditated is happening a few moments ago the news that there would be an explosion with several injured in a gas pipeline near Marapa Plache in the state of Vargas .

This sabotage of such a large extent, in addition to undoubtedly favor the infiltration of military raiders or contractors, however, is creating a devastating situation in the country as its own El Nacional : “Health centers continue to suffer from the impossibility of working due to the lack of power plants. The director of Codevida, Francisco Valencia , reported that 15 people died in the country due to the lack of dialysis: in  Zulia 9, Trujillo 2 and Pérez Carreño4. Patients who should have received treatment report that they received only one hour of treatment before the blackout at the Urológico Valencia. ” But these victims directly caused by the impossibility of receiving this indispensable life-saving treatment are added to those who died of complications during health interventions. “At least 13 people died at the Manuel Núñez Tovar de Maturín hospital in the state of Monagas due to the massive blackout – El Nacional –  Julio Castro, an expert on infectious diseases and internists, said that the deaths occurred in the hospital because they do not have generators. The report indicates that among the deceased there is a newborn, a person hospitalized in traumatology, two in obstetrics and at least nine other patients have lost their lives by entering through internal medicine and emergency “.

This morning also came the news that in the mortuary chambers of the Bello Monte district  of Caracas the bodies of 9 dead children were brought in reality turned out to be a colossal fake news released by the correspondent of Il Giornale da San Paolo,  because it is true that they were Bring some bodies but are adults and victims of accidental or violent deaths outside hospitals. Unfortunately, it is one of the many cases of media manipulation since the article is blatantly against Maduro and comes from Brazil who was among the first to join the United States in recognition of the self-proclaimed president Guaidò. In fact, on March 19, US President Donal Trumpwill receive a visit from the Brazilian Jair Bolsonaro in Washington to discuss, above all, “for the restoration of democracy in Venezuela ” as reported by an official note published in the last days of the White House, confirming the strategic plan of the regime-change in progress.


A health emergency that is added to the even more widespread food. «This Saturday the history of the electricity crisis had two sides: the Caraqueños who had recovered the service during the dawn and the citizens residing inside the country who continue without service from Thursday at 4:56 pm – wrote El Nacional on his website last night at 23 (4 hours Italian) – After 55 hours, the fears of Venezuelans about what would happen to their food have become a nightmare because it is no longer possible to keep it in the fridge, they are rotting ». A small town of Guarenas testifies it to the newspaper, a hot city where the heat has accelerated the decomposition of food. Just the alarm for full refrigerators denies all the Western propaganda on the food catastrophe of the economic crisis, certainly very acute in many poor families exactly as it can be in Italy among the earthquake victims of Abruzzo or between that army of 5 million absolute poor. Simple considerations that reveal the groundlessness of the motivations of a regime-chance for hunger caused in the developing country ONLY by American sanctions. But obviously this emergency in the emergency will aggravate the consequences right on the most marginalized social classes. The inhabitants of Maracaibo , in the state of Zulia, make long queues during this Saturday to buy ice and refrigerate food after spending two days without electricity. In the tropical country just the ice could become in these hours one of the most requested goods …

Venezuela faces an unprecedented blackout in the world, adding El Nacional – Shops closed to the impossibility of collecting their products have become part of the scenario this Thursday. The premises that have an independent electrical system and can keep their doors open concentrate the people who go out into the streets trying to buy supplies. Fixed and mobile telephone connections and the Internet are affected. Venezuelans who are abroad express their despair through social networks trying to convince someone to respond to their messages. The inhabitants of Caracas had to resort to public spaces to get a signal. The Altamira distributor, the Digitel tower, the Movistar tower and the Soto Sphere are some of the points where there is a stable mobile signal and where there are numerous cars parked looking for a telephone connection ». The blackout has in part revealed a boomerang for the same Juan Guaidó, interim president of Venezuela , who had invited citizens to go out on Saturday for yet another demonstration of contemporary protest to the specular march of supporters recalled in the streets of Maduro.

Night patrols arrested the drivers of the golpist Juan Guaidò who were carrying the stage platforms for the unauthorized demonstration

Much less people in both gatherings because the police tried to hinder the umpteenth march of the government protesters by arresting the drivers who were taking the stage platforms for the obviously unauthorized event. This confirms that the Venezuelan crisis has now become a purely political and diplomatic question because the long-awaited insurrection instigated by the coup leader Guaidò, through his trained American wire Agit-Prop and the real guerrillas with molotov and pyrotechnic rockets used as instruments of attack, not there has been and will not be for the very simple reason that at least 45% of the people are on their side while the magnitude of the one supporting the opposition leader is not known, not having shrewdly participated in the 2018 presidential elections. The interruption of electricity forced Guaido to speak with a rudimentary battery-powered megaphone. “We have to go to the seizure and to the conquest of power, of spaces, as we did today in the municipality of Libertador – added confessing a small coup that would have already succeeded – We must go to the conquest of space in a peaceful way, we must unite and then come together, so that all theVenezuela comes to Caracas because we need everyone together ». As El Nacional always reported yesterday, for the first time since the blackout occurred, President Maduro also appeared : «After promising to guarantee the supply of food by delivering CLAP boxes and indicating that all the tanks were available to supply water to the population, he talked about the electrical interruption “There are many infiltrators who attack the power company from the inside. These moles will be identified and punished according to national justice “».



At Maiquetía Simón Bolívar International Airport near Caracas, check-in is done manually for blackouts and therefore there are long waits for departing passengers

The subway of Caracas on Saturday after the blackout has been broken down. The company has informed through its Twitter account that they are waiting for the high-voltage energy recovery necessary to continue providing the service. They indicated that both operations personnel and technicians and engineers are working to completely restore train mobility. Passengers at Maiquetía’s Simón Bolívar International Airport  near the capital are still stuck. Citizens take more than three hours to register manually because there is no system. They are still waiting for the regular restoration of the service.

The landing strip of the Simón Bolívar airport in Maiquetía

The Control Tower is able to guarantee the operation of flights for now thanks to the power supply of the generators but it is not known how much they will work because there could be problems for the fuel reserves necessary for their operation. This might seem a paradox in the richest country in the world of oil but it is due to the fact that it is a very heavy type of black gold that requires a very expensive refining and therefore, especially after the American sanctions. it is largely carried out abroad where the product is sold as raw “crude oil”.

According to some experts of electricity, whose reliability is to be demonstrated given the ease with which the USthey drive the media and the scientific informants in the world, the collapse would be due to an old and maintenance-free system. A very unlikely hypothesis in consideration of the vastness and capillarity of the interruption that would confirm instead a central plant little protected from the risks of external sabotage as they can have it all those nations that do not like to play to make the war. And since I have been working for days on a very complex reportage on all the lobbies, corporations and international companies producing weapons and defense systems, I have found confirmation that among the most important in the world as many as 14, of which we will outline the short profile, they are based in the United States of America: therefore nothing can amaze me. Also because half of them also have specialist divisions of computer engineering and military cybernetics, which consists in the protection of their technological networks but also in the development of the ability to sabotage those of others, and a third person claims to be a consultant or supplier of the US government. All these skills of sophisticated intelligence and war technology engineering must be tested in some way …

Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio
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    From the darkness of Venezuela lies a lesson for us all and with it a calamity of our own making. Veterans Today being a good source of Military Intel I wonder if anyone has access to the 5G data collected by and solely in the possession of the Army for our perusal. Anything being rolled out without prior testing by electrical companies should raise an automatic red flag. Even the good President Putin (vade retro Satana +👼) expressed dismay at the action and the dangers of the coming fog of radiation across the US. Israel wisely has banned WiFis from all schools and lags a few steps behind the implementation of 5G. As Israel has all US intel passed to them by NSA they know all there is to be known about 5G. They are under no obligation to tell us anything. We the providers know nothing of course. Across America it seems to my cynical eye your average citizen would give up their few remaining freedoms except their cell-phones, yes even before their guns. Cell-phones in the age of 5G will be a gun to everyone’s head. (Trump the chump was only last week calling for the introduction of 6G!) Here in the land of the dumbed-down (sun’s up, night never falls) we are literally in the twilight zone where we are led to believe in life’s comforts from the lapping tidal waves of electricity roll back and forth safely across the nations grids like waters in a Spring tide …

    “The lunatic is in my head’ asks: “To whom do we owe this gravitational pull of the moon taking the sea-waves out as far as the eye can sea and exposing acres of sun-drenched sand only to see those very same sea-waves sucked nightmarishly into an approaching tsunami rolling menacingly – uninterrupted, unopposed without warning just like that peaceful September morning when out of a blue New York cloudless sky … things unannounced yet foreseen raised eyes to the heavens for just a few moments. And then it was heads down … into the cell-phones of today and another pending disaster.

  2. Just my opinion, but when I first heard about this, I thought about two separate incidents, about 18 hours apart, back on December 27, 2018. In Kenner, Louisiana, and later at LaGuardia Airport, there were huge transformer fires/explosions, with large power outages. Almost like these were “dry runs” for later actions. Links below:

    Hope someone else sees this!!

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