Washington Loyalty to Israel (Press TV Debate)

Does Israel buy and sell our politicians like cattle?


Kevin Barrett, VT Editor, debates Maxine Dovere (again)

Do many American politicians have mixed loyalty when it comes to which nation they should represent? One would think that they would represent the American people and be loyal to the United States. According to some American politicians who have seen national politics from the inside, the Israel lobby AIPAC is running the show and has bought the alleDogiance of many in Washington.



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  1. Kinda ridiculous to be debating/discussing a proven fact & known about since James Trafficant already told us in 2002 after Nazi Bush signed Noahide Laws into FEMA. Even when truth is told it’s ignored that’s how you know it’s a lost cause. When avarice/greed in people’s pocket’s & bank balances & relationships in a Den of iniquity climate are more important to them w/o SHAME than truth/morality/integrity/virtue.


  2. Although I know it’s a waste of time, I started a petition on the “gov” website two years ago to ban ALL dual citizens from holding ANY office, but unfortunately it received only 34 signatures. I Also started another petition to stop all foreign aid to IS= REAL-HELL since its illegal to Gove aid to a foreign country that isn’t a signatory to the NNPT. They have hundreds of bikes yet refuse to sign the NNPT. That’s what got JFK silenced forever. I wasn’t enough signatures to force a response at the least. I want the orange chump to answer. JUSA has been sold down the road and the true capital is not DC, it’s Hell Aviv. Our forefathers are rolling in their graves over the chondroitin of this country. We do not have sovereignty over it anymore whatsoever. WE NEED TO TAKE IT BACK ASAP

  3. Dual US-Israeli “citizens” should not be allowed to hold a political office in the United States.
    All politicians should be required to disclose how much money they receive from:
    AIPAC,JDL, ADL Sheldon Adelson, Israeli Lobbyist,and Hasbara “Fellowship”.
    The 47 Republican Senators “Israel First” Traitors hopefully will be voted out of office. Nevada got rid of Dean Heller, hopefully the rest of the country will do the same.
    Arkansas are you listening? Tom Cotton is up for re-election in 2020.

  4. Theoretically, all American Citizens have both freedom of speech and freedom to believe or not believe any religion, both provided in Amendment Number 1 of our Constitution which has been defended by the blood and suffering of untold Americans and others for over 200 years. There are legal ways to change our Constitution. But they are not easy to accomplish. So today certain evil interests, in Israel, seek to abridge our precious freedoms through tyranny and money used improperly to buy Congress and the Supreme Court and President and many others. This must stop. The Constitution cannot be changed by laws or propaganda of state laws, etc.
    Wake up Americans and take your country back from the criminal thieves who have stolen it from you. They live in Israel and the U.S. Stop allowing them to impose illegal censorship and illegal laws restricting freedom of religious belief and basic rights to say anything about anyone without reprisals or intimidation. Wake up before it is too late. Stop giving money to Israel and all other countries. We are broke!

    • Kevin was 100% correct in his excellent comments documenting how the Israeli lobby has totally corrupted our Congress and our government. Israel did 9/11/01 along with traitors Bush,
      Cheney, Four Star Generals and other criminals in New York. There is a mountain of evidence and facts to prove this. This was the beginning of the illegal searches of Americans at airports in violation of 4th and 5th and other Amendments of our precious Constitution. The official report was totally corrupted by a stacked group. Here is one link of many proving that Israel did 9/11/01. Justice delayed is justice denied: https://ehpg.files.wordpress.com/2010/03/israel_did_911.pdf

  5. Maxine another viper full of the Disbelief in Israel can do no wrong with being financed by the American taxpayer dollars to genocide the Palestinians ….She goes on to claim how strong Israel as an ally is to the U.S. ..Yes , as strong as the taxpayer dollar$… So many thanks for this article and all involved in its production and posting !!!

  6. ….”however”…blah blah Zionist talking point.
    Besides Congress AIPAC/CUFI also runs my son Pastor.
    It’s time to keep talking abut Israeli influence on Our government.
    Keep fighting, Kevin.

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