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This commentary addresses the recent flap over Congresswoman Ilhan Omar’s remarks about discomforting features of Washington’s political culture. The Israeli ones got most of the play. Those about Barack Obama are equally worthy of consideration. Below is a notation of some Obama actions that credit her claims. 

Beyond them, there are grounds for arguing that there are notable items on his record that raise serious question as to their possibly having  been impeachable offenses. I drafted a bill of particulars a number of years ago – it is attached. It was not intended to be a call to action, rather a correction of the standard history of his administration.


Michael Brenner

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Rep Ilmar Omar is facing a Calvary – once again. This time the alleged crime is calling into question the Sainthood of Barack Obama. In this deformed Passion play, Nancy Pelosi acts as Pontius Pilate and the Democratic Caucus as the Sanhedrin. They move with such alacrity as even to dispense with the customary Star Chamber interrogation. The Washington political class provides the chorus howling for her hijabed head – or any other part of her unpatriotic anatomy.  The New York Times accuses her of “Microaggression” which apparently means firing a slingshot or paper clip at the impregnable wall that is Establishment orthodoxy – The Times’ editors being a primary custodian of all that the Establishment holds to be right and good.

Omar’s real sin is that she stated the truth – about the Israeli lobby as well as the Obama presidency. In today’s Washington, tolerance for the truth on matters concerning community sustaining myths is little higher than it was in Jesus’ day. It’s the punishments that are less severe – generally speaking.  Diversity is fine – when it comes to skin color and gender. So too for opinions expressed within the narrow bounds set for public discourse. Go beyond it and you’re in trouble.

That is so even when the forbidden truth is self-evident to any detached, objective observer. Look at this summary of Obama’s record. (I elaborated on this record in the attached commentary “Obama To The Egress” written 2 years ago)


Failure to stigmatize and act against the financial predators who brought us to the brink of ruin while enriching themselves at the expense of salaried workers and the real economy generally.

Stocked his administration with the selfsame people who had brought us low and set as his goal the restoration of the old system with only the smallest of modifications. To ensure the latter, he refused to push for major legislative mandated restructuring. Dodd-Franks has proven to be mainly pantomime undone by the Wall Street friendly officials (Mary Jo White) he put in charge of the responsible regulatory bodies, allowing the financial industry to write the rules  governing implementation. Today, we are back to 2007.

A campaign of vilification against public schools and public school teachers in particular on whom he pronounced anathema and unleashed his attack dog, Arne Duncan.

A refusal to support full rescission of the Bush tax cuts for the rich

A readiness to cut back Social Security and Medicare as he proposed to the Republican led Congress in 2010.

Forgetting his pledge to address the needs of the labor unions

Consistently denigrated progressive elements within the Democratic Party by word and deed, entrenching the corporate Democrat leaders who produced electoral defeat after electoral defeat culminating in losing the White House to Donald Trump

Provided the legal grounding for continuation of existing surveillance programs and pressed for greater collaboration from communications companies in sharing personal data.

Signed legislation that gave the Executive unlimited powers to apprehend and to incarcerate indefinitely persons on suspicion only of terrorist related activities – without any legal process whatsoever or public notice

Ordered the CIA to break into the computers of the Senator Intelligence Committee to steal documents pertaining to Agency actions re. torture. rendition, targeted killings, etc.


Escalating our military commitment in Afghanistan

Promoting promiscuous employment of drone assassinations against individuals placed on a secret ‘hit list.’  And declaring American citizens as legitimate targets for execution. (On the killing of Awlaki, his teenage son, and a nephew, Obama literally did “get away with murder”)

Vastly expanding the deployment of Special Forces across Africa to perform dubious missions

Backing the jihadi led coalition to upend Assad in Syria materially and politically – became a tacit ally of al-Qaeda & friends

Participating in Saudi Arabia’s war of annihilation against the Yemeni Houthis,

Fully aligning the U.S. with the Sunni bloc in it sectarian conflict with Iran

Giving Israel a blank check to do what it pleased in the systematic abuse of the Palestinians and actions elsewhere in the region

Refusing to condemn the supplying of arms and other forms of military aid to al-Qaeda & Assoc in Syria by Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and the Gulf principalities; same for aid to ISIS

Instigating the coup in Kiev that unseated the democratically elected President and replacing him with corrupt American stooges who are hostage to the neo-Nazi elements who provided the muscle for the coup. Thereby he set the scene for a Cold War II with Putin’s Russia

Imposing sanctions on Venezuela for no apparent national security reason.

Backing a series of plots – licit and illicit – to remove reformist governments across Latin America

Launching a trillion dollar program for expansion and refining of our nuclear forces which has set off a nuclear arms race, and increases the risk that nuclear war-fighting scenarios will prevail in a crisis

 For all these actions, Obama has received hardly any criticism and remains lauded as a Democratic Party hero

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  1. See Above….. “Spain and Italy’s borrowing costs” So their problem is like the US problem? That their central banks (like our Federal Reserve) is privately owned and their Governments have to borrow money from the privately owned Central Banks…. Here lies the problem…. Each country’s money/banking system should be owned/controlled/money issued by its own Treasury Dept and not borrowed from a private central bank.

  2. ? Search Engine … Obama Operation Odyssey Dawn …. See for example….. Operation Odyssey Dawn – Federation of American Scientists …… …. Also how quickly we forget all those TARP bailouts many of which were a giant slush fund to European banks…. part of the TARP was probably used to pay some US and NATO costs of taking out Qadhafi which was really for the French Rothschilds? Question Who currently controls benefits from the Libyan oil fields? As of 2019 the US is bombing parts of Libya again?

    • ….. he documents help illustrate the global scope of the crisis. The Federal Reserve provided credit lines to some of the largest central banks overseas: The European Central Bank took $8 trillion in temporary credit lines, while the Bank of England took $918 billion. That credit ensured that overseas markets wouldn’t freeze for a lack of U.S. dollars, the global reserve currency….International banks also lined up to take advantage of the Fed’s lending. Swiss bank UBS borrowed $74 billion, and French bank BNP Paribas borrowed $41 billion. The Royal Bank of Scotland borrowed $38 billion. Note Remember there is no real accounting and the Globalist Banks create money out of nothing… to say that these banks paid back the money is just creative propaganda … just remember this funding was created out of nothing… just put more digital blips into the system…. but again this does not mean we should return to a gold standard or bitcoin.. cause in reality the Globalist forces control the gold market and blockchain technology also. also remember the Hegelian Dialectic…. Create the Problem (Supposed Housing loan meltdown)…. Propaganda the Reaction….. Control the Solution and play both sides, all sides of any given issue to achieve your real purpose.

    • Supporting… ….. Spain and Italy’s borrowing costs are spiking once again despite the ECB’s efforts to curb bond yields through bond-buying. This plan could take center stage at a conference of EU financial ministers and U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner in Wroclaw, Poland tomorrow……According to Reuters, Geithner will also reportedly suggest leveraging the EFSF — much along the lines of the TALF program the U.S. used in order to bolster public money with central bank money. Also see …

  3. The article pretty well sums it up. Obama has gotten a free pass for all the misdeeds he has committed because he is black, liberal and a faithful follower of Marxist Bill Ayers.
    You should hear liberals fawn all over Obama.
    I agree with this summation of the Obama presidency. It should also be noted that race relations took a nose dive and that the economic problems within the black communities did not improve what so ever and in fact worsened.
    His signing of the NDAA and Military Commissions Act were simply the final nail in the coffin of justice and the Bill of Rights.
    Now we can be arrested and imprisoned without charge or due process, we can be executed in the same manner. It should also be noted that spying on Americans increased dramatically during his administration.
    He is responsible for the destruction of Libya, Syria and Ukraine.
    His administration rang up the worst debt ever in history.
    Unfortunately we now have someone in the White House who is even worse.

  4. Forgot this – ” We can now, Legally use Propaganda Against the citizens of the USA”. signed in 2013 – probably at Midnight. Which also means that all medias, can use Propaganda, because they get their news from the USG and they are legally covered with Obama’s Law – How Convenient. With Laws like these – who needs a government – at all ? No One.

  5. Well what do we know about Barack Obama? Well first, he is gay, His wife is a man. He was selected into office and then after awhile seemed to not follow the NWO agenda per se. His legacy is what? Giving Bibi a snub! I know he gets a favorible nod here at VT. But why?

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