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DISCLOSURE: Sourced from Russian government funded media

by Gordon Duff, VT Sr. Editor, …with New Eastern Outlook, Moscow

[ Editor’s Note: This is another Gordon masterpiece. There is no one, anywhere, producing material like this. Yet most everyone who should be interested is not.

VT has its niche readership. We are at the top of the list for those tasked with writing open source intelligence reports daily or weekly. We are a free product for government-employed people, some who make close to six figures, while we make nothing.

All attempts to smear us as having been bought by some foreign power have dried up after the Mueller investigation visits last year.

By that I mean smears from someone with standing, a reputation or position to lose, unlike anonymous comment board trolls that we don’t see much of anymore now that we are blocked on the social media platforms.

Despite all efforts to marginalize VT, hacking us, even removing our most important articles from our archives, we have not been stopped. Yesterday we doubled down on “them”, not only re-publishing one of our key 9-11 articles, but with added new material that was left out of the original as being more than folks could handle.

There have been no calls today from Fox, CNN, MSNBC, or Democracy Now for that matter. The latter has never called us about anything, giving away who is running the show over there.

I will close with a trip down memory road, when a psyop was run on us by a little country in the Mideast to neuter our input at the Damascus Counter-Terrorism Conference in December of 2014. The morning of the main event meetings, an invited group of us were all taken for a tour of the Terrorism Court, which had actually been closed down for the morning to host us to review anything we wanted. It was a delightful trip.

We returned to the Dama Rose Hotel to learn that the conference had concluded while we were away. But they had never dealt with Gordon Duff before. Within five minutes, he got hold of the Syrian Justice Minister and had the conference “reopened”.

Gordon waiting to blow the conference open with his “who is really running the show” talk

Gordon proceeded to give the signature talk of the whole event, and by a stroke of luck I happened to be in the perfect position to get video of it.

Gordon laid on the hushed audience that their main enemy was none of the cannon-fodder adversaries being thrown at them in a war of attrition, but the big international crime rings that were even running the countries, creating chaos and destruction solely to make tons of money in the process.

We made history that day, and the next day three of the four of us were down with E. coli poisoning, compliments of you know who. Mike Harris was spared. The ADL later showed its cards, when the hit piece they did on VT failed to mentioned that in our main address, nothing about Israel was mentioned, as it is a bit player itself, on the string of one of the major international crime networks.

Here is the ADL link. It’s a short read, and shows why the ADL is an amoebae compared to VT. What you are about to read, the people at the ADL would not even understand it, as they live in an alternate universe, while we live in the real world.

This is a Gordon gem below. Copy it and save it, because who knows, this one might disappear someday, also. And ask yourself, why is it that no one in American media has any interest in what we do here. Could it be that they are embarrassed? Let us know what you think in the comment boards, my thanks in advanceJim W. Dean ]

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VT at the Damascus Counter Terrorism Conference in 2014, with photo bomber on the left, then Mike, Me, Gordon and Col. Jim Hanke

– First published … March 12, 2019

Events are already in motion, Britain and France are likely to join the US in a war on Iran with a timetable somewhere around early May or late April 2018 in the works. Only the casus belli is yet to be determined but if events follow those of the last two decades, there is a list of false flag events sitting on John Bolton’s desk.

What’s driving this? The answer is simple, a cascade being set into play by the Mueller report and subsequent investigations that will push a lifetime of friends and associates of Donald Trump into the “perjury meatgrinder,” forcing them to lie under oath and then turn on President Trump to mitigate their own prison sentences.

None of this would be possible had simple rules of fact and fiction been held to and Trump himself is, quite perhaps, more guilty than anyone in his use of “alternative facts” to back misguided beliefs. We have thus chosen to look at this process and how it has gotten us here.

Perceptions of leaders and nations, even how political “leaders” think and process what they are fed, and what they are fed is seldom more than fakery and deception, generally originates from a single source.

The mechanisms of the “big lie” are more and more apparent daily, Facebook and Google, joined at the hip with fake corporations and, behind them, intelligence agencies, and behind this, global cabals that buy and sell governments. This is what the world is seeing now, and why so many feel overwhelmed and powerless.

In America, Trump turns to broadcaster Sean Hannity, a former house painter with a handful of college credits in art history, who caught Trump’s attention through fabricating conspiracy theories all curiously smearing enemies of the Israel lobby. As is so often the case, education and experience, honor and services are pushed aside, “who needs a PhD when a GED and ‘moral flexibility’ works just fine.”

This explains why reports to America’s Congress, findings of fake inquiries at the UN or in Britain and the US, always coincide with movies and television, in a world where expertise had long ago been replaced by “belief,” real or feigned.

Controlling all, and all in power know this well but never speak of it, not in America, France, Britain or even Russia, is Israel. We aren’t talking about the people of Israel or the right wing leaders described as Zionists, but rather the oligarchs like Sheldon Adelson and dozens of others, the Rothschild family, the bankers, men of extreme power.

Those who begin the journey that leads to understanding the nature of this power find themselves heading down odd paths, some question history, denying the holocaust, others embrace Naziism, while others more rooted in reality seek justice for the Palestinian people or an end to foreign influence over their own governments.

Fake Investigations and False Flag Intimidation

One key is to manage investigations. If you run the investigation, you can rig an election, poison a former spy, dismember a journalist or even gas or pretend to gas, thousands of people. There is another game as well, one less well known, that we will touch on for a moment only.

You also want to control the “first responders.” When a troublesome law enforcement official or media type fails to die in a staged car wreck, he is finished off by “first responders.” The White Helmets are the best known first responders of all, they kidnap children to fake attack videos or even murder the children whose bodies they are seen crying over.

I would say I learned this “online,” but I have interviewed eyewitnesses. Russia even took eyewitnesses to The Hague to testify but as Russia doesn’t control the investigation, there were no findings and, thus, more fake gas attacks are planned. Who does this? Look to “the usual suspects.”

For Russiagate, where I have been repeatedly questioned by Mueller investigators, the same inexorable truth keeps coming to light, behind each “Russian” act, is an Israeli company like Black Cube or Cambridge Analytica, run by individuals financed by the Israel lobby, thus, “Israel controlled.”

Go back to 9/11. The official investigation, at best a cheap coverup, was impaneled after the first investigation, run by the US Department of Energy, along with the FBI and CIA, found American political leaders, working directly with organized crime figures and Israeli politicians culpable.

The report, leaked to CNN in 2014 was quashed. Those involved at the highest levels, CIA agent Roland Carnaby, murdered, John O’Neill from the FBI, murdered, John Wheeler III, murdered, Colonel Mike Dick, targeted and smeared, with others gagged by a grand jury.

Look at the 2003 invasion of Iraq, no inquiry in the US at all with Congress controlled by Sheldon Adelson, who “bought” America’s government after a Supreme Court decision in Citizens United v. FEC in 2005 legalized unlimited bribery of American officials even by foreign owned corporations.

This ended all American independence.

In Britain it was the Chilcott Inquiry, years of investigation without findings. Two million Iraqi’s killed, all based on lies, $400 billion in stolen oil, $8 trillion in stolen defense funds from the US, the world economy collapsed in 2007-8, through careful “engineering,” all of this and no one to pay the price for massive crimes. Let’s not forget the mysterious death of Dr. David Kelly, the key witness who would have brought Tony Blair down.

It continued and continues to this day. No sensible person doubts the Skripal events, staged by MI6 and the Mossad, with Russia named during the first allegations and actual proof non-existent. This has become the “gold standard” in fakery.

Dealing with Dissent

When murder doesn’t work, softer methods prevail, like breaking up the Labor party in Britain in order to end the political aspirations of a popular leader, Jeremy Corbyn.

In America, state after state now requires a loyalty oath to Israel, a violation of American citizenship requirements, yet a requirement for employment or even attendance at public school. Will a loyalty oath to Israel be required for Americans to receive pensions or medical care? Funny as it sounds, it is being discussed.

In France, Macron is asking that any discussions of Palestinian rights be criminalized. A similar law was passed by the United States Senate in January 2016 but has not yet passed into law.

What is key here, and needs to be taken into account with increasing moves toward war against Iran and Russia by the Western Powers, is that all of this is orchestrated specifically through Israeli influence on government officials, contributions, threats, blackmail or, as Russiagate is playing out to those who read between the lines, active involvement in rigging all elections in every nation using a cornucopia of schemes and methodologies.

In the end, we have governments whose political leaders are forced to navigate a literal minefield of pressures and influences, from enemies without and within, increasingly subject to military attack but also overt economic war as well, where the real participants are seldom seen.

We then return to the obvious, Syria doesn’t gas their own people, Russia isn’t going to invade anyone, Iran has no nuclear weapons program and Venezuela is only being threatened because of its oil.

Yet, we have governments threatening war over these fake issues, wars that can kill millions, lead to Armageddon, and that is discussed continually nowadays, conflicts that serve no national interest whatsoever yet are ingrained in the foreign policy of nation after nation.

This leads to one inexorable assumption and a broad confirmation of a simply hypothesis, that political systems around the world are now and have been, even for centuries or longer, under attack by super-governmental organizations whose goals and actions define them as criminal in nature.

It isn’t a huge step to reassess long mis-defined struggles attributed to politics and religion with only “underlying” economic attributes as the sinister machinations of what is now called the Deep State.


The term is “Perception Management.” Governments hire specialist companies to manage media and communications, sometimes to protect themselves from opponents, too often to “disinform” their own people but, either way, what is seen and believed, even at the highest levels of government is often utterly untrue.

Russiagate, in the United States, has been talked to death, supposedly oversold, over-reported, overanalyzed, but is that true? What we know is that the majority of Americans believe Donald Trump is a Russian agent. The problem with this isn’t a problem for Russia, not the public opinion aspect anyway.

It’s that Americans believe Trump is a Russian spy and simply don’t care. Americans are so used to being kicked around, and they never really understand who is doing it mind you, that Russia isn’t a huge “menace” of some kind, just another word, or rather a “symbol.”

Manufactured Public Opinion

Nobody in America, and this is a highly generalized statement of course, thinks Russia is really bad. All Americans know what they see on television. Nobody really believes Russia is going to invade Europe and Americans generally don’t like Europe anyway. In general, and I plead guilty to gross generalizations again, Americans find Europeans irritating, a land of pay toilets, high priced gasoline, bad hotel rooms, pickpockets and unreadable road signs.

The exceptions, Americans love Ireland and Italian food but any American who has eaten an Italian pizza reels in disgust, practically a cracker with catsup.

Russia, on the other hand, is distant and mysterious, a land of vodka swilling maniacs who are more than a bit like Americans. The real issue is, of course, Vladimir Putin.

Let’s be clear, Americans know nothing about Russian life, the standard of living, the cost of food or the impact of Putin’s policies on life in Russia. What they do see is someone physically fit, a heroic figure, someone who is feared and respected, someone whose every statement is well considered, often self-effacing, someone who, by American standards seems to never lie.

In fact, getting Putin elected president, and we mean President of the United States, would be easy. Nobody really hates Putin despite the media. In fact, never has the media failed so badly as it has in smearing Putin.

The only way around that is to simply censor everything he says, to simply erase him, erase Russia, its positions, its objections to US policy and replace those objections with endless fictions and smears.

Thus, while Trump’s real actions, war on Syria, increased sanctions on Russia, possible nuclear missiles in Belarus and Ukraine, an invasion of Venezuela are obviously intended to destroy and isolate Russia, and of course in no way serve American interests of any kind as well, far from it, Trump is still seen by many as Russia’s best friend.

Who could sell a lie like that? Who has that power?

Similarly, inside Russia, Trump is presented as a political outsider assailed by the “Deep State.” However, a look at his domestic policies, which are rapidly not only impoverishing the working classes but pushing the United States into financial ruin, are of little interest.

While the Russiagate investigation gains the press around the world, dozens of Trump officials resign in disgrace or enter prison. Every appointment, and we mean each and every appointment he has made has placed an individual with deep conflicts of interest or a long history of personal dishonesty in positions of power and influence.

Above all, as Robert David Steele points out, “King Jared,” Trump’s own son-in-law, controls foreign policy, an Israeli “mole” with no qualifications other than his inherited wealth as son of organized crime figure and convicted felon, Charles Kushner.

Jared is now scrambling to raise $1.5 billion to avoid bankruptcy, money he is said to have sought from nations he negotiates with on behalf of Trump. His property at 666 Fifth Avenue alone is “upside down” $1.2 billion with its mortgage in default as of February 2019 according to Vanity Fair.

Chaos Theory Rules All

As we note, every action has a reaction, supposedly roughly Newtonian is concept, but the new sciences of perception management and chaos theory which make “all things possible,” in reality make nothing genuinely predictable.

Yes, elections can be rigged but human frailty and those nasty streaks of decency that show up from time to time, can’t be factored into the equations being sold to any and every interested party.

Whatever happens, war always seems to be the result, all human weakness tends toward violence and self-destruction and has since the dawn of time. Pushing war as a product is easier than giving away clean fresh water to someone dying of thirst.

All that has changed is that we have new ways of getting there, or at least we have convinced ourselves of our sophistication and cleverness. This may well be the biggest deception of all.

Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War that has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades and consulted with governments challenged by security issues. He’s a senior editor and chairman of the board of  VT, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.”

SOURCENew Eastern Outlook, Moscow

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  1. Thanks Gordon, this is vital information and it is consistent with the UNHCR informations, given to the MacMobil author (recent article), who said that they are informed premature if big evnts happen in the near future. They specifically mention exactly this time frame April-May this year.

    The Yared Kushner thing with the time margin end of March this year is also discussed extensively by Michael Lüders, a German author and long time Near East expert (follower of the famous Peter Scholl-Latour). He also spoke about in length where Kushner tried to get money from (Kathar: said no, Saudi Arabia: no and others: no) and the not unlikely possibility of Kusner beeing trialed for his fradulent managing of his 666 thing in NY. He just doesn’t seem to know the difference between personal business and foreign policy, because his father never told him.

    Things seems to escalate and accellerate and I hope the world is prepared for the things that might happen soon.

    • We in Germany are especially happy to welcome some other millions of refugees from Northern Irak through Turkey and maybe also from Algeria, because their president seems to be already dead for some 10 years or so, because he never showed up in public since then (this remninds me of a female general attourny, also gone missing), pretending to live and when elections come, the old play like in Egypt will come forth with consequences for France, because of their special agreement with Algeria and then these unhappy Algerians will show up in the mother country of all lost Muslims of the world: Germany.

      Of course, no one talks about this possibility here.

  2. All this is like a new chapter of “Brave New World”. When General Myers had to find a good excuse for not being at the Pentagon on 9/11/01 and not killed like others here is a colloquy which is fed to Congress and the duped Americans who care only about getting the car washed or poisoning the lawn to keep it green: rude comments by Stickdog.×44663
    Bad 9/11 Alibis: Gen. Myers, acting Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
    “SENATOR LEVIN: Was that order that you just described given before or after the Pentagon was struck? Do you know?

    GENERAL MYERS: That order, to the best of my knowledge, was after the Pentagon was struck. {stickdog’s note: OOOOPS!}

    SENATOR CLELAND: … General, it’s a good thing that, as I look back at that morning, that you and I were meeting. It’s a good thing we were meeting here and not us meeting in the Pentagon because about the time you and I were having our visit, discussing the need to boost our conventional forces, to look at the question of terrorism and attacks on the United States, at just about that very moment, the Pentagon was being hit.

    GENERAL MYERS: Yes, sir. {stickdog’s note: Thanks for coming to my rescue with a bullshit alibi, sir!}”

  3. Please cover the targeting of civilians with these LTE, GSM, and a constellation of covert resonance weapons.
    This is a network IoT war on the world population that is being rolled-out. And I as you feel no one is listening. Not even VT. And you guys are the gold standard.
    I worked for a Suisse Invesestment bank and this involves attorneys at he highest levels, members of the board of directors in Switzerland and possibly the council on foreign relations, as well as Life Insurance Policies originated as part of the many facets of the economies this crime inflates.
    They spend enought to make your head spin. It’s almost unbeleivable the things I could tell you. Not in the magical sense cause it’s happening right in front of us. And involves the aerosoles they spray in the ionosphere. Again, all this is connected and so compartmentalized that it boggles them mind as to how deep this effort goes, so brings up the question, why? To what end?

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