Lies and power


True power comes from lies. Telling a big lie and getting the whole world to play along. Once you get people to agree with you, even though they know it’s not true, you have them in your hand. Everyone would lie for me. Everyone who means something. Otherwise their own lies, which keep the system running, would collapse like a house of cards. Senator Roarke

Could there be any truth to that?

What is certain is that nothing is more cohesive than a crime committed together. So if you just tell a big lie that benefits a lot of people in high positions, wouldn’t that lead to those people moving closer together and protecting each other?

So every crime initiated by the elite has a stabilizing function: If you participate in it, you yourself become part of the swamp and protect the rulers, because only these rulers guarantee that you will not be exposed yourself. It must therefore be the task of the elite to involve as many people as possible in their crimes, even if only by toleration, in order to strengthen the power of the elite.

From this point of view, a criminal government is more stable than one that does not commit crimes; its cohesion is inevitably greater.

Could this be another reason for the constant lies we are being told?

Perhaps all the hoaxes have the task not only of creating fear and terror among the people, but also of involving as many people as possible from the police, the media, etc., making them accomplices?

Just think about how many people would have to reckon with negative consequences if the truth came out as “NSU” and all the liars/forgers/cheaters were sentenced according to constitutional principles?

  • Starting with forensic doctors who lied, about cops forging evidence,
  • to lawyers who held a Beate Zschäpe (NSU process) in custody for 7 years and forced her to make a false confession even though they knew she was innocent?
  • Even if the “NSU” is de facto not interested in a pig, its function for the cohesion, stability and functioning of the Merkel system cannot be valued highly enough.

Thousands would lose everything!

And these people are not normal workers, but just the “pillars of society”, i.e. police officers in leading positions, Federal Attorneys General, lawyers, politicians in the Bundestag, ministers, secret service directors, journalists of leading magazines such as “Der Spiegel”, etc..

This means that there are tens of thousands in Germany who have a vital interest in ensuring that the crimes committed under Merkel do not fly up and continue to sell their lies as truth.

By the way, almost every western country has its “NSU”, a lie on which it builds and which welds the elites together. Often these are crimes committed by the elite itself, which make them “partners in crime”; Merkel is to be emphasized because she was the most efficient.

Where on 11 September 2001 the USA hijacked four planes, had to blow up the Pentagon, the Twin-towers, WTC7 and several thousand civilians were “sacrificed”,

Merkel carried out her coup with only two corpses, a burning caravan, a blown up apartment in Zwickau and a few pieces of evidence. Significantly cheaper, but just as effective in the end.

Germany NSU
Norway Brevik


I remember exactly how Attorney General Range (NSU-trial above right) said:

“The NSU murders are OUR September 11.”
Our… (who is “us” or “we”?)

Mr. Range is no fool. He certainly knew that 9/11 was a false flag and for what purpose it was carried out.

The statement that the NSU was Germany’s 9/11 can therefore be understood as an indication that this is a lie spread by the elite with the aim of uniting this elite.
As you can see from the series of pictures, many European countries have “you 9/11”, that is, their lie that holds the elite together, separates the liars from the lying, the knowledgeable from the ignorant, the rulers from the ruled.
In Germany it is the “NSU.

In Norway it was the “attacks

” of Breivik; the then president of Norway is by the way now NATO Secretary General: Jens Stoltenberg. There have already been so many attacks in France that I have lost track of them.

In London it was the London bombings of 7 July and other subsequent attacks. In Spain it was the attacks in Madrid.

Each of these attacks ensures that the criminal system continues to stabilize because the number of people involved continues to rise. “The West” can thus rightly be called the “kingdom of lies”, the kingdom of Satan.

The USA made the beginning with 9/11 and because the tactics proved to be so effective, the vassal states followed with their respective 9/11.

The problem, of course, is that it is so extremely difficult to break away from this alliance. So if we assume that one day Germany will have a truth-loving government that would begin to work through the lies of the previous government, then the criminal governments of all other countries will have to deal with the fear that their lies will also be exposed!
This is a uniquely difficult situation; do you have a solution?
How can Germany be cleaned out and put back on the basis of the truth if it is part of a group of liars who would probably rather beat Germany to shreds than allow their own lies to fly up in a purification process?
True power comes from lies.
Telling a big lie and getting the whole world to play along.

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