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Fake bailouts to deceive Westerners with soft hearts and brains off; sensational reportages, movies made to art like Hollywood with paid extras, children with fries and adults with 50 dollars, but also organ trafficking practiced on still warm corpses and, above all, active support – in media propaganda as in the transport of bodies beheaded after the executions – to the jihadists of various Sunni Muslim factions entered Syria to help the rebels overthrow the government of Bashar Al Assad, Shiite Alawite and therefore with the unforgivable guilt of being pro-Iranian in a nation bordering on Israel, a bitter enemy of Tehran.

This they did White helmets according to the report-complaint filed by a Russian humanitarian foundation, in the silence of almost all the world media ( but reported by  Gospa News , see link at the bottom of the page ), on December 21st at the Global Counter-Terrorism Research Network (global network counter-terrorism research institute established in 2013 by the Directorate of the UN Anti-Terrorism Committee.

To create the White Helmets was not a human rights activist back from missions among the earthquake victims of Haiti or the tsnunami flood victims in Indonesia . No. He was a British military intelligence expertthen he turned into a contractor for a security agency, the contemporary definition behind which what were once called mercenary soldiers often hide: James Le Mesurier, inventor of the White Helmets NGO .

It is composed of contractors recruited and trained by the head and founder but for the Western world it is a humanitarian organization, although without UN recognition, worthy of being supported and financed as just proposed by the US State Department for 5 million dollars in 2019.

For Vassily Nebenzia , Russian representative at the UN: “The White Helmets deserve to be on the list of terrorists reported by the United Nations”. This is why the Syrian Foreign MinistryYesterday he immediately issued a harsh statement as soon as he heard the news of the new US contribution to this formation of mercenaries. “This desperate move of the United States shows that continue to rely on supporting terrorism as a means to achieve its goals in Syria.

The Syrian Arab Republic strongly condemns Washington in supporting terrorists, in particular White Helmets, and calls on the US administration to stop financing and deliver weapons to al-Nusra and to terrorist groups affiliated to it, “the news agency reported Sana (Syrian Arab National Agency) , the only media to highlight the issue along with the Russian network Sputnik International.

An American intervention that would delineate in the most articulated plot of the Israeli premier Benjamin Netanyahu’s planto continue and maintain the occupation of the Syrian Golan plateau thanks to the protection of the American president Donald Trump .


White helmets in action in Syria

The White Helmets had seemed destined to dissolve in Syria last July. When most of the contingent, engaged in the area of Gouta , in a strategic area between the front of the Golan plateau  with Israel and the capital Damascus , was evacuated to Jordan under the aegis of the UN .

The international protection became necessary precisely because of the bad reputation the alleged rescuers had made in the battered country. It was precisely the widespread report on social media and on the internet by their boss James Le Mesurier about the false chemical attack in Doumaby the Syrian government army to trigger the reaction of the coalition-led Use that as a pretext to launch the latest intimidation to Assad, and indirectly to his ally Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian Federation , with 105 missiles within hours.

Now the White Helmets  would have remained only in the province of Idlib , the one where Assad’s militias are clashing with the jihadistsof various terrorist organizations among which stand the al-Qaedists of Al Nusra , considered ally of the same White Helmets, recipients of the funding that Washington does could otherwise provide those affiliated terrorists withAl Qaeda, an entity in its turn explicitly called the “creation of the Saudi Royals “ by moderate Muslim Ilhan Omar, a Democratic congresswoman of the US Congress .

It is enough to read Le Mesurier’s latest Twitter chat to understand which side the White Helmets are on: “The regime’s forces have targeted the neighborhoods of the Khan Shaykhun city south of Idlib with 10 artillery shells. The White Helmets teams are working to inspect the affected areas and provide assistance. ” The area remained the last stronghold of the jihadists Jabhat al-Nusra li-ahl al-Shām (Relief Front for the people of Syria), known just as Al Nusra, from which rockets and mortar shells continue against the nearby city of Hama which have also caused some casualties in recent months.

The armed forces of Assad are limited above all to a defensive belligerency by virtue of the agreement signed between Russia and Turkey on September 17 in Sochi which provided for the creation of a demilitarized zone around Idlib pending the release of the terrorists towards the Turkish territories that would have had to be managed by the Ankara government.

But this peaceful solution, interrupted by continuous jihadist attacks, has never been implemented despite the repeated demands of the Kremlinto Turkey . Here is therefore a clear example of the communicative manipulation of the founder of the White Helmets that denounces the bombings of the Syrian army but obviously is silent of those of the guerrillas of Al Nusra considered his allies.


The post on the presentation to the UN of the dossier of the horrors on the White Helmets

Only in Eastern Ghouta , between 100 and 150 members of the White Helmets  were also members of terrorist and militant groups. They would build trenches, tunnels and fortifications for militants, openly boasting of their membership in social media, but denying whenever they were interviewed by Western journalists.

Facebook accounts of White Helmets members are crammed with propaganda material from terrorist groups, including the Islamic State and al-Qaeda, which praise Osama bin Laden and other individuals listed by the United Nations as terrorists .” He claimed this last December 21 in front of the UN’s Global Counter-Terrorism Research Network ,Maxim Grigoriev , director of the Foundation for the Study of Democracy based in Russia , in the presence of the Russian representative at the Glass Palace, Vassily Nebenzia , when he presented a very detailed report-complaint against the Le Mesuriers NGO supported by the United States as per Kingdom United Kingdom, Canada and other Western nations.

The dossier is based on interviews with over 100 eyewitnesses, including 40 members of the same White Helmets, 50 local residents and 15 former terrorist and militant combatants. More than 500 local residents were interviewed in Aleppo and Deraa. According to Grigoriev the activists of the self-styled humanitarian organization work with Islamic militants in Syria and there are “hundreds of photos with weapons in their hands”. But in addition, according to the Russian expert, they recover organs from the victims that they would pretend to “rescue”, stage false chemical weapons and other attacks on cameras and pillage the bodies and houses of Syrians killed and wounded in the war.

There are also “undeniable proofs” that the group would take orders written by Jaysh al-Islam , an Islamist militant group best known for its occupation of Douma. It was in this suburb of Damascusthat the White Helmets staged the chemical attack that served as a pretext for French, British and US missile attacks against the Syrian government in April this year. “The falsification of chemical attacks was an essential part of the activities of the White Helmets,” said the director of the Russian Foundation, adding that the group has also regularly committed itself to “creating fake-news and organizing bogus rescues”.

He cited a particular example of a place called Jisr al-Haj in Aleppo , where the militants set fire to the garbage, carried bodies from the local morgue and made sure that the white helmets filmed a staged rescue, rewarding actors and extras with an extra of $ 50 each



Many local residents interviewed for the research reported people “rescued” by the White Helmets  found dead with their missing internal organs. “Theft of organs that would have been witnessed in” at least several hundred “only in Aleppo ,” said Grigoriev . “As numerous films show, released by the Syrian rebel organizations themselves, the Bianch helmets are, in truth, an active part of the terror and intimidation system imposed by Jabhat al-Nusra and other jihadist organizations in the territories under their control,” said the Russian Sputnik International network several reporters in Syria – One of these videos, put on the Internet on May 16, 2015, was shot in Al Jasim, a city in that province of Daraa where many of the 800 Helmets evacuated in Jordan come from.

In that video, three organization militants are seen taking away the body of a newly executed man with three blows to the head on the orders of an Islamic court . In another video, always shot in 2015 in the city of Haritan, the White Helmets with adjoining stretcher for the dying witness the judgment of a court of Jabhat al-Nusra and the immediate execution of the condemned with a couple of blows to the head ».


Former British military 007 James Le Mesurier, who became contractor for private security agencies in the area of ​​guera and then founder and trainer of the White Helmets

One wonders how an NGO can have the many malpractices denounced by the Russian anti-terrorism Foundation’s inquiry and by journalists who have not been flat about the pro-American media manipulations that, as is well known, have even involved the famous CNN television holding company in spreading the false video chemical attack on Douma , defeated by a producer of the British BBC .

The answer is in the curriculum of the aforementioned creator of White Helmets , former military 007 James Le Mesurier , a well-known figure both from the Government Communications Headquarters , the powerful GCHQ national security agency and the United Kingdom’s counter-intelligence agencybased in Cheltenham , England , which by the Military Intelligence 6, the slang name of the Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) of the UK Foreign Ministry .

Added to this is the recent report published by journalist Vanessa Beeley for Russia Today and published with great prominence also on Veterans Today ( link at the bottom of the page ).


The newspaper Il Giornale provided the many details on Le Mesurier in Italy under the heading The Eyes of War: “Like many other officers of the British army, he attended the Royal Academy of Military , where he graduated with honors, receiving the Medal from the Queen. He later served the British army in many theaters of war. In particular, he worked as head of British intelligence in Pristina, Kosovo , before leaving the army and going to work for the United Nations, stating that “humanitarian aid is more effective than an army in theaters of war” ».

He brought the journalist Roberto Vivaldelli backremarking a statement that seems however in open contrast with other activities of the self-styled philanthropist: «Before the foundation of the White Helmets, Le Mesurier held positions of the first order in the Olive Group, a private organization of mercenaries that since then merged with Blackwater-Academi in what is now known as the Constellis Holdings .

Then, in 2008, Le Mesurier left the Olive group after being appointed to the management of Good Harbor Consulting, chaired by Richard A. Clarke : a veteran of US national security under the Bush and Clinton administrations – adds the reporter from The Eyes of War– After joining Good Harbor, Le Mesurier moved to Abu Dhabi , where he specialized in risk management, emergency planning and critical infrastructure protection. He trained a troop to protect the UAE’s gas fields and managed the security of the 2010 Gulf Cup in Yemen . The Emirates, as we know, along with the other Gulf monarchies, have largely financed and supported the armed opposition against Bashar al-Assad .

In 2013 Le Mesurier founded Syrian white helmets in Turkey ». To which funds have come mainly from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, the department of the United Kingdomresponsible for the promotion of the country’s interests abroad, and from the USA , through the analogous USAID agency ( Us agency for international development), which has an NGO of 200 million a year reduced to 6.6 by the Trump administration and the 5 planned for 2019.


The uniform and the equipment of the White Helmets

How the former military secret agent managed to implement his plan of maipolata communication with propaganda in favor of the rebels and their terrorist allies is explained by an illuminating article by Philip Roddis on the OFFGuardianwebsite , an online media of counter-information mirrored to the famous The Guardian of Manchester, who becomes champion of the concept “Because the facts should be sacred”.

«The Western war on Syria and the rapid warming of the cold war with Russiahave led to widespread use of defamation. Of unfounded or even refuted accusations, repeated in our media not so free, even by those who, rightly or wrongly – usually unjustly – believe themselves that critical thinkers assume, according to the fashion “no smoke without fire”, what must be the truth for them.

This conclusion is rarely reached by the conscious mind. This is not how propaganda works, “writes Roddis, who then goes into the analysis of the Syrian question explaining” two aspects of their demonization “.

“One is the cynicism with which charities have been used – the British journalist points out – but in at least one case” the brand “was corrupt at birth. I mean the White Helmets : designed byBritish mercenary James Le Mesurier , who received over $ 120 million in funding from the United States and other states who openly sought the removal of Assad and – with a degree of certainty much higher than that according to which Damascus would have used sarin gas on their own people – in league with Islamist terrorism.

The other, related, is equal cynicism – or, in a moment, the credulity of dreamy eyes – with which our media inflate the value of “information” from laughable sources. One of these is the so-called Syrian Human Rights Observatory (Sohr) , regularly quoted by the BBC , Guardian and even – for their eternal shame – “extreme left” media in reporting alleged abuses by the Syrian authorities, without informing us that

Rami Abdulrahman, director of the Human Rights Observatory in Syria

“Sohr is the solitary organization of Rami Abdul Rahman , a displaced Syrian living in Coventry and has not set foot in Syria since 2003. His methods are opaque to say the least, but they seem to rely on what I will call an inquiry to waterfall ”, so call a handful of friends in Syria.

They in turn call their friends, who call them – writes OFFGuardian – But who are these friends? It is rumored that Rahman is affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood , rival to the more recent Wahabbi groups supported by Arabia led by Al Qaeda , but still willing to collaborate with Daesh to put an end to Syrian secularism and impose the Sunni theocratic rule on Shiites, Christians, Druze and Alawites in the same way ». Words that come from the United Kingdom : not from Syria – or from  its ally Russia – directly affected by the slanders and media manipulations of the White Helmets .

Also because the request of the Russian Foundation for the Study of Democracy to the UN Anti-Terrorism Network for the inclusion of White Helmets among terrorist organizations appears to be more than ever founded.


Syrian Ambassador Hussam Eddin Ala at the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva

For now the awaited reply from the Glass Palace has not yet arrived from New York . The news of the new financing proposed by the US State Department that “the Arab Republic of Syria strongly condemns” as reported by the Russian network Sputnik International , has come only from Washington , as this step, “followed by a similar one by the sheikh of Qatar , underlines that the United States still aims at supporting terrorism to reach the goal of its special agendas in Syria and in the region in the service of the Israeli occupation “.

The reference is obviously to the Golan plateau, partly snatched from the Tel Aviv army to Lebanon in the 2006 blitzkrieg and in the other part taken away from Syria itself at the outbreak of the civil war triggered by the rebels in 2011 but long plotted by the Pentagon with established funding dating back to 2006 ( see Gospa News article “The conspirators against Assad ). A question anything but secondary geopolitical evolution of Syria now controlled by the Assad government to 99%: today the Kurdish formations SDF won Baghouz and are chasing the last pockets of rebel Isis but remains the atrocious history of the Al Rukban refugee campof which we reported in a previous article.

The Golan issue yesterday, Monday 18 March, was the focus of the 40th session of the Human Rights Council at the UN in Geneva . L ‘ Ambassador Hussam Eddin Ala, Permanent Representative of Syria to the United Nations , said that “the people of the occupied Syrian Golan is still tied to his homeland and its Syrian identity, despite the methodical violations of their fundamental rights at the hands of’ Israeli occupation that seeks to sever their ties with the motherland – Sana reported- The punitive discriminatory practices of the Israeli occupation against the people of the Golan are obvious violations of the civil, economic and social rights “.

The diplomatic official of Damascus then pointed out that Tel Aviv “has intensified its attempts to consolidate its occupation” noting “to have taken note of its illegal decision to annex it, with increasing attempts to impose its laws and increase its activities settlement”. Ala also pointed out that “the Israeli occupation could not have completed its illegal practices without the protection provided by the United States and its allies, adding that recent statements by US Senator Lindsey Graham during his visit to the Syrian Golan occupied with the Israeli prime minister they show the level of contempt the United States has for international law “.

The Syrian ambassador therefore urged the Human Rights Council “to force the Israeli occupation to respect the rights of the occupied Syrian Golan people and to hold responsible those who violate these rights” along with “their accomplices who defend racist practices and extremists of the occupation. Syria’s sovereign right to restore the totality of the occupied Syrian Golan is not negotiable and does not have a prescription “. The only thing that appears negotiable instead seems human rights. Mr. Antonio Guterres and Mrs. Michelle Bachelet, respectively Secretary General and High Commissioner for Human Rights of the UN, if you are there, take a hit! Syria has been waiting for the end of 8-year international Anglo-American and Israeli conspiracies …


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  1. This is an excellent article!! Very well done and very well researched. Thank you!! Sad that the US would support a group that has such a shady back ground and was caught filming false flag gas attacks and seemed to know when they would happen. Talk about “boots on the ground”.

    This and the supposed $2 billion for the US Army to transport ISIS to safer ground? That one really puzzles me. I would love to see some articles by you or one of your talented team members on this subject.

    Maybe next time you can write about the $2 billion dollars worth of gold to the US Army for transport of ISIS to commanders to safer territory?

  2. The white helmets volunteers did their part and paid a heavy price with their own blood even though if various of their HQs and rescue vehicles were regularly destroyed by air raids.

    Meanwhile, the Syrian regime (through the Syrian Red Crescent) received at least 500 million USD of aid from the UN in 2014 (see UN archive)… All while the population in distress was the least of its concerns.

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