Venezuela: Arrested for Terrroism, the Right Arm of Guaido


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___di  Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio per VT Italia

While the news of further power stations from Maracaibo arrives exploded with a consequent blackout that struck a part of Caracas for a transformer on fire in Palo Verde , it raises the level of the clash between Government and opposition in Venezuela and the first sensational arrests arrive. Those in the right arm of the self-proclaimed president Juan Guaidòand another of his collaborators: ended up in prison with the heavy accusation of terrorism after dangerous military-type semi-automatic weapons and foreign money were found in their homes. The official confirmation arrives at 14.51 local time (19.51 Italian time) via Twitter. “Thanks to the intelligence services, a terrorist cell was dismantled that planned to carry out selective attacks by hiring Colombian and Central American mercenaries to attack political and military leaders and sabotage public services – writes the official profile of the Ministry for Internal Relations, Justice and Peace –  These investigations led to the arrest of Roberto Marrero (49) and Luis Alberto Páez Salazar(34 years) who were directly responsible for the organization of these criminal groups. During a raid a batch of war weapons and cash in foreign currency were seized ».


He then finds confirmation of the news regarding the arrest by the 007 of the Sebin (Bolivarian national intelligence service) reported on social networks by supporters of the head of the opposition who had immediately spoken of a “kidnapping” by the men of the secret services . The announcement on Twitter was followed by the official communication to the media of the Minister of the Interior, Justice and Peace, Néstor Reverol, which reiterated the police action to dismantle a “terrorist cell” while Guaidò accused the same Venezuelan security forces of having “placed” weapons at the home of Marrero, chief of staff of the self-proclaimed US-backed president what many Bolivarians consider a real coup. It is believed that the investigations took place within the framework of the investigation opened by the Venezuelan Attorney General  Tarek William Saab against Guaidò himself, investigated for electrical sabotage as the intellectual instigator of the plot that with 150 hacker attacks on power plants and at least 11 explosions in the distribution substations had created the tremendous blackout of a week with the consequent interruption of drinking water ( see link below the previous article ).


The tweet of the Interior Ministry of Venezuela with the weapons seized

“The investigations conducted together with the Public Prosecutor’s Office led to the detention of the citizen, Roberto Eugenio Marrero Borgas, who is directly responsible for the organization of criminal groups,” said the Minister of President-elect Nicolas Maduro, then showing the photos of the two rifles. semiautomatic assault and a grenade seized by Sebin at the home of the arrested along with several cash that from the image seem above all dollars, as it was easy to expect given the considerable funds allocated by Usaid (Us Agency for International Development) , the agency of the Department of US Statewhere the White House that is accused of supporting opponents of Bolivarian Socialism at least since 2009 and wants to allocate half a billion dollars for the chance regime in 2019 ( see below link article Inferno Venezuela ). “Caracas has long argued that the Venezuelan opposition, which enjoys unimpeded support from the United Statesbut unable to obtain sufficient support through a popular vote, resort to “street democracy” and could even plan to carry terrorist attacks to weaken the government – writes the Russia Today network – Last month, President Maduro’s government refused to allow the United States “humanitarian aid” in the country, not only by rejecting it as a publicity stunt, but also as a humiliating offering of bread crumbs, compared to the billions of dollars seized by Washington, while expressing concern that convoys can be used to smuggle weapons directly in the hands of the opposition “. A suspicion that would now be confirmed by the discovery of the weapons in the house of Marrero, searched along with that of Sergio Vergara,


The arrest immediately aroused the indignant reactions of the leader of the self-proclaimed VP president and the White House military consultant . “Members of the Armed Forces know that the abduction of Roberto Marrero will not solve the water problem or the economic crisis,” Juan Guaidò tweeted a few hours after learning of the arrest but before there was official confirmation of the indictment. Intimidation, as usual, John Bolton, the national security expert of the American president Donald Trump, who several times to show the Venezuelan president in charge the threat to send him to Guantanamo : «Maduro made another big mistake. The illegitimate arrest of Roberto Marrero, assistant to interim president Juan Guaidó, will not remain unanswered. It should be released immediately and its security is guaranteed “. In the short term of a few hours, without even asking for a super partes investigation to examine the merits of the accusations, quite likely given the episodes of urban guerrilla warfare with assassins perpetrated by protesters in the past, the US Treasury Department went on the counterattack adopting sanctions on the operation in America of the Venezuelan institute  Bandes, the Economic Development and Social Bank with its subsidiaries. This happens after Washington has embargoed, inviting the allied countries to do the same, every activity of theBolivarian state oil company PDVSA declaring that it has put the US subsidiary of Citgo in the control of its opponent Guaidò , but that if it no longer receives the oil from the Orinoco oil fields it will soon close its doors … In the country’s socio-economic climate these new economic actions appear similar to the foreclosures made by the torture creditors against a debtor (which Venezuela, moreover, is not towards the USA) on the verge of bankruptcy to push it to drop its assets and commit suicide. Of all this, the various international subjects involved in human rights do not speak, concerned only with the arrest of the chief of staff of the leader of Voluntad Popular,as a Central American country: “If Roberto Marrero, President Guaido’s chief of staff, is not released immediately, the government of the Republic of Panama will take concrete measures against this violation of the de facto regime’s freedom in Caracas” tweeted the Panamanian president  Juan Carlos Varela. The message of the UN Human Right, a human rights observatory accredited to the UN, is much more cautious: “ We are concerned about the detention of RobertoMarrero, chief of staff of the President of the National Assembly, by members of the Bolivarian intelligence services. We urge the government to strictly abide by the due process and immediately reveal where it is. “


The EP Mundo article on journalists arrested at the conference of Juan Guaidò’s wife

While on social networks bounce the news of the “periodistas” stopped by the Government of Caracas (but almost always released within a few hours unlike those arrested by Turkey’s NATO partner ) it does not appear, however, that there were comments from any organization humanitarian about arrests of journalists supporting Maduro in Chile where Guaidò’s wife held a public conference.

The moment of arrest of Chilean activist journalists

“The speech by Fabiana Rosales at the Autonomous University of Chile did not go well for everyone – writes the Spanish daily EP Mundo – On Wednesday three Chilean citizens, a representative of the Chilean Communist Party, were arrested for disputing Fabiana Rosales’ claims , wife of president Juan Guaidó, during a discussion held at the University of Chile. At the end of the Rosales conference, arrived in Chile to meet the First Lady, Cecilia Morel, inmates intervened, including a Communist from Proletarian Action (AP). “We wanted to refute what the usurper’s wife Juan Guaidó said, simply by speaking out loud when his speech was over,” said the militant AP, Maximiliano Correa, in a video posted on Facebook for the union by the Association Independent Reporters (ARI) . The video shows Maximiliano Correa , who answered questions from the media, as he leaves the Universidad Autónoma de Chilein custody of the guardians of the order. The three citizens were on the university campus to express their support for the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro ». No comment on their arrest by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet , despite being president of Chile, which instead immediately expressed concern about the fate of radio commentator Luis Carlo Diaz , stopped by the Bolivarian police on 12 last March in Caracas and released the next day.


Orlando Figuera burned alive in the square by the coup leaders who dance around him during the Guarimba chimate protests instigated by Leopoldo Lopez in 2014 – profile picture Twitter @ VictimaGuarimba

The diplomat Michelle Bachelet , on the other hand, censured the behavior of the Venezuelan government after the inspection she led a week ago together with the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights team: “I am extremely concerned about the shrinking of the democratic space and the incessant criminalization of peaceful protests and dissent – Bachelet said – We have documented this year numerous violations of human rights, and abuses by the security forces and by paramilitary groups called colectivos, collectives, excessive use of force, murders, arbitrary detentions, torture and ill-treatment in detention. Without forgetting that the gravity of the humanitarian and food crisis and basic services has not been completely recognized by the authorities and the measures adopted have so far been insufficient “. The Venezuelan Ambassador to the United Nations of Geneva, Jorge Valero,  responded to his reportdenouncing “the unilateral coercive measures imposed by the US government , the economic war and the measures adopted by the Bolivarian government for the well-being of the Venezuelan people”. Words and facts that have convinced at least the UN Human Rights Council of the Swiss city which just yesterday, Thursday 21 March, “approved by a large majority a resolution presented by Venezuela on behalf of MNOAL (Movimiento de los No Alineados)  on the negative effects of unilateral coercive measures (sanctions) on human rights “: The Foreign Ministry, Jorge Arreaza, announced it with great satisfaction, calling it:” Another victory of Multilateralism and Diplomacy of Peace! “.

One of the many invitations to kill a chavista released by street protesters on January 23, 2019 when Juan Guaidò proclaimed himself interim president – – Twitter profile picture @ VictimaGuarimba

To understand how the country has entered into this spiral of contrasts, hatred and violence, the many words we have written in dozens of articles documented in detail thanks to primary and neutral sources are not enough. But the photos of some of the supporters of President Maduro are massacred during the protests in recent years by the protesters, mostly well-trained extreme right-wing guerrillas, who cost the sentence to 13 years of imprisonment to the previous leader of Voluntad Popular Leopoldo Lopez for incitement to violence. The cases of the dead murdered by the coup leaders, in fact, have been reported to the UN Human Rights Commission as shown on the twitter profile  Victimas Guarimba, spontaneous organization that refers to the name given to the barricades and to the protests by Robert Alonso , terorico of the revolt in Venezuela against Hugo Chavez already in 2004, borrowing the innocuous name of a nymph childlike game like the western “hide-and-seek”. The same social account recalls the supporters of Bolivarian Socialism killed in the streets by the protesters set up first by Lopez and now by Guaidò: Orlando Figuera, burned alive; Hector Anuel, lynched with a hammer and burned; Danny Subero, lynched and murdered with a firearm.Their cases were brought before the UN inspectors also through the testimony of relatives. “I met you personally and never published anything about my son’s murder. I ask Michelle Bachelet justice for all the victims killed by violent opposition groups, “said Ramzor Bracho’s mother , who was murdered during the Guarimbas in 2014.” My son was burned alive and all the culprits were taken out of the country. I ask the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights to do justice. They are not peaceful demonstrators, they are bloodthirsty »said Orlando Figuera’s mother to the UN technical mission. Other obvious examples are clearly visible in avideo shot by a South American television and posted on Facebook .

Danny Subero beaten and then killed with a gunshot – – Twitter profile picture @ VictimaGuarimba

Hector Anuel lynched in the street before he was killed – profile picture Twitter @VictimaGuarimba

Hector Anuel killed by hammering and then burned by protesters against Maduro – – Twitter profile picture @VictimaGuarimba

These simple episodes suffice to make it clear that in Caracas and its surroundings for years a sort of civil war has been underway that President Maduro has not yet fought for, precisely because of a moderate use of force and repression: certainly very different from that done only in recent years from countries like Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Ukraine and Isarele , historic allies of the United States of America . Yet another proof that in Venezuela the issue of human rights is the last of the interests of the White House .

Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio

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