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The Crime if Doubt or is it Fact? Will We Every Know?



by His Excellency Richard Williamson

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”The truth is mighty and will prevail,”
And States that lean on lies will fail.

On January 31 last, the European Court of Human Rights announced its long-awaited decision to reject the appeal of the author of these “Comments” against his almost unanimous condemnation by seven different courts of law in Germany over several years for the “crime” by German law, of questioning on German soil in November of 2008 whether Six Million people really were gassed under the Third Reich. The two German defence lawyers made an honourable attempt to defend their politically most incorrect client, but they were fighting with one hand tied behind their back, because German law forbade them to take their stand on historical truth. Instead, in Germany as in many countries today, truth is no longer the measure of certain private interests, rather these private interests have become the measure of truth.

But how can truth thus have been dethroned? Like Almighty God Himself, Truth is either Number One, or it is nothing. God Himself can be Number One only, because He is the Creator infinitely superior to His entire Creation. Truth is Number One only, because if we define it as the matching of mind to reality, then any diminution or contradiction of truth, any preferring of a non-truth to that truth which the non-truth denies, means a corresponding loss of grip of my mind on reality, and therewith a lesser or greater slide of my whole self into fantasy and lies. So it is obvious that in the laws and law-courts of any nation, the truth is of paramount importance. Do not witnesses in a normal law-court swear “to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth”?

Here is why great law-givers count as founders of their nations, e.g. Moses of the Israelites, Solon of the Athenians, Lycurgus of the Spartans, because they establish the framework of justice among their people, appointing to each man his due, thus making social relations and societies possible. Even the society of 22 men in a humble game of soccer needs its own administrator of justice, the referee. And he cannot act as referee without the truth. Was that an honest tackle or was it a foul? Now whether in justice it deserved a penalty or not depends on the truth of what actually happened. Thus living in society is possible only with a measure of justice, and justice is only possible with a measure of truth. Blessed is the nation that has law-makers and judges who reward what is truly right and punish what is truly wrong.

Now let us look at laws and courts which punish any questioning of the notorious murder of Six Million victims in World War II. Was it a historical fact, or not? If it was true, then to question it can be bad if the damage done is bad enough, but if the murder never took place, then it is in accordance with truth to call it in question, and not only is it not bad, it is positively good, to call it in question. For if the Six Million are a monstrous myth weighing down on people’s minds as the foundational dogma of what acts as their false religion, am I not a liberator if I help to free their minds from the lie? “The Truth will set you free,” says Our Lord (Jn.VIII, 32). Is it not then as clear as day that if the Six Million never were murdered, then to question that murder deserves a great reward from society, and not a punishment?

Now politicians and their private interests can twist truth to a certain extent, but truth is of such universal force that it cannot be suppressed altogether. Therefore the common judgment of serious historians, based on objective evidence, can still rise up against the most powerful of private interests. Such is the case with the “gassing” of “six million” victims under the Third Reich. Private interests can claim what they like, but they cannot change the objective facts of 75 years ago. And what serious researchers into those facts more and more allege now is that the “gassing” never happened.

Therefore with laws forbidding its denial, any State is building on sand. Let all States beware of passing such laws that put the truth in second place, because at the very least, in this case, historical truth – as opposed to emotional “truth” – is not necessarily on their side.

Kyrie eleison.

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  1. What a load of nonsense. The Catholic Church is little more than a global pedophile child abuse network and it has almost nothing in common with the true original Christianity, it is a perversion of the original Christian faith into something sinister and evil designed to control the masses and accumulate vast wealth in the hands of it’s clergy. Many popes have been ruthless criminals, more than a few have been genocidal war criminals. The corruption of the Catholic Church knows no bounds and to defend it is to defend something evil and pernicious that has been a bliht on mankind.

  2. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_Williamson_(bishop) quote:
    “Williamson supports conspiracy theories regarding the assassination of John F. Kennedy, and the World Trade Center controlled demolition conspiracy theory, denying that the September 11 attacks were foreign terrorist attacks and claiming they were instead staged by the U.S. government.[36][13][43] He has also said that the 7 July 2005 London bombings were an “inside job” and propagated rumours about the likelihood of a nuclear attack on the London Olympics in 2012.[44]
    Jews and Holocaust denial[edit]
    Williamson condemns the Jewish religion.[45] He called them the “enemies of Christ” and urges their conversion to Catholicism.[46]
    “ According to Saint Paul, the Jews are loved because of the patriarchs, but they are our enemies regarding the gospel. Ultimately, all people need Christ for their salvation, … even the Jews. ”
    — Richard Williamson
    He says that Jews and Freemasons have contributed to the “changes and corruption” in the Catholic Church.[47][48] He has also stated that Jews aim at world dominion[13][49] and believes The Protocols of the Elders of Zion to be authentic.[13] Williamson has denied that he is promoting hatred,[50] identifying the contemporary enemies of the faith as “Jews, Communists and Freemasons”.[48][50] He argues that “Anti-Semitism means many things today, for instance, when one criticizes the Israeli actions in the Gaza Strip. The Church has always understood the definition of anti-Semitism to be the rejection of Jews because of their Jewish roots. This is condemned by the Church.”[51]”
    Williamson is obviously highly intelligent with a scientific like questioning spirit. The only question I have is why he would even want to remain in the cesspool that is the Catholic Church where money donated by the sweat of poor is used to pay lawyers to get Priests out of child molestation charges. All church property must be taxed to the max just like private property everywhere is.

    • Everyone must keep this in mind: The world’s greatest physicist Galileo Galilei was nearly burned at the stake by the Catholic Church for holding views, based on evidence and facts, that the Sun was the center of our Solar System. It took the Catholic Church nearly 350 years to admit they were wrong and Galileo Galilei was right after all and the only amazing thing is they admitted it at all! I would conclude from these facts that the officials of the Catholic Church were very very slow learners at the most basic of all sciences the Mother Science of PHYSICS wouldn’t you? If they were this slow at learning what the genius Galileo Galilei learned in his limited lifetime, how can they so arrogantly claim to control the morals of the world? Vote them out: Just say NO to Catholicism.
      Winfield J. Abbe, A.B., Physics, UC Berkeley, 1961, Ph.D., Physics, U.C. Riverside, 1966, born Cleveland, Ohio, 1939, raised Sierra Madre, California, 1940-1966, confirmed at Trinity Lutheran Church, Pasadena, California, 1966. Resident of Georgia 1966- present.

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