Bibi’s false flag “Hamas rocket attack”: Kevin Barrett vs. Maxine Dovere

Was this the most obvious false flag PR stunt in history?


Press TV

A rocket attack from the Gaza Strip has hit deep inside Tel Aviv, causing property damage and injuries. This comes on top of another 2 rockets that hit Tel Aviv just recently. Although no one has claimed responsibility for the most recent attack, Israel blames Hamas. In this edition of the debate, we’ll look at why at the timing of the attacks, especially coming at the crucial election time in Israel. Palestinians say the attacks are in response to Israel’s airstrikes.

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  1. Dr. Barret tell ’em like it is, contrary to what she uttered you are not alone and in fact anti-zio feelings of resentment & disgust have been on the rise and shared with many around the world, the world awakens.

  2. I think everyone reading these articles needs to push the new media. Why?

    Because over time I see a news reporting of a rocket attack on Israel, I rarely recall hearing THE OTHER SIDE OF THE STORY. FIRING A ROCKET INTO another countries territory is an act of war. It is not done lightly. Why does not Israel protest to United Nations and bring this up in the security council. Nobody undertakes this lightly so why would someone do this? The public deserves to hear the other side of the story.

    Why is not there an interview with someone from Palestine, Gaza or even Hamas? It seems so strange that only in these instances there is only ONE SIDE REPORTED. Is this my imagination or is this a real observation?

    • How many thousands of Palestinian homes have been destroyed by IDF missiles, bombs, artillery shells, demolition charges, and bulldozers for every Israel home destroyed?

  3. When these debates come up I skip past that lying juish b*** to listen to Kevin.
    I’d like to see her debate Sabrosky. He would take her apart…..but we know that won’t happen. Dovere is a little zionist puppet and in reality can’t even stand up to Kevin’s truth bombs.
    What a loser!

    • ” He would take her apart”
      that’s a matter of opinion;sure for guys like you and me he would but zionists like her literally have masters and PHd degrees in lying and truth-perversion; there’s absolutely no fuc…. way you can ever nail the little slimy bastard down. NO WAY! it’s like trying to drink coffee with a fork, they’ll always have a way of evading the truth. hell even their rabbis give lessons in how to lie and truth-pervert.
      now whether she’s so zio-brainwashed she doesn’t know truth from lie or knows andis deliberately lying is a whole nother story.
      but quite simply zionism has infected and contaminated america just like a metasticizing cancerous malignant tumor

  4. I have a really hard time differentiating Jews from Zionists in the West because every person on the media, or that is interviewed, is always a Jew – never hear themselves callout the Zionists, which, after the interview, does show that they are — Both. Doc Barratt is the smoothest, non stumbling statesman, when it comes to calling out the Pravda – because he is on the right side of wronged situation. Thanks VT.

    • Some years ago the shill Geraldo Rivera claimed loudly ” Im a Zionist look here on my wrist , I have a tattoo the Star of David , we [ I guess he was referring to all of FOX employees ] are all Zionists here . “

  5. I immediately thought “False Flag”.
    The woman Maxine kept mentioning retired UK Colonel Kemp to justify her statements. Kemp is a big supporter of Israel. He said that the IDF is the most moral army that the world has ever known – lol.

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