The Anti-Vaxx Propaganda Mill Strikes (updated)


Editor’s note:  This is my take on things and this story left my head hurting more than just a bit.  I was sent a Natural News story of a SWAT team breaking down a door to take a child away from parents who refused to allow vaccinations.

The story had a link, if you could find it, and a ton of advertisements for exceedingly profitable items I personally would not buy at gunpoint.  

Then I looked at the real story.  The NN story was a total hoax.  Nothing here was about vaccines at all but rather a parent who was hiding one kid with probable meningitis at home, possibly dying, and a 2 year old with same that the parents had decided not to allow treatment for but rather “disappear” between the doctor’s office and the Emergency Room where a team waited to put the child in quarantine and perform a spinal tap to finish diagnosis.

Anyway, I have been tripping over this same useless crap from the phony “anti-vaxx” community which is filled with snake oil peddlers, beggars, crowd funders, DVD sellers….

Health Editor’s Note:  Here is an article written to distract from truth and reality. This article would have you believe that a two year old should have had the meningitis vaccine and because it had not had the vaccine, the child and its parents were being maltreated because of the anti-vaxx views of the parents.

What really happened: The doctor, after having the child brought in by the mother for a diagnosis of why it was ill, thought that the child could have meningitis. The meningitis vaccine is not given until the age of 11.  This article states that the child’s physician suspected that the unvaccinated child could have meningitis which is highly contagious and can be deadly.  In order to fully diagnose meningitis a spinal tap or sample of the spinal fluid would need to be obtained and examined. The doctor obviously felt that this procedure, on a very small child, was best done in a hospital setting.  The mother agreed to take the child to the hospital for additional diagnostics that could not be performed in the office setting.  

This article supports that the woman along with refusing medical care also had not had this child vaccinated with vaccines that would have been age appropriate.  The mother may have done this out of ignorance.  Did this mean to imply that everyone who does not vaccinate their child is ignorant?  Probably not, but anyone who does not follow through with his or her part in getting his or her child essential medical diagnosis and treatment is negligent as a parent. This is what the subject of this article should be. Mom decided to not follow through with taking child to the hospital for definitive diagnosis and subsequent treatment. We can go a step further.  Not only did this mother endanger her sick child, but also herself, her unborn baby, other children in the family, and any other human being who would have come in contact with the child. 

While I in no way agree with SWAT knocking down the door, especially with children as witnesses, the parents could have simply not played doctor and taken their child to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment. To not take a potentially severely ill child to get treatment is a reason to believe the child was in imminent risk of harm which is a circumstance that allows for removal of a child from his or her parent.  What is not mentioned is the potential harm to the other child and unborn child of this same family.  The parents did not complete their part in seeking definitive treatment for this child that they though sick enough to go to the doctor for diagnosis, treatment, and help. 

During all this time, between when the doctor realized that the child was not taken to the hospital and when the child was finally taken into custody by the caseworker, the home was called many times, a neighbor was spoken with and asked to contact the parents, knocks on the door were ignored, the father refused to let the caseworker in to see the child, etc.

A court order was granted for DCS to take custody of the child. The intent was to serve the order, check on the health and welfare of the child, but when the parents refused to respond to verbal requests to allow this, along with police saying that they had a court order and would force entry if needed, entry to the home had to be gained.  When police did gain entry, they found a teenager who said she was also sick and had vomited in bed. The house was in rough shape….read the article written by Nanez.  You will find the hyperlink in this article. 

You will see that many subjects are mentioned in this article and the one written by Nanez, but what started all of this is parent (s) who decided to be diagnosticians for their sick child.  Following through with agreed parental procedure following the appointment at the doctor’s office would have alleviated the need for any of the following issues and incidents. No one was going to be in trouble because the two year old had not received age appropriate vaccines.  Reminder: A doctor thought there was a possible diagnosis of meningitis in a sick two year old and wanted the child taken to the hospital for definitive testing and diagnosis that obviously were more extensive than the office had to offer. Mother agreed to transport child to the hospital for additional treatment. She decided to not take the child when she diagnosed the child as no longer ill.  She did not have medical knowledge to make the decision to not follow through with taking the child to the hospital. The child’s doctor took the child being ill very seriously. The larger concern here is why did the parent decide the child was not in need of additional diagnostics and possible treatment?…Carol  

Mom ignores doctor after toddler’s fever breaks, SWAT team takes kids away

From Metro Voice News/Article written by Dianna M. Nanez/Arizona Republic

Chandler, Ariz., cops broke through the door of a family’s home in the middle of the night, stormed in, pointed their guns, handcuffed the father, and watched as the state’s Department of Child Safety took custody of the parents’ three kids — all because mom had decided her toddler’s fever was not serious enough to merit a trip to the hospital.

It was dinnertime on February 25 when the pregnant mother took her two-year-old to the doctor with a fever of over 100. The doctor told her to take him to the emergency room, fearing that because the boy was unvaccinated, perhaps he had meningitis — a life-threatening disease.

The doctor called the hospital to alert them. But by the time the mother and child left his office, the boy was “laughing and playing with his siblings,” according to this excellent piece by Dianna M. Nanez in The Arizona Republic. Mom took his temperature again, and it was almost normal. So instead of going to the emergency room, the family went home. The mom called the doctor to say her boy’s fever had broken and she wasn’t going to the emergency room. The doctor told her she should go anyway, so she agreed she would — but then she didn’t.

That’s when the madness began.

The hospital called the doctor to tell him the toddler hadn’t arrived. The doctor called DCS. And DCS requested the cops check on the family as a caseworker headed over.

And then, according to The Arizona Republic:

It was about 10:30 p.m. when two police officers knocked on the family’s door. The officers heard someone coughing.

Officer Tyler Cascio wrote in a police report that he knocked on the door several times but no one answered.

A neighbor approached the officers and police explained the situation. The woman said she knew her neighbor and that “she was a good mother.” At the request of officers, the neighbor called the mother and said police wanted to speak with her.

The DCS caseworker arrived and updated police on the toddler’s fever and the mother choosing not to take her child to the hospital. The officer called the family’s doctor, who repeated her recommendation that the mother take the child to the hospital. …

At about 11:30 p.m., the caseworker informed officers that DCS planned to obtain a “temporary custody notice” from a judge to remove the child for emergency medical aid.

Just after midnight the caseworker got that notice, which is required by law. Matters subsequently escalated:

Cascio wrote that officers consulted with the police criminal investigations bureau and SWAT.

“Based upon the court order, the intent of DCS to serve the order, and exigency to ensure the health and welfare of the child, the decision was made to force entry to the home if the parents refused to respond to verbal requests,” according to police records. Police knocked, saying they had a court order and would force entry if needed, according to police records.

And force they did:

It was after 1 a.m. when officers kicked down the family’s door. One officer carried a shield, while another was described as having “lethal coverage.” Officers pointing guns yelled, “Chandler Police Department,” and entered the house.

The rest of the story is equally nuts. The kids were all placed in separate foster homes. When the case got to juvenile court 10 days later, DCS requested it be closed to the public. The judge refused.

But then it seemed as if DCS decided to make everything harder for the parents, because now the press was interested, as was the Arizona DCS Oversight Group, a local organization that fights for families’ rights, and a state legislator, Rep. Kelly Townsend (R–Mesa), who had helped write the law requiring DCS to get a warrant before removing a child. Townsend has been lobbing zingers like, “What about the parents’ rights to decide what’s best for their child? Parents felt the child was fine. Next thing we know, the Gestapo is at their door.”

In court, DCS tried to convince the judge, Jennifer Green, to bar the press from covering the dispute. A lawyer for the agency even claimed that the parents had gone against the best interests of the children by involving the media. Green rejected this argument, saying, “In Arizona we like our courts to be open.”

However, the judge ultimately sided with DCS, ruling that the children’s removal was lawful and telling the parents “to remember that the state had them on a family-reunification plan and wants them to regain custody of their children.”

The children’s grandparents are undergoing a DCS review, and hope to be permitted to temporarily shelter the kids once that’s approved. But there’s no telling how long it will be before the kids can just go home to mom and dad.

–Lenore Skenaz y is founder of the book and blog Free-Range Kids, and president of the nonprofit Let Grow.

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  1. Who are the “Anti-Vaxxers”? All Anti-vaxxers were at one time pro-vaccination.
    These are the people that wholly trusted the medical establishment when they were told
    that their children should be put on a vaccination regimen for the good of their children
    and society. When these same pro-vaccination parents allowed their children to be administered
    the vaccines and these children became gravely ill and even died they naturally became “Anti-Vaxxers.”
    Again, all Anti-Vaxxers were once pro-vaccine!

    • You have no idea if all Anti-vaccine people used to be pro-vaccine, that is just your supposition. You shouldn’t put forward your theories as facts, this is something that is sadly standard tactics for all anti-vaccine idiots.

  2. JohnZ, The purpose of VT placing this article in the site is to point out that this situation was used for agendas….look at the hyperlink title, nothing about what really started (or the reason for needing child to be tested) this horrible scenario.. The hyperlink you posted…look at it…simply done to create confusion and distract from real issue….FACT: mother was negligent in follow through with having child diagnosed and treated. Pure and simple…her actions started this. She wanted to play doctor…how did that work out for her?

  3. Is the storyan really about the anti Vax? Or more so that health advice is mandatory. Doctors now decide state swat assaults and state care NOT the appropriate authorities that have training and resources. Most people are questioning this aspect

    • Pablo, The doctor did not call in the SWAT team. Do note, you were blinded by the fact that a child was not being properly being taken care of by its parents and also they decided to play doctor and make their own diagnosis, that the child did not have meningitis. If you read the article in its totality, then you would have noticed that another, older, child was also sick and vomiting. Whatever the two year old had, then it would have already spread to another sibling. Also, the mother was pregnant…what happens to the mother happens to the unborn child. Doctors do not call in SWAT teams.

  4. Jim Coyle, The definitive diagnosis for meningitis is made by examining the cerebral spinal fluid for bacteria and or blood. It is the test that will confirm or rule out meningitis. If your family and friends were diagnosed with meningitis without a spinal tap, that would be strange…really strange…There are also viral,fungal, and TB meningitis. The value of the spinal tap is to obtain the bacteria, if that is the cause, and to give the antibiotic that will kill that bacteria. Usually a person is placed on a broad spectrum antibiotic even before the testing is done on the fluid to see what type of bacteria is causing the infection. If the antibiotic is found to not be the most effective one to use once the bacteria has been identified, the antibiotic will be changed. Antibiotics do not kill viruses so treatment for viral meningitis involves fluids, bed rest and will take several weeks to go away. Corticosteroids may be used to reduce swelling in the brain, and an anticonvulsant medication may be given to control seizures. If a herpes virus caused the meningitis, an antiviral medication will be given. Meningitis is serious business.


    Consider the video above “Harvest of Shame” with Edward R. Murrow produced Thanksgiving Day, 1960 by CBS Reports. Among other issues, this disturbing investigative report clearly showed the deplorable living and working conditions not only for adult United States Citizens, but their underage children too. During shooting of this film the various participants immediately became aware of the unsanitary living conditions for both parents and children. Did anyone call the authorities at the time and ask for intervention by the social workers or other authorities? Not so far as I know. However the underlying cause of the problem was that there was a federal law then which prevented the migrant workers from organizing so they could strike and refuse to work and pick the crops in a timely way, thereby putting immediate pressure on the owners and growers to raise pay to a fair living wage which could lead to better more sanitary and health living conditions for all concerned especially the poor unfortunate kids. If any probable cause existed then or now isn’t it obvious from watching this video it existed then? But no one did anything for the kids or adults. They could all have been sick and even infected the foods they picked not to mention the gross neglect of both adults and their children. By the way all that would have happened if these virtual slaves had been paid a living wage is that the food prices would have increased by a small individual amount likely virtually unnoticeable with little effect.
    Why a federal law preventing a strike to protect the selfish interests of the owners at the expense of the workers who, as Minister Cassady proclaimed in the interview at the beginning, are “little more than slaves!” Obviously the lawmakers in Congress had no feelings of empathy for the poor families and their kids welfare did they? Isn’t this the same attitude today with the whores in Congress. Would anyone reading this story today pick crops with their own kids at slave labor wages? Of course not unless they had no other choices. Our government and our country is a massive expletive deleted cesspool of hypocrisy. How many other families like the one described in the article are as bad or worse but not reported to authorities and hence not subjected to Gestapo tactics of Goons breaking into private homes? It is also a violation of our Constitution to selectively enforce laws. For example today everyone’s rights are gang raped every day at every airport in the country aren’t they by Homeland Security? Are we going to have the authorities forcibly enter every home to check them in this draconian way when nothing has been done since Harvest of Shame documented the gross mistreatment of adults and kids in 1960?
    Obviously America is a very very broken country then and now. Watch this second video of a former U.S. Marine being mistreated with his Constitutional rights being gang raped by thugs in Homeland Security at LAX in 2016:
    Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics

    • JohnZ, This debacle started out as concern for a child, who if left undiagnosed and untreated would have had a good chance at death. Yes, and it would have been infecting everyone it lived with, everyone it coughed or sneezed around….that would be where this falls into the public good. They used to immediately quarantine someone with a communicable disease such as measles and certainly meningitis. Parents would keep their child at home when measles was diagnosed. I remember, and this was of course long before vaccines for measles were made, having to stay in my bedroom with the blinds closed as light was supposed to cause harm. Really light would exacerbate headaches that would go along with the disease….but anyway…there were no measles parties where everyone would bring their child over to “catch” the disease. How utterly stupid is this?????

    • I have to generally agree with what you wrote here. We have indeed reached the point of
      insanity in this country, but I’m optimistic there is somewhat of a general awakening. The mandatory
      vaccine issue that the medical cartel/Big Pharma/fascist plutocracy is attempting to shove down our
      throats especially hard this year is going to meet with a lot of resistance as more and more informed
      people are realizing just how fraudulent and destructive the powers that be really are and just how
      much they have been swindled and lied to over the decades.

      It’s time that we all realize that the medical cartel is only interested in two things…money and power.
      They’re not concerned about your children and grandchildren. They’re not concerned about eliminating
      epidemics. They’re not concerned about the toxicity found in their vaccines and pharmaceuticals that kill and maim thousands of US citizens every year. And when the “sheep” start waking up and realize this, and begin to finally say “enough and no more”, it puts fear in their evil little hearts. If enough people push back,
      their evil agendas will crumble.

  6. It would be interesting to know what percentage of that Doctors patients are referred for spinal taps.
    I don’t recall any family or friends needing that test.

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