‘Illegal and Potentially Harmful’ Autism Therapies

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Health Editor’s Note: This is a travesty of the worst kind. Promising cure that does not come and charging so much for it, both emotionally and monetarily…..Carol

By Vicky Stern, Contributing Writer for MedPage Today

In 2017, the Perskin family traveled to a clinic in Chicago, so their son, Jason, could receive a stem cell therapy to treat his autism. Jodi Perskin, Jason’s mother, had first heard about this experimental therapy in a Facebook group for parents interested in stem cell-based remedies for children on the spectrum. The visit cost $8,500, though Thom Lobe, MD, the pediatric surgeon who runs three such clinics in the U.S., recommended four visits per year: a $34,000/year investment.

As detailed in Spectrum, Lobe is far from the only physician marketing unregulated, unproven, and possibly dangerous stem cell therapies to desperate parents. In fact, in 2017 the FDA cautioned consumers that such therapies may be “illegal and potentially harmful,” and last year the agency sent warning letters to several companies.

But the agency has done little else and clinics such as Lobe’s continue to thrive. “I find it astonishing that this marketplace exists as a result of regulatory inaction,” Leigh Turner, PhD, an associate professor at the University of Minnesota Center for Bioethics, Minneapolis, told Spectrum.

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  1. Carol, I see that in todays post by Robert David Steele he acknowledges that the Elites are involved in the creation of Autism… are you going to have his post taken down?
    (From Robert David Steele)
    The dumbing down of education, turning it into a rote memorization process devoid of critical thinking, to include the teaching of agnosticism, the elimination of core values – ethics – the denial of the nobility of man and the unlimited potential of man for creating heaven on Earth, the denial of “soul,” were all focused on creating an autistic population living in a virtual concentration camp. Add to this vaccines actually creating a massive number of truly autistic children, and the opioid crisis our own President has condemned, and one begins to see that we are at the tail end of a half century of deliberate genocide and ecocide. Add to this 5G and the alienation and ignorance inherent in what I have termed #GoogleGestapo, and the death knell of civilization is sounded.

    • BEENTHEREDONETHAT, I do not remove comments ever. If they are missing comments I have no idea what has happened. If I wanted to run a bully pulpit, as some would like to believe, I would not allow comments at all. I can do that, but again, I do not censure comments. Steele has stayed here at the house. We have talked for many hours. He is talking out of his A##. This is just what he does….he is not giving facts about autism being caused by vaccines. We had long discussions about this and Steele’s medical knowledge is nonexistent. in fact Steele and I sat at a restaurant in Saugatuck, Michigan and adamantly debated this which brought anti-vaxxers out of the woodwork. What I learned is that Steele was accepting fake scientific information as fact in many areas, not just about autism. VACCINES DO NOT CAUSE AUTISM. Genetics does cause autism…..and also environmental factors are being researched as possible causes or conditions. The first part of the Steele quote is common knowledge, but when he starts calling us an autistic population he chose the wrong word. He could say a dumbed-down or uninformed, or complacent population, but his use of the word autistic does not show that he knows a hint about autism which is an actual condition that you are not given by the educational system…Carol

    • Carol, I appreciate that it wasn’t you who’s scrubbing your site. As to Steele’s post, I found it relevant to our situation today. It appears as a modern parallel to ‘The Protocols of the learned elders of zion’ written over a century ago. It was once quoted by the likes of Henry Ford and other notable figures of the last century. It was said “if you haven’t read the protocols of zion you don’t understand any of 20th century history”. Of relevance is Protocol 10 paragraph 19 which describes dumbing down society through the use of “inoculations” . Others protocols describe controlling all media and education positioning controlled politicians into all places of influence. It’s hard to undo the misinformation learned during indoctrination. I’ve many physicians describe their ‘Aha’ moments when critical thinking overcomes the misinformation that just doesn’t add up. They begin the real learning process of looking deeper in the science and find that lies are just a house of cards that blow down with the right questions. Here’s one for you. How can a genetic ‘disease’ have an exponential curve like Autism? If it has an environmental trigger then is it possible that something that is designed to alter our immune system for life that included toxic ingredients like mercury, aluminum, monosodium glutamate, polysorbate 80, aborted fetal dna etc etc could have an effect, be it epigenetic altering autoimmunity. Each of the vaccines has an insert that describes possible adverse reactions many of which include encephalopathy (swelling of the brain) or autism like symptoms. Interestingly one of the few publicly disclosed cases of vaccine injury compensation before the Dept. of Justice was that of Hannah Poling. It was reported she didn’t have Autism but instead had “autism like symptoms”. If you look up Autism, it is defined as someone having “autism like symptoms”…Good old gov’t doublespeak. She was said to have a preexisting mitochondrial disorder triggered by the vaccines. Do pediatricians test for that before giving vaccines??? Good place to start Carol. Or do we keep our head buried in the sand and go ‘lalalala’

    • The reason for the ‘rise’ in the number of cases of autism is simple – diagnosis. In the past, most cases of autism went un-diagnosed, but today, with better diagnostics, far more cases are recognised as being autism.

  2. Carol, So I see posts here being removed that address the root cause like corruption. What is your solution to this exponentially growing problem for our injured children besides silencing them and their parents? That doesn’t make the problem go away.

    • Autism would not be nearly so bad was it not for the ignorant and uncaring behavior of so many NTs (personal perspective as an Aspie).

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