William Barr Seems to Be Covering Up Something Bad for Trump

Now called the "Mueller Dossier" by Neo-Nazi GOP' Stalwarts...Hangs Trump with Dozens of Counts of Obstruction and Conspiracy


Editor’s note:  Mueller’s personal silence is the strangest thing unless he is working through surrogates who have leaked the contradictions between the fake Barr version and the real report…

The real one, we are told, sets out a long series of criminal cases against Donald Trump.

By @jonathanchait


Last evening, the Wall Street Journal editorialized that reporters and House Democrats were smearing Attorney General William Barr by implying that his summary of the Mueller report was anything other than completely faithful and representative. The Journal sneered at “the impression, abetted by a press corps that was fully invested in the collusion story, that Mr. Barr is somehow lying about Mr. Mueller’s real conclusions.” This was “preposterous,” the editorial explained, because Barr “surely understood on releasing the summary of conclusions last week that he would be open to contradiction by Mr. Mueller if he took such liberties.”

The editorial was published at 7:24 p.m. Minutes before, and probably too late to make any alterations, the New York Times broke the news that Barr was in fact contradicted. How could anybody think Barr would be stupid enough to lie when Mueller could expose him, asks the Journal, at almost literally the precise moment when Mueller’s team exposes Barr for lying.

The Times reports that Mueller’s famously leak-free team was moved to break its silence by Barr’s slanted summary of its work. The news from the Times, as well as the follow-up report from the Washington Post, conveys very little information about the substance of the report.

It does seem clear, though, that Barr has not been dealing from the top of the deck.

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  1. Gents & the Brilliant Mrs. Duff:

    This HAS to be a long comment and I apologize as I know you hate them.

    The House Investigation Committee docs produced re: ACU Strategic Partners about the “Trump/Putin ME Middle East Marshall Plan” is an out in the public demonstration of evidence on the table of foreign espionage and collusion among parties to do it.

    Israel, the (P)GCC, Egypt, and/or Jordan went to ACU Strategic Partners for creation of Middle East Marshall Plan as early as November 2016 to create a US-France-Russia Industrial NUCLEAR complex composed of 45 NUCLEAR REACTORS in a super consortium across states that also had Ukrainian buy-in funded by Persian Gulf Arab countries

    I really think you should take a look: https://fingfx.thomsonreuters.com/gfx/rngs/TEST-TEST/010051ZP4H5/pdf-redacted.pdf

    I agree that there appears to be a lot reduced from the Mueller INVESTIGATION. Let’s remember that a police or prosecutor’s investigation is not the end-all-be-all of the justice process. The case files are over million documents deep according to attorney circles and public info. that is credible. The Mueller Summaries were a 400+ page narrative with 100,000s+ addenda. The Barr Reduction was a 4 page politicized work of BS by Roseanne’s cousin.

    The investigation provides LEADS. There are now over *20* investigations ongoing. I’m not working on a single one of them and merely commenting on info in the public. Just FYI to my 100% identified phone hackers and passport thieves. 😉