NEO: Is America Dying?


By Gordon Duff and New Eastern Outlook, Moscow

The world looks on America as something very different than it really is. Much of what is told of America, both good and bad, is simply as Donald Trump says, “fake news.” Americans themselves know little about America. Few travel within their own country. America, you see, is 50 little countries, some like California or Florida or Texas, a virtual “Europe” in themselves, with regions unidentifiable as part of anything at all.

Keeping America divided has been a game for a long time, perhaps since the earliest beginnings when great corporations like the Virginia Company, financed by Europe’s banking elites, unleashed Europe’s excess population, and Europe’s military prowess as well, on an unsuspecting population of 10 million native Americans who, two centuries later, would become a remnant of walking ghosts.

Today I was sent a documentary on Seattle, Washington filmed by KOMO News, a local television station. Seattle has long been seen by other Americans as a gleaming city, moderate weather, startlingly robust economy, mountains and oceans, pure vistas, a cultural mecca that openly discourages even moderately well-to-do professionals from settling there.

But that changed. You see, the rest of America has become a toilet. Cultural degeneration, drugs, economic disaster, a nation with untreated mentally ill, tens of millions of addicts and the largest prison population in the world couldn’t hide it forever.

The “great toilet” of America had to “flush” sometime and when it did, certain cities, bastions of permissiveness and liberal values, were there to accept the effluent. Among those, San Francisco and Seattle, now America’s leading cities in property crime, addiction and homelessness.

These are also cities where a moderate working-class home can cost $1 million.

I sat through an hour of trash heaps and streets lined with the shadows of human beings, who have flocked to “Free-Attle,” the name that has spread across a secret network of addicts, petty criminals and homeless that have been told that laws aren’t enforced, police are helpless, food and medical care is free and the local population exists only to be stolen from and fed upon.

In other areas of America, the behavior seen in Seattle would be met with force. In Seattle things are different, this is the Northern Silicon Valley, a land of tech giants and, let us not forget, Boeing Corporation, the land where Starbucks rules. As much as we all may well love our devices and our coffee, those who deliver both, those who see themselves as “Masters of the Universe” because of their control of the internet, our political races, our news and even our private lives, are the great “solvers.”

Yes, people who have lived their lives writing code and playing video games have been handed an entire region of the United States to rule as they will.

Driving the politics of ignorance that has led to the destruction of what had been two of the planet’s greatest cities is the tech giants, Google, Facebook, Microsoft and a thousand others. America educated a generation of programmers and “fake entrepreneurs,” and created a hell from heaven and, as we are also noting, a New World Order of surveillance and social manipulation.

Their efforts can be seen in how they treat where they live and work, cities whose streets teem with endless armies of screaming paranoids, “meth-heads” and “stoners.” Twenty years ago, the people of San Francisco got used to seeing AIDS victims dying on the sidewalks, learned to look away or step over the bodies.

One might wonder if the video game industry, that “other” drug culture, along with the insular existence on social media created a mind set where engineering human degeneration might well be considered a competitive sport. Then we have drugs, we can’t forget that. Drugs are a key component to the lives of every American, millions of methamphetamine addicts and tens of millions of opioid addicts, legalized marijuana and a culture based on gratification and ambivalence.


The culture of drugs that is now running America had its beginnings long ago.  A century ago, heroin was sold over-the-counter as a “relaxant” and pain reliever and cocaine was in soft drinks. When the 1960s arrived, a generation of Americans, driven to rebel against decades of self-righteous repression in the midst of a divided racist culture, was primed for being unleashed.

Along with the cultural upheaval of The Beatles and the music revolution came LSD and a general acceptance that altered reality led to human growth. Though this message may well have value, there is little doubt that it opened a floodgate.

By the 1970s, Vietnam veterans became the prime offenders, self-medicating for PTSD or going to university where they joined several million “displaced” or “throw-away” children of the “greatest generation.”

The 1980s saw America flooded first with cocaine, and anyone who doesn’t see the hand of the CIA behind this is blind. Cocaine soon emerged as “crack,” a highly addictive form that flooded America’s inner cities, destroying them in ways no nuclear weapon could approach, with “crack addicts” a virtual army of “walking dead.”

Drugs had always been the business of America’s “Mainline” families, the Cabots and Astors, or rather the Cabotas and Astorgas were one to trace their real origin to the ancient Sephardic banking consortiums of 16th century Italy. These great shipping families of America’s Northeast, centered around the universities, Harvard and Yale, ran the slaves, carried China’s opium for Britain and profited from every war as “Americans,” just as they had when they funded Napoleon and his foes.

As is so often the case, when you open a door, there is so much behind it, lending toward recognizing those who profit from despair and suffering, but our story is a much smaller one today, or is it that small? As it plays out, the story enacted in San Francisco and Seattle is also London and Paris or Berlin.

We return then to America and the generation after what Russians call The Great Patriotic War. In America it was a “watershed,” where those born in its wake would find themselves

Parents of “baby boomers” were the veterans of World War II or survivors of the Great Depression who managed to put their lives together at age 50, starting families late in life.

When I was a child growing up in Detroit, most of my friends had fathers old enough to be World War I veterans, dropping like flies from heart attacks and years of cigarettes and working in factories laden with the stench of carcinogens.  Washing one’s hands with carbon tetrachloride (Google never heard of it) was common.


For Americans, the rural South and West, the teeming cities, the only hedge against cultural decay and rampant crime is economic isolation. For that, moderate to great wealth is required or to simply stay silent.

Americans share, though many are unaware of this, the suffering that America’s global policies inflict on others. America’s economic wars, Russia, Syria, Venezuela, China, and the list grows hourly, our misguided war on terror, have lowered standards of living around the world, generally assumed to foster unrest and dissatisfaction. Why then is it being done at home?

That answer is also simple, to foster unrest and dissatisfaction.

One might ask why a nation would subject itself, its own people, particularly those who blindly support political leaders whose policies are destructive to their own supporters and constituents, to a life of hopelessness and potential radicalization.

Why would a nation assume political and economic policies that put millions on the streets to parasite off of and embattle those around them fostering anarchy and crime.

This is what we saw in Seattle, the “gem of the Pacific,” mountains of trash, armies of the unwanted, not sent to but rather openly welcomed in, “come steal from us, kill us, spread filth on our streets, defile our parks and monuments.”


The end result of what we have seen is telling. Behind it is fear, as in the lessons many Israeli’s have learned, that walling out the Palestinians has, in truth walls them in. There is no being “above” suffering.

When suffering is engineered, be it greed or social experimentation, perhaps those choosing lives of suffering for others might be held to task.

Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War that has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades and consulted with governments challenged by security issues. He’s a senior editor and chairman of the board of  Veterans Today, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.”

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  1. Gordon, I hope that you will consider this a weekly thread. We need positive imput and constructive critisizm at the local level. You bring a message without the hate and vitriole that we become immursed in. Any port in a storm dear Captain.

  2. Every now and then we would travel down to Seattle and Portland for business or pleasure . Seemed like a lot of folks were tired of Californians moving into the north and bringing there stupid laws and liberal, fruits and nuts ideas with them. We had a few Californian lawyers screw up our permanent fund dividend plan for getting oil money that Governor Jay Hammond worked out . He had it figured that the more years you had living in the state – the more money you would get. But those lawyers sued for discrimination and everyone got the same money. The one lawyer I remember left Alaska a year after he did his deed. Californians and their cutting edge idiots definitely helped to screwed up the Northwest Emerald.

  3. This problem that Seattle (and many other cities have) is a logical result of Capitalism and in particular the system of central banking.
    It really is not that difficult to understand that if your financial system is such that the central bank (Privately owned central bank, note!) loans money into the economic system at interest, there will always be more debt than money to pay it. (Loan + interest always = more than loan.) This being the case, as it is, there is bound to come a time (now) when the economy runs out of money. Everyone will be skint because all the money is either in the bank or owed to it. Everyone being skint, many will try to beggar their neighbour to keep themselves afloat.

    Add to that, the fact that in a capitalist society, the legal responsibility of a company is to its shareholders. Not to society at large, but to its shareholders. In other words: what matters is the bottom line. What makes a profit is good – by definition. So, if a company can make more money by e.g. moving its manufacturing to China, or India or Vietnam, that is what it is supposed to do. This is its legal duty. It is not a crime against the workers in its country, it’s just their Hard Luck! If you don’t like it, well you need a different social system. If you want Capitalism, then you have to put up with its drawbacks as well as its advantages. There is no point moaning about it. Nor is there any point in pretending that it is not the logical result of Capitalism.

    OTOH there does seem to be a way of making capitalism work a bit better (Of course, there are also drawbacks to this system!) and that is to have a powerful Communist Party to keep the capitalists under control. Naturally, it is not all that easy to set up a Communist Party that really has the interests of the whole country at heart, but it seems that this is the only way so far discovered, to make Capitalism benefit the whole country including the poorest and weakest members of society.

  4. Travis,” oh that’s one of the hardest sacrifices , to do unrighteous things in front of my dudes”

    What should they do with someone like you ?

    Travis, “What any viable legitimate system would, and they have really exalted me, and shown deference and love towards me”
    He is correct. The absurdity of being arrested for stealing a bike, in this time of massive abundance is highly visible to some people. It is hilarious and wildly absurd.
    He is a warrior monk poet priest, essential to any community. He walks through the furnace and comes out unburned. He reminds us, that the human spirit cannot be broken or tamed unless it submits, usually to inferior thinkers with selfish priorities. And I’m sure all the nice police who process him are reminded consistently how theft is how all the wealthy get theirs. And that is also correct.
    The Smithsonian should have a wax figure of Travis, with a descriptor. Our society has created art. Put it next to Bukowski , Twain and Hemmingway.

    • Maybe you’d like to know that Travis has a long list of crimes beyond stealing a bike. Namely attempted rapes and assaults to name just a few however he’s let right back out on the street to continue his warrior poet life. He does sound like an intelligent guy though. Good times in Seattle….my home town.

    • Charges are not convictions. On one hand the “very sane” , very calmly and methodically and legally, commit genocide, theft of countries, mass murder, mass rape, and cultural expulsion of all sorts. They do this with long explanations and the public nods in agreement, and even supports it in church on Sunday.
      But march Travis in front of them, and they squeal for his head. He is a threat to the way they perceive themselves. I’ve slept under a decent portion of bridges from NY to Ca. , Travis is the least of anyones worries. The documentary reminds me of how, through gentrification, the poor are expelled as criminals, and the wealthy stick their noses in the air. Just look at them, they say, and the zoning board approves a new jail.
      Travis correctly views them as insane.

  5. The moderate weather may be the downfall of Seattle and San Francisco – people living in a tent city or cardboard boxes in Chicago, Detroit, etc. would likely not survive the colder winter nights. And as Duff implies, in the more rural parts of the country the people would use their rifles on the “two-legged varmints”.

  6. Superb article and sadly one that can only make one shudder at the enormity of it all. The video nails the problem at once; an utterly incompetent City Council ultimately to blame because the issue falls at their door to be resolved. Rarely have I seen the societal ills of a very sick urban sprawl. When people cannot look after themselves of course they will be drawn to a city where they get everything free – only to destroy themselves.

    The cops are the last people you need when the situation is so out of control. I don’t say that to be critical – God knows they show remarkable restraint in the face of this colossal disaster. After all it is their city too.
    The video is an indictment of every council member of that corrupt city which will remain corrupt until something of a necessary monumental scale is implemented against this irruption of filth and human depravity..

    • USA-First ………..
      Don’t You Find it Strange that ALL Aspects of Israeli life From Healthcare to Education are Officially Funded bu USA Aid …………and Yet NO Sum at ALL can be Allocated to Dire Needs ANYWhere with America … ……….. Everything in Israel is Covered BUT then in USA there is a Bloodsucking Capitalist System to tell You that NO Your Govt will not cover your health so go to some company ………

    • Echoes: I was always intrigued, astounded at times at how organized and thoroughly efficient any and every Jewish organization is in the United States. If there is something they can do to promote Israel or Jewish issues the response is professional and utterly effective. Rarely, did any any written communication or published pamphlet not have a direct phone line and fax number to the White House. Unfortunately their success may well be their undoing, as the need for protection from so-called Antisemitism merely indicates a growing groundswell reaction against them. To have anti-Zionism equated with antisemitism is a far stretch but with the right people and organizations in place they will hope to prolong the upsurge.

      This video from this morning is apt or apropos too on the colossal scale of ineptitude destroying the United States. It is mind boggling.

      So between both entities there is room to exploit at the trough and guess who is there – along with others let it be said to funnel funds to their agendas, probably on the premise that – “Hey, if everyone else is doing to why not us. We have most to gain.” And so it goes … I imagine.

      Corporate food industries provide gunge to the poor of America, food not fit for hogs at every food bank cross the country. It is dog eat dog and all indications are – with the financial hemorrhaging – America is dying. Appalling, but true.

  7. About 25 years ago, while conversing with someone older and wiser than myself, I noted:
    “As I look around, it seems like America is dying”
    He look at me and laughed, then looked me dead in the eye, and said:
    “Oh no, it’s not dying. It’s been dead a long time. What you see now are the maggots feasting on the corpse.”

    This began over a century ago, when those who want you dead began working their way into every institution in Western Civilization. And, WW2 only made the world safe for communism, and the destruction from within, of all of Western Civilization. The America you all knew is long dead, not coming back. In another generation, or maybe two, your entire history will be re-written, by those who want you dead. And, it will happen because no one will stop it.

    • Rob, Harry –
      One critic of “1984” admitted to a feeling of “bottomless dismay”; me, too re: the current situation. Astonishing, the sheer single-minded, trans-generational persistence of the Power behind the thrones, whatever it’s name. Or maybe not so astonishing; pychopaths do tend to be single-minded.
      It seems reasonable to want to control the circumstances of one’s own existence – where & how you live, who you associate with, etc., but for these creatures the circle extends outward indefinitely.
      This may be a fundamental defect in humanity; that the majority of us who have no interest in ruling the world are, collectively, unable to generate any antibodies against this societal infection. Orwell’s monitory inoculation was insufficient, and current conditions favor the disease; notably the advances in the hardware & software of surveillance, organization and manipulation.
      I mean – they got away with 911 scot-free; those few of us who stand up and point at the naked emperor, the elephants in the room are ignored or vilified.
      What’s next ” – no limit…bottomless dismay, indeed.

  8. Good read on a painful subject. Baltimore has become so dangerous that even the heroin dealers are complaining about the crime. It’s easy to forget that the assault on humanity is not begat by ourselves; but rather insane criminals who prey on humanity.

  9. This has been in the works for some time:
    Back in the 80’s Kurt Vonnegut remarked that the United States was becoming a Third World country but not to feel too bad about it because so is everyone else.
    In the 90’s, from Joan Didion: “What had it cost to create an artificial ownership class? Who paid ? Who benefited ? What happens when that class stops being useful ?”
    Some of you may remember “The Affluent Society” (mid 60’s edition) that self-congratulatory paean to post WWII prosperity. Toward the end it was stated that in the future the industrial / production based economy that had created this prosperity would be phased out, the implication that “we” had somehow earned the right to move up to jobs that did not dirty one’s hands…”we” would all become computer programmers and graphic artists i guess ?
    Personally, i suspect that the dis-mantling of the middle class was accelerated by so many upper middle class youth ( who had the money, leisure and education) having the temerity to question the established order of things – the very people who should have been the most abjectly grateful. The “Establishment” wasn’t threatened – just peeved, and decided to take up the slack, tighten the screws – which was done, in spades, as we can see all around, from the 70’s onward. No counterculture anymore , good or bad; everyone’s too busy figuring out how they’re going to be able to both eat and live indoors…
    Realistically, can a country, a culture which has gone as far down the toilet as this one has be revitalized ?

  10. Ah yes the ” War on drugs ” ….the ” War on poverty ” …and now ” The war on terrorism ” …The latter destroyed and is STILL whittling away at what was once a ” Free ” country . Although ” Free ” to be put in uniform and die for the Pentagon War Machine ….As Pres. Bush said ” They hate us because of our freedoms ” well Hells Bellz by now ” They ” should love us ? !?

  11. Let’s not forget, that among those fifty little countries is a little Banana Republic country, that is every bit as corrupt as any other. If one word could define this new America, it’s corruption. Every institution in America is broken and corrupt and without a chance of redemption. Tourists visiting the US are warned to watch their back and children are warned to watch out for strangers who give them too much attention. It’s way too late to end unlimited political terms, purge Washington and begin voting strategically. As recently demonstrated, voting for a president who talks of returning to the glory days is most likely just another scam. Are we up Shit Creek without a paddle? We have a paddle, but the boat has holes in it.

  12. Years ago, before America had fallen from its golden age of Christianity – away from repentance and gospel faith, in the year 1947, the community of Bremen, Kansas, had not witnessed a single arrest nor one court action in thirty years. Why? The community was made up almost entirely of Lutherans who believed in the gospel promise of Jesus Christ. In fact, their Christian day schools made public schools unnecessary. Just think how safe that community must have been! Think also of how low their taxes and their insurance rates must have been!
    In the same year Frankenmuth, Michigan, had never had a crime of violence in the 102 years of its existence. During the previous twenty-five years its jail had been entirely empty. Throughout the Great Depression in the 1930’s not one person was on the public relief rolls. What would be the cause of this remarkable record? Frankenmuth was 95 per cent Lutheran. Thus transform the people first, then the political and the civil will be corrected!
    So how has the subsequent, gospel-rejection played out in this country and in Europe? You easily could see for yourself: all of this self-inflicted misery. This is what the thinking and also the behavior is like in any heathen, gospel-void society.

    • Gene, you know years ago, Governor Engler appointed me to the Michigan Corrections Commission. I had a bit of time to review demographics. First of all, with Frankenmuth, the Zenders are family, cousins on my father’s side.
      Frankenmuth’s crime level is surprisingly high though it is an attractive little town that has now turned into a painful tourist mecca.

      I remember, back when I was working part time running a juvie corrections center in lansing on weekends…”New Way Inn,” about a third of the “enrollees” came from Frankenmuth.

      Lots of drug crime, car theft..etc in Frankenmuth, Vassar, Sandusky and similar towns.

    • Ah yes…Frankenmuth with it’s Christmas Mall open 364 days/year. Been there done that. Painful tourist mecca like Traverse City, Charlevoix and Petoskey. Petoskey has always been a tourist mecca for at least 120 years…..the Hemmingway’s getaway….actually on Walloon Lake.
      Traverse City has become an up north/ up scale version of Grand Rapids, and Detroit. Wasn’t quite so bad back in the seventies when I was attending the local community college. There was still crime back then. Biker gangs… a near riot at one of the local watering holes downtown and the usual drugs and drunkenness. A couple years ago there was some gunshots fired from a car down on South Airport and Cass. Don’t recall what that was all about.

    • John,
      Started going up to TC in the 60s, boredom mostly. Looked at picking up a restaurant there partnered with the Muers….long story there. I actually miss the biker gangs, forests were open to camping then and biker clubs would be up there, or Kalkaska or north of Tawas near Lumberman’s Monument.
      I remember taking kids camping in the late 80s in the Manistee Forest and finding it filled with Reagan era homeless families living in buses. I run my bike up M37 periodically, stop at Club 37 for their beef ribs but seldom get further north. Ass kicked by not having pegs on my ZG1400….a bit to beaten up for an 8 hour ride day.

  13. Came to New York at age six and stayed for two nights in hotel at Times Square. Thought it smelled of piss compared with the back streets of delapitated post-war Oslo that I had arrived from. Ann Arbor was somewhat better, but not Clevelandor Chicago — nor the ‘better parts of’ Detroit.
    Coming back 15 years old, Brooklyn seemed unbearable the few days I stayed there in 1966, but small towns like Jefferson and Fulton Missoury seemed to approach the “poverty-almost-solved” image of Colombia and Kancas City (both also Mo.), — which in turn approached the stylishness of Height Ashbury and Berkley, while the Hispanic areas of San Diego and EL Paso shewed me latin youth being shot down at the Greyhound bus stations both places. Later that summer, race riots spread to Iowa and even Wabash areas.
    Flew again to NY City 2007. Aside from Upper East Side: Dilapidation everywhere. Also excempt: The orthodox Jewish areas sout of the Brooklyn Bridge on the Brooklyn side. Even close to Wall Street very down-beat barbershops and nearly speek-easyish bars.
    Quo vadis, sumpfoulii et liminii?

  14. I watched the report and was sickened by what I saw even though the same is happening all along the west coast it is still upsetting.
    This should not be but it is. Have the American people failed themselves? Have they failed each other? The one thing we do know is that those whom were sent to Washington to represent us have betrayed us instead.
    That justice is only for those who can buy their way out. In reality there is a two tiered justice system, if you could call it a justice system. Someone fakes a hate crime and walks while mothers are jailed for allowing their children to walk the dog. Politicians accept millions in “campaign donations” while someone who uses marijuana is sent to prison.
    This is another example of how the system works:

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