Britain Criminalized Criticism of Public Figures, Independent News


Go to 4:30 onward

Theresa May begins with saving Brits from all evil online, drug sales, pedophiles, which of course might well be the leadership of her own party for all we know…

Then the hammer drops.  The government of Britain, such as it is, will set up its own fact checkers and not just censor but criminalize any narrative that differs from the corporate/government controlled MSM.

Watch the video…it goes so much further than you might ever imagine.  Trump is ready to bring this to the US…

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  1. Isn’t it a bit ironic that the nation that gave us George Orwell, would implement exactly what he warned us against. It appears they have ignored their own prophets. Britain is falling into tyranny. The tyranny of speech control. The tyranny of political correctness.
    Throw out the Magna Carta
    Next: toss out the Bill of Rights.
    Those in political office have now found the hammer to silence dissent and all criticism. They have sown the wind and they shall reap the whirlwind.
    The west is failing. This is just another sign of it. Soon there will be nothing left but rotting societies, dead cities and chaos.

  2. Ahh -h the 90’s; when terrorism seamlessly replaced communism as official bogeyman and the MSM had become a running joke? Hooray! the Internet was rolled out as a platform for free exchange of information, ideas, images, etc. Seems it’s working too well, despite all the clutter, dis-information and jamming – at least among those of us with the patience to sift thru the haystack of clutter for the occasional needle of possible truth.

    Since the internet has been a corporate / government project from the outset; it’s no surprise that they’re now taking hold of the levers of control. I suppose they’ve determined that a free – speech internet with concomitant data mining / surveillance possibilities is less important than a replacement for the MSM as an official propaganda organ.

    Seems we’re actually going to have to start talking directly to each other again, comparing notes, spreading the word. And save those hard copies (who do you think owns the cloud ?) – video of those exploding towers, that final shot of the JFK whacking; they’re a useful way to open discussions. Tho eventually the powers-that-be could decide to go all “Fahrenheit 451” on our asses…

    • You think that’s bad, you should read this: Fined $55,000 for calling a male a male/

    • Criminals want to criminalise others for speaking out ? Will this madness ever end ? Or are we in this world really in Gangsta´s Paradise ?

    • By Hook or by Crook the ” Jews ” want to be The Superiors way above the Law , even IF They have to make up Laws to ” Legalise ” ALL their Evil Activites …….. the ” Jews” want no Accountability for ANYTHING

  3. Well, at least in America we can still call Theresa May an ugly old whore without being arrested. Or mention Boris Johnson’s name in connection with a pedo ring. Not to leave out the rancid, senile old queen and her equally rancid and senile old prince. I guess it’s still ok to call the royal family an inbred criminal syndicate. Or that the British Parliament is filled with child molesters, traitors and senile morons. But you can’t say things like that no more.
    Nor can you talk about the dirty tricks MI6 does for the benefit of Psrael. Or call Winston Churchill a fat, self serving, besotted weasel of a human being who would stop at nothing to commit mass murder.
    Nope…you can’t say such things.

  4. And secretly, unbeknownst to the general public, the plurality of Nordic governments have signed up on to an international anglozionist organ-grinder alliance that monitors and smears all anti-zionist and anti-atlantisist expressions of opinions as anti-semitic. Fortunately, the governments of Greenland, Iceland, Åland/Ahvimaa and Sami parlaments are still mulling suchalike moves and starting to resist, while Suomi Finland is now receiving threats — especially against its muslim Tartar minoritiy and the large Gypsy groupngs.

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