Mossad Agent Assange Finally Kicked out of Ecuadorean Embassy (updated)

Assange, king of the Deep State, European Freemasonry and marriage with Zionism created the disinformation operation of our century....built on lies

Let's see how long it takes to clean up Assange so we can get more of these Mussolini type PR photos of him....

Introduction by Gordon Duff

Veterans Today opposes the arrest of Julian Assange, one of Israel’s most effective agents against the US since Jonathan Pollard.  Arresting Assange for working for Israel or some other made up reason is like giving away speeding tickets at the Indy 500.  From Apocalypse Now (1979)

DC is filled with Israeli spies, all running free, all parasitic, and none with the skill of Assange.  Arrest Assange last, not first.  We have 5 members of the Supreme Court and a trainload of traitorous members of congress, both parties, to get first…

Only one phone camera got video of the Assange arrest though 30 news agencies were present…why?

In 2009, VT recognized Wikileaks, sadly, wasn’t real.  We looked at their material, their Iraq leaks and discovered them to be fake.  Our own people had written the real material, much of it while serving in Iraq.

Wikileaks was created to launder Mossad material, a blend of as Zbigniew Brzezinski termed it, “chickenfeed and seeded material.”  By “seeded, ZB meant “fake.”  We traced Assange to intelligence training in Israel, tied him to Michael Oren and to a support group within secretly financed disinformation websites. The hit piece on VT here was supposedly written by Israel Shamir.  WE think otherwise. Breaking News:  Julian Assange a Mossad Agent.

We traced Assange back to the Tor networks, set up for pedophiles to trade images back and forth.  This is how his “hacking career” began.  A Google screen grab of “tor network pedophiles”:

Consistently, and openly, Wikileaks has worked with Rupert (Greenbaum) Murdoch, a powerful pro-Likudist who has used his media empire to support Israel and rig elections around the world.  We then began to question the backers of Assange and found ourselves under attack by Counterpunch, a website run by people we recognized as “not what they seemed…far from it.”

From there, we watched every leak, always chickenfeed, always attacking political or military enemies of Israel, always seeded stuff, faked.  We found Assange in continual and direct contact with the Mossad, at one time openly inviting them to edit Wikileaks material at the offices of the New York Times, where a real leak was sent.

Most Wikileaks came from the CIA or Mossad, stolen through the NSA through a partnership agreement with Israel.  Assange supporters have been the blind, the ignorant and traitors within Russia and the US.  Now we see the real theatre play out, this is going to be fun.

For those who forget, the organizations that have supported and protected Assange in Britain are all controlled…openly…by the Rothschild family.  Now we watch them begin their magic as the sheeple of the world cringe in terror while a little tiny gutless Mussolini enters a new phase of his service to Israel.

From Ian Greenhalgh:

We had a strong indication this was going to happen last week as we learned that there had been a breakdown in relations between Israel and Ecuador and that Assange and Israel were about to go after new Ecuadorean President Lenin Moreno.

I wrote about Assange, Israel and the Wikileaks deception 2 years ago and it remains highly relevant today:

A Jerusalem Post article from 2017 offers some insight into the breakdown of relations between Ecuador and Israel:

“Israel’s ties with Ecuador have been strained for years, with Quito temporarily withdrawing its ambassador in 2014 to protest Israel’s actions during Operation Protective Edge in Gaza that year. It is among a bloc of anti-American Latin American countries, which also includes Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia and Nicaragua, that for years has been stridently anti-Israel.”

We strongly suspect that Israel is going to use the US to take down the Latin American countries that oppose Israel’s genocide of the Palestinian people and destruction of the Palestinian state. We have already seen Brazil taken over by Israel with the recent ‘election’ (yet more Israeli ballot rigging) of far right president Jair Bolsonaro who has made little secret of his admiration for Israel and close relationship to Netanyahu.

In 2010, Haaretz listed the 5 Latin American nations that had chosen to recognise the existence of a Palestinian state:

“Ecuador President Rafael Correa formally recognized Palestine as an independent state on Friday, following its neighboring countries Bolivia, Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay earlier this month, French news agency AFP reported.

According to AFP, Correa signed “the Ecuadoran government’s official recognition of Palestine as a free and independent state with 1967 borders.”

Trump’s recent move to cut US aid to Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala may well have been made on behalf of Israel and intended to warn these nations not to join their neighbours in opposition to Israel.

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His studies in history and background in the media industry have given him a keen insight into the use of mass media as a creator of conflict in the modern world.

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  1. I agree with the remarks of Gordon Duff about Assange whose real face has been exposed. Writer and Author

  2. It doesn’t matter whether he’s the paid agent of the devil or the man in the moon. He’s being charged with publishing classified stuff that happens to be evidence of war crimes. Such prosecution is insane, an absolute outrage. Everyone involved in prosecuting him needs to be tried and executed for complicity in war crimes and the coverup of war crimes. End of story.

    The idea that journalists (regardless of their intel affiliations) who publish classified info that is evidence of criminal or unethical behavior can be prosecuted is insane. Every bit of classified info that could conceivably be evidence of criminal or unethical behavior MUST be published verbatim, unredacted, immediately, and anyone who fails to immediately publish it, or tries to prevent that publication or punish those who expose the secrets, is a traitor and a scumbag. It would be better to burn down the whole country than let this prosecution stand.

    • You’ve missed the point, the whole thing in it’s entirety is fake, Assange is fake, Wikileaks is fake, the crap they publish is fake, the Swedish sex case is fake, the US prosecution is fake, it’s all nothing more than theatre to keep the sheeple in the dark. I suspect they have decided to pull this stunt now in order to give fake credibility to Assange and Wikileaks in preparation for some future fake crap they are going to pull. There isn’t a hole deep nor dark enough for scum like Assange, but sadly, he will never see the inside of a real prison, he’ll go through a mock trial then live a life of luxury in seclusion somewhere at the US taxpayer’s expense; all the while the sheeple will be told he’s in some Federal pen or they might even say they’ve sent him to Gitmo.

    • Well Mr. Barrett……..I’ve read the tete-a-tetes between you guys and it’s great…
      My attitude and sentiments are largely in accordance with yours….I wish to provide the whiskey…cigars and matches
      should the most extreme resort prove necessary…with one distinction though…
      …I’m partial to Bonfires……let us spare the structures where possible and concentrate the contemptibles upon the hulk
      of the bonfire……we’ll need as many buildings as possible to concentrate the spoils…..I’m something of a conservative
      after all…..ya know !!
      P.S. Gonna come back and read everything again…it’s rather heavy stuff…..Ciao !!

    • I think this is possibly the only reasonable, sensible and realistic thing I’ve read about the matter in this site until now.

      The Collateral Damage video, maybe Wikileaks most famous release, be it real or fake, which underlined crimes of war in Middle East surely helped imperialistic or zionist agendas. In some mysterious and unexplicable way.

  3. …Counterpunch, a website run by people we recognized as “not what they seemed…far from it.”

    Some years back, (the now late) Alexander Cockburn posted an article in which he affirmed his belief that Oswald killed JFK, that Sirhan killed RFK, and he characterized 911 truthers as constituting a “coven.”

    That did it for me. I never visited that Web site again.

    • counterpunch essay’ers uniformly push the accepted leftist message. truly a coven. (i bought their misdirection — helped by their brand name registering in customers’ subconscious that they’re a rebel site — initially, and after several months of disappointment with essays that refused to “trespass the [approved] line” quit the site.)

    • Franklin Lamb loved Counterpunch. While in Syria, their Minister of Justice sat us down to explain who Lamb really was. Ouch. One of the ways we recognize a limited hangout is through Counter Punch. One, not all, not all by a long shot.

  4. In 2010 and 2011, Wikileaks republished my several articles, taken from Pakistan’s newspapers or traced/hacked from the US Embassy’s report which was being sent to America, as global intelligence files of the Wikileaks show. However in my articles, I had pointed out the US-led double game of India and Israel regarding Pakistan and China, including other regional issues. But, in his article, Ian Greenhalgh has surprised me that being the Mossad agent, having connections with Zionism; Julian Assange-owner of the Wikileaks was himself playing double game.
    Sajjad Shaukat
    Writer and Author

    • Assange has always targeted Pakistan. As for picking out Assange as a Zionist, how does one stand for justice and miss 300,000 murdered Palestinians? They matter less to Assange than 9/11. Assange also hates Iran, hates Syria, hates Iraq, in fact his “hate list” is exactly the same as Benjamin Netanyahu, which of course leads off with the USA.

  5. Concur, alas: …Assange may or may not be an Israeli agent ? Recon if he really was, there would
    be one Saturday afternoon “Plumbers” co. van in front of Ecuadorian Embassy, 3 men in company’s uniform
    walking in 4 men in company’s uniform walking out – no show of husky policemen dragging bearded
    man to Magistrate, etc. – no immediate charges from US, Sweden, UK ! And Putin can be, as usual, blamed
    for Assange disappearance = another sanctions on those Ruskies! Israel/ Mossad usually takes care
    of their “own”. Assange recovery would be a lot simpler than helicoptering off extended family of certain
    Munir Redfa, who stole Iraq’s MIG 21 for the Mossad benefit. Or how about finishing built of 5 missile
    boats, contrary to De Gaulle embargo on weaponry for Israel and spiriting them away from Cherbourg
    port on Xmas eve, thank you Admiral Limon and General Kimhi (Russians should have learned from them)
    Oh, there is a lot more – why they would sacrifice Assange?

  6. Ian Greenhalgh,
    als ich damals ihren Bericht gelesen habe, ich konnte es nicht glauben
    das Herr Assange ein Trojanisches Pferd ist. Man kann noch so alt werden,
    man lernt nie aus. Freundlichen Gruß und schöne Ostern dem Team VT Gruß Werner

  7. ” Rigging elections around the world ” ….Please please take a look at our own [s]elections for sure somethings amiss ? ! …

  8. If, and I believe it true, Assange is a product of Israel will Benji the Nut ‘n’ Yahoo rescue him, or will he disappear down some Orwellian hole? Has he met his expiration date?

  9. I am not a bit confused by the authors arguments!So GB did a favor to their American cousins, arresting the agent of their estimated friend Israel?

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