Zionist terror pits Christians vs. Muslims

Animals uniting in jungle uprising?


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By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

Most of the stories Jeremy Rothe-Kushel and I covered on this week’s False Flag Weekly News are just bits and pieces of the larger mosaic discussed in the article below, published yesterday at HenryMakow.com. If the Christians and Muslims ever wake up to the divide-and-conquer game that’s being played on them, the Zionists will go the way of the rhino poacher in our final FFWN story.  -KB

Zionist Terror Pits Christians Vs Muslims

April 12, 2019

MSM propagandists, including phoney alt-right outlets run by Zionists, want to confound patriots by hyping the ‘Muslim immigrant’ or ‘Islamic invasion’ threat. What they don’t want you to know about Islam is that Muslims are the world’s biggest potential allies of Christianity. Hindus and Buddhists have no use for Jesus; Jews and atheists detest Jesus, but Muslims love and revere Jesus. Given half a chance, real Muslims, the ones who pray five times a day and attend the local mosque would step forward to defend Christian holy places against pussy rioters and other vandals.

The white nationalists are partly right: The Zionist New World Order and its bought-and-paid-for mainstream media are conspiring to destroy Western culture. But they haven’t figured out that this is a religious, not racial issue.

Don Isaac Abravanel (1437-1508), Netanyahu’s family hero and role model, was the first modern Zionist. Abravanel preached a pragmatic plan to create a Jewish state in the Holy Land while taking revenge on Christians and Muslims by tricking them into fighting each other in an apocalyptic war that would destroy both religions and leave Zionist Jews masters of the world. A little over five centuries later, Abravanel’s plan’ hyped by Bibi’s father Benzion Netanyahu’ is nearing fruition.

Full article at HenryMakow.com

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  1. 1. Salafist Wahhabism in the Muslim world is a real problem, yet nobody ever discusses it, why?

    2. Anyone with a quality tinfoil hat knows that this is old subject matter and was always part of the grand plan, except that instead of Zionism vs Islam mutually destructing each other you are now saying it is Islam vs. Christianity?

    Perhaps a little gravity is required at this juncture?

  2. The problem is that the Islamic invasion in Italy is composed in mayor part of Jihad sunnites believers that haven’t very good knowledge of Corano and Jesus Islamic prophet and Mary Saint Lady. Then the Sharia laws aren’t very sweet with Christian as tell the numberous Nigerian masacre on which Muslim police doesn’t investigate for looking the killers

  3. Very good interview – There are some young men that have their eyes and ears – wide open. Another, most important BS Law that needs to be routed out and force fed into the Public Opinion is Obama’s Propaganda Law -2013. ” We now can legally USE Propaganda – AGAINST the American Citizen”. And they have given that right to all MSM and they use it 27/7 — Legally ! I’m betting that 50% of the Americans have been totally/finished off with MK Ultra Ultra Propaganda since 2013. I haven’t read one big article – with this as a Topic for discussion – Why?

    • I wonder whether our “private” and “public” corpses (aka fictitious incorporated entities — busynesses, gov agencies married at the hip, funded by we know whom) perhaps illegally “propagandized” “American citizens”. If we can agree that all who self-identify as “Americans” are not necessarily “US Citizens” or “Citizens of the United States”, then I suspect the word we might best use is LAWFUL, not LEGAL. I refer anyone interested to test their mettle, their powers of discernment, to the on-going, remarkable, and impressive work of Anna von Reitz and the Living Law firm. To my knowledge, no naysayers, no name-callers have prevailed against Anna, who claims (verifiable, dear spooks!) not to have paid anything to IRS (incorporated in Puerto Rico? check Dun & Bradstreet) — and she still walks free! A major, possibly geoengineered earthquake where she lives in Alaska failed to deter her. I’d welcome comments as appropriate on this. You can skip derisive name-calling. Been there, done that.
      THE POINT? At the risk of offending due to length of quote:
      Let’s make it clear that while you persist in calling yourself a “US Citizen” and acting “as” a US Citizen, you are laboring under a number of profound disadvantages. “US Citizens” have no access to the Constitutions nor to their guarantees and never have had. The political status of a “United States Citizen” (Territorial) and also that of “Citizen of the United States” (Municipal) was created by the Constitutions, and herefore, obviously, people adopting either one or both of these political status obligations are NOT Parties to the Constitutions. By definition. [ACD NOTE: Can anyone refute this with references and citations to court decisions??]
      The most “US Citizens” have is a promise of “Equal Civil Rights” which gets suspended during “National Emergencies”— and so far as the corporations in DC are concerned, they are in a near-constant “state of emergency” as a result of their own mismanagement. Some specific rights, like the right to Habeas Corpus, have even been suspended by Executive Order of the Commander in Chief since 1863. So there are numerous exceptions where even when there isn’t a “national emergency”, US Citizens are denied truly
      Equal Civil Rights.
      The point is — what Congress gives, the Congress — or the President — can take away. Why? Because “Civil Rights” are privileges conferred by the “Civil Government” — that is, the Municipal Government of the United States. They have nothing to do with the “Natural and Unalienable Rights” that Americans are heir to.
      To walk the talk, I proceed along the path laid out by Anna von Reitz to see for myself.