Astounding Evidence: Jews in the Wrong Place, Moses Never Went to Israel

Oops! 300,000 dead Palestinians ready to forgive and forget. "It was an honest mistake.:"


Editor’s note:  Real archaeological evidence more than suggests Moses never lived, his “books” are fake and that no “Hebrew slaves” were ever in Egypt.  Not one iota of evidence has ever been found backing a single word of Exodus.  Sorry. I also apologize for putting this in the History section.  We don’t have a fantasy section.

Sputnik/Moscow: Despite a majority of researchers questioning the accuracy of the Book of Exodus, some believe that Jews’s flight from Egypt did indeed take place – and that new evidence of this is poised to “seriously shift” the frame of discussion.

Researchers from the Doubting Thomas Research Foundation (DTRF), which investigates the historicity and evidence of Biblical accounts, say they may have found the route to the Promised Land taken by the Israelites under Moses’ leadership.

Filmmaker Ryan Mauro of the DTRF had made three trips to Saudi Arabia, which he says was part of Moses’ route.

“What I found there was simply mind-blowing. I couldn’t believe that there was all this evidence for the Exodus and hardly anyone outside this region was aware of it,” he told the Daily Star.

The Book of Exodus — the second book of the Old Testament and the Torah — provides an account of the departure of the Jews from slavery in Egypt and their journey through the wilderness.

According to the Biblical narrative, the Israelites fled the Egyptian army when Moses parted the Red Sea, with the waters later closing up again upon their pursuers. They are said to have later arrived at Mount Sinai, where Moses received the Ten Commandments from God, and ended up settling in what is now Israel.

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The location of the biblical Mount Sinai is traditionally associated with Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula. Near the foot of the mountain, St Catherine’s Monastery was built over what’s traditionally believed to be the site of the burning bush from which God first revealed himself to Moses.

Ryan Mauro believes, however, that the real Mount of Sinai is located  over a hundred miles eastwards across the Gulf of Aqaba, which separates the Sinai Peninsula from Saudi Arabia.

“After three trips to Saudi Arabia, I’m fully convinced that the Israelites went into the ancient land of Midian when they fled slavery in Egypt.”

He also says there is evidence that Moses led his people across the Gulf of Aqaba from what is now the coastal town of Nuweiba in the east of the Sinai Peninsula, where the crossing would just be nearly 8 miles (12km) wide with a shallow depth of just 33 metres.

“It’s going to take some time to bring this alternative theory into mainstream historiography, but I believe that our work is going to seriously shift the landscape on this subject,” Mauro argued.

The mainstream scholarly consensus is that there is no archaeological evidence for the Exodus, and that the Bible represents the reflection of the Jewish people on their origins rather than details a specific moment in history.

“I would basically say to someone who’s sceptical about the Exodus to keep an open mind about the subject,” Mauro was quoted as saying. “There’s a reason why this tradition has been passed down in the three major world religions of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.”

“Perhaps these sceptics have doubted the historical account of the Exodus story because of a lack of evidence at the traditional site at St. Catherine’s, but what we have found appears to fit the ancient accounts.”

Late last year, his foundation released a documentary titled ‘Finding the Mountain of Moses’, which cited “undeniable archaeological evidence” of its presumed real location in Saudi Arabia.

In the film, he said he had discovered several pieces of evidence that the Exodus did occur, like a rock split by Moses and the remains of an ancient altar where the Israelites worshipped a golden calf while Moses was on top of the mountain.

“The golden calf, the split rock, Moses’ altar, the Red Sea crossing site; all of these pieces need to fit, and they fit at this site in a way that no other site does,” he added.

“We don’t necessarily believe in the same deities as the ancient Egyptians, Babylonians, and Assyrians did, but we still accept the evidence that these peoples existed and that there were major events during their respective existences.”

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  1. Guys, it’s simply impossible to read all such stuff, sorry. The author is absolutely right: such kind of “discoveries” should be placed in Fantasy section. Those, who is about the New Chronology, just laughs about all those pushy efforts to find out the “real history” based upon just one huge but strongly imposed, enforced and thrust myth about the “great ancient Jewish history”. Come on. You’d better read the Arbroath Declaration. And the Chronicles of Great Tartaria. And the DNA-Genealogy by Prof. A.Klyosov. You’ll learn a looooot. Promise.

  2. Yes the Hyksos invaded Egypt. And they did it with chariots, bows and arrows, and metal weapons. No, Hyksos were not some tribes. Perp haps to better understand who Hyksos were, we should look into where the oldest metallurgical sites are and where was it first (that we know of) that horses were used for war purposes. Perhaps then we will ask the right questions and pinpoint the right answers. And perhaps then we will know who founded Jerusalem and Hyksoses relation to Israelites.

  3. Modern archaeology supplies an elegant hypothesis about the alleged Exodus. The proto-Jews were a nomadic tribe who grazed their flocks in the Sinai and Canaan, where they had probably originated.

    Egypt, meanwhile, had been invaded and occupied by the Hyksos, another Canaanite tribe who ruled them for two and a half centuries. When the Egyptians finally expelled the Hyksos, they built strong defenses on their northeastern frontier, consisting of mud-brick forts, whose ruins have been dated to the putative time of the Exodus.

    These forts enclosed oases the nomads had traditionally used. But now the Egyptians allowed the tribesmen to use these precious resources only in exchange for their labor making bricks for the forts. This became enslavement, as the tale was told and retold around desert campfires by the unsophisticated primitives who had come into such inauspicious contact with a mighty advanced civilization.

    Egypt also built a network of forts on the trade routes on the Sinai, spaced a day’s march, 26 miles, apart, as an early warning system of the approach of invaders. No one could have wandered unchallenged in the Sinai for forty hours, let alone forty years, without coming to the attention of these vigilant garrisons.

  4. Tthere are a couple of guys out there in internet space saying Israel, the man, had 12 sons, and they created the 12 tribes. These 12 tribes ended up making up the empire of Tartaria. The largest empire the world has ever known. And the Bible( who gave it that name?) is just the story of one of those tribes. Supposedly there are 12 separate so called Bibles. One for each tribe, and the others are being suppressed. As is the history of Tartary. There is a CIA document that shows the Communists of Russia rewrote their whole history of their conquest of Tartary. I don’t think there ever was an Israel, the land. There shouldn’t be one now. And doesn’t make you sick to see Putin chumming up to Netanyahu. Just when you think a guy will be part of the solution, he ends up being part of the problem. How can you respect any man who looks the other way while Israel snipes innocent Palestinians? Is there anyone alive that knows the truth? I doubt it…..

    • Gordon Duff wrote there was a national leader being blackmailed by Netanyahu whom he would not name – we can only wonder if it is Putin.

  5. You may also find this to be fascinating. Writer, adventurer, and anthropologist Brian Foerster has been steadily chasing the mystery of the elongated skulls, which had been previously and wrongfully attributed to ancient Indian tribes (South America). From Egypt to South America, these big skulls abound. The people with these big heads were also in possession of advanced technology. DNA now indicates that this species emerged in the Black Sea region, but were not necessarily Mongolian (Asian). Instead, the DNA appears to be more Caucasoid; but the jury is still out. Try not to get a big head over this! 😉

  6. One of the products of the 2012 scam was to discredit and ignore the basic components of the Mayan calendar which are 20 days. While thousands of people were discussing huge periods of time with confidence and authority, none of them discussed the foundation which was 20 days. The Chinese have them and others do too, including the Egyptians and Japanese.
    Exodus is a 40 chapter story that is meant to illustrate the progression of the 20 days twice round. not only does it do this with tons of information never heard of from Catholics or Jews, but it does so with descriptors that are culturally specific from multiple cultures. As John Henrik Clarke and others have said, it is an ancient African myth, and it is found in all cultures. Just a week there and a few insertions here, and plug it in to a collection of stolen text to create a historical timeline,. I don’t want to say the book is useless, but from the perspective of anyone who knows the days, it looks like a dirty T shirt with holes in it, that used to be a wardrobe. It will get fixed over time.

  7. As Tolstoy opined, ” History would be a wonderful thing, if it were true.” Aesop’s Fables say it all. These stories and fables of old, are not meant to be taken literally. After all, sheep, wolves and frogs can’t really talk. Fables and parables are used as teaching tools to promote the issue at hand. Before I reached the first grade, the Bible’s validity was being questioned. A Biblical one liner about Mary Magdalene, has generated books, movies, institutions, songs, philosophies, laws and movements and other than being a nice Jewish lady, no one really knows who she was or if she was real. As far as being slaves to build the Pyramids, most likely fable.

  8. The ancient Israelites became known as Saac-Sons (Israel’s son, Isaac). See video link below. Historical (and Biblical) Israel was never a physical place, but a people, a unique bloodline. Although contemporary Jewry resides in a contemporary “Israel”, the most revered Jewish holy book claims that Jews trace their lineage directly back to the bloodline of Edom, not Israel at all. Trivia: during Jesus’ lifetime, they ran the world from Idumea (or Dominion of Edom). Accordingly, today’s Israelis are NOT Israelites. Yesterday’s Jews (there was no such term until the 19th Century) were NOT Israelites, but Edomites. Esteemed archaeologist Capt lays it out pretty well here. The Isaac-sons (and daughters) or Saac-sons or Saxons eventually migrated into the mountains of Southern Russia, where they also became known as Caucasians. From there, westward young man, into Europe.

  9. After this project is wrapped up maybe the honorable researcher can use his talents to find the missing gas chambers at Auswitch, and Treblinka. Just saying.

  10. “Real archaeological evidence more than suggests Moses never lived…” – GD

    Or it could be a case of great embellishment of an actual historical event, similar to 4.3-3.8=6.0

    Some dude with a name vaguely similar to Moses could have lived in the Arabian desert and convinced the leader of a dominant tribe to let his inferior tribe migrate through their lands to a different portion of the desert, with of course no supernatural events involved.

    • If you really follow those 10 commandments you are not able to live your life. It is therefore to eliminate all the competitive of those who give a shit

    • Anyone who thinks following the Ten Comandments™ is bad should try following the 613 Mitzvot™.

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