Disgust: Only God Could Have Destroyed Notre Dame


    By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

    Did the Ghost of Jacques de Molay, the leader of the Templars, perhaps using “nanothermite” burn Notre Dame?

    Is this a Templar knight in this screen capture from a censored video taken during the fire?

    Are we seeing a Luciferian drama play out as clown prince Macron plays Hitler at the Reichstag or Guiliani at the WTC?  It is begining to look that way.

    Notre Dame and the Crown of Thorns

    This is a complex story filled with deceit, lies and French hokum. The Crown of Thorns is fake, France under Louis IX was fake, the fake Crown of Thorns, one of many fake relics fabricated for huckster Emperor Constantine, was sold to the hapless moron and mass murderer Louis the Fair by the same banking houses of Venice that now rule France through London and Tel Aviv, the Sephardic Merchant Princes of Venice.

    The story of the crown, of Louis, of the hundreds of thousands of murders is the story of the destruction of Christianity, begin by Constantine when he warred on James, Bishop of Jerusalem and brother of Jesus, to create the fake church now believed by many, including Fr. Malachi Martin, former advisor to Pope John XXIII, to be consecrated to Satan.  Is the new sacrament of the church the sexual debasement of children in the name of Satan?

    Martin writes about Satanism and its role in taking control of the Church in 1963 to be wielded on behalf of what is now called the Deep State, or more kindly, “globalist interests.”

    The France of Macron is the France of Louis the Fair, who warred on Christianity in a 13th century genocide that makes Hitler or Netanyahu look like Boy Scouts.

    Many might well put the incendiary of the “heart of France” down to bad luck.  The engineers who designed the fire prevention system for Notre Dame said that only an extremely powerful, their term “very high calorific” device could have defeated the systems, recently upgraded and “best in the world.”

    As suspected, Notre Dame had the best fire control system in the world.  Our other sources, and we visited the scene the next morning, tell us that the “findings” announced were purely political, to create a stage for Macron and the unification speech he has already made, giving us 9/11 and the Reichstag fire.

    At least the fake relics were saved.  Fake?  The crown of thorns, really kept in another area of Paris, nearby but not that “nearby,” is perhaps the most heinous fake relic in existence.

    It has a story behind it, built on lies.  You see, as with the Spear of Longinus or Spear of Destiny, the Crown of Thorns is a fabrication of Constantine, who “ordered up” fake relics to bolster his newfound state religion in order to prevent the growth of Christianity.

    The Council of Nicaea was enthroned to stop the growth of a Christian religion that was decentralized, based on poverty and submission, a religion that rewarded the pious, the poor and devout, that followed tenets such as prohibitions on idolatry.

    Instead, a new fake Christianity was fabricated through “tame” gospels, an equally fake “trinity,” and the creation of an ever growing number of saints that would include martyrs of the church, bandit rulers, the fake gods of others and anyone capable of buying their way in.

    The real purpose, of course, was to create a transitional religion where Emperor Constantine would serve as pope through a minor cutout, though he originally wanted the job himself, and lots of cash could be raised, wars fought, idols built and the religion business that already had too many gods would be run like a real business, a head god, a son and mom, a “holy ghost” and then tons of saints.

    Every aspect of it was set up to vacuum cash.

    Constantine himself may well have been reborn as Louis the 9th or, as he called himself, Louis the Fair, the Donald Trump of the 13th Century.

    Nothing in French history is real, they fake it all.  Tour guides will gladly tell you that sites built by Greece or Rome were actually built a thousand years later, or more, “by the French.”  The French people are taught a version of their own history that is fit for a child only, with schools controlled by a church that few French, as few as 11% follow anymore.

    If you want to see full churches, go to Russia or Poland, Southern Germany, not Italy or France.  They got their fill of fascism. Oh?  That’s right, the Church had and still has a love affair with fascism as it has a love affair, according to Fr. Malachi Martin, with satanism and sex with children, but we all know none of that happened.  Might we ask Cardinal Pell?

    No we may not, as 36 journalists in Australia are finding out.

    Anyway, back to the story.  Constantine has someone made a crown of thorns, a robe of christ, a spear of destiny, collects fingers and toes and “pieces of the original cross” and sends them everywhere.

    Were all the pieces of the original cross put back together you could have built an ark out of it.

    Louis the Fair wasn’t exactly Louis the Just or even Louis the Good.  He wasn’t even a king of France.  France didn’t exist.  Most of what later became France was controlled by Britain under the Plantagenet’s, the descendants of the Norsemen who won control of Britain in 1066.  They controlled both countries, there was no France.

    At the time, Italy was embroiled in papal wars and the pope was moving “from town to town” keeping out of harm’s way.  The French, under Louis IX, quite young at the time, decided to name their own pope, something totally erased from history, in this case, Louis’s cousin who never learned to read.

    Together, they put out a fake “papal bull” offering generous reward for any armed men who would join in a crusade against , (where the heretic French said yes with “oc” instead of “oui”…or as Jim W. Dean so often says, You just can’t make this stuff up.)

    Languedoc had been under protection of the Lombards and the Italian popes along with the Knights Templar.  The Templars would “get theirs” in 1307 when they would be found guilty by another fake French king of being owed too much money.

    Louis IX hired Simon de Montford, 5th Earl of Leichester (confusing?  Wasn’t he “English?”) to round up Europe’s rabble and head south to get rid of what may well have been the last survivors of real Christianity, according to popular sources like the Di Vinci Codes or lots of more scholarly works, maybe begin with Holy Blood, Holy Grail, easy to buy on Amazon but a very tiring read and widely attacked.  I know one of the authors and have confidence in most of the work.

    The hypothesis is thus, Christ survived the cross (as admitted by Pope John XXIII and included in Vatican II as per Fr. Martin), married Mary Magdelene (as per John Paul II who visited the site of her death in France many times) and they had children who became the bloodline families, the Habsburgs, Lady Di, the St. Clairs (Sinclairs) etc.  I am a “shirt tail” relation here through the St. Clairs of Scotland/Roslyn Chapel.

    Starting to make sense, the grail search and such?  Add a bit of Raiders of the Lost Ark and you get even closer.

    Anyway, the army of rabble was assigned the job of stealing Languedoc while no one could stop them and doing it under the guise of a fake crusade empowered by a fake pope.  This was called the Albigensian Crusade.

    The crusade began before Louis ascended to the throne of Paris, again we remind you that France didn’t exist.  In 1209, the Cathedral of Magdelene, yes the one that married Jesus, one consecrated in exactly that belief near where Magdelene lived as man and wife after Jesus “died” on the cross…

    We could also discuss how the mummified body of Christ was found at Rennes le Chateau, a few short miles away, in the 19th century and how the Church put it on display as “the body of Christ, as explained in the BBC Documentary.  The back story is here:

    For everything told, there is much yet untold unless, of course you live in the region where the war between what is believe to be Satanic fake Christianity, that of Louis and his Crown of Thorns bought with pieces of silver from the Jewish princes of Venice smashed the bloodline of Christ and the “perfects” who only recognized the Gospel of John as the word of god and nothing of Constantine’s heresy at Nicaea.

    I visited Ephesus where John is alleged to have visited with Mary (mother) according to John 19:26-27.  A small stone house is nearby, the home where Mary died (ascended?) and the original church built around 64CE outside the Turkish town of Seljuk.  Of the gospels included in canon, only John may have been written by a real apostle.  Others, Timothy and Magdelene, from Nag Hamadi, provide backdrop for the authenticity of Cathar origins.

    What must be made clear is that whether Christ lived or not, wiping his followers from the face of the earth has been the primary goal of the Roman Church and its political wing beginning with the soldiers of Constantine I and II who hunted down followers of Christ and butchered them, as was done by Louis IX.

    It was Louis that empowered the Dominican Order to act as a “cleansing power,” hunting down the last vestiges of Christianity under the control of the armies of Simon du Monfort.

    Were one to spend Easter in the area, from Carcassone to Albi, to Toulouse to Andorra and beyond, even into Portugal, one would find statues of Sophia, the daughter of Christ and Magdelene, allegedly born in Egypt, the Black Madonna.

    The military conquest ordered by Louis and paid for by the Princes of Venice that pulled his strings, turned into a holocaust as Cathars fled into the Pyranees by the thousands as seige after siege throughout Louis’ rule turned into mass beheads and human pyres.

    Today, even now, pilgrims visit the sites of those pyres, why Easter in Languedoc is a time of mourning and loss, into Spain as well, where the “true religion” the teachings of Christ came to an end under the Sword of Lucifer, Louis the Fair.





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    1. Show a man a statue carved from marble, and no matter how wonderfully made, the hand of the artist is beyond dispute and all praise the work of the artist.
      Show a man a tattered cloth with a faint image that may resemble half the men on the planet, and it must be divine intervention.
      Show a man a crop circle, with no signature or explanation and it must be aliens. Even though any number of artists could do it easily within an hour or two.
      Show a man a rudimentary female figure hewn from sandstone, and then tell them it was found 8 feet under the earth, and it must be a God worshipped by ancient peoples. It couldn’t possibly be just some whimsical creation of a dude smoking weed and drinking wine.
      It is only when the artist is anonymous and the explanation lacking, that the minds of the weak can be made to believe anything, no matter how bizarre and unlikely,.
      I’ll wait for the first documented case of demonic possession to be caught on film. It will not be forth coming, because the whole thing is made up for prophets.

    2. I have read reports that the greeks were experimenting with lemon juice painted on a surface, and a refelected image illuminated with mirrors from outside allowed to expose it for many hours. Whether this is true or not I don’t know. As for Yeshua, I can’t say. Gordon seems to have a more informed observation.

    3. It was proven years ago that the shroud was painted with a brush during the Renaissance. Jesus never existed and the shroud is an obvious fraud.

    4. Turin and other cities had their Shrouds. They were tourist attractions. Harmless. Ever been to Reptile World or South of the Border? Same thing in the years past.

    5. Demonic possession mysteriously and abruptly stopped immediately after the prolific spread of video camera ownership.

      The Catholic Church was an ingenious military usage of religion and a huge gay population to infiltrate and win hearts and minds. Good doors to keep open if you need a place to hide. The massive stable stream of money is intoxicating to the weak. The cushiest jobs on the planet. The reaction of politicians is that of Pavlovs dog.
      Something interesting and profoundly unique happened globally, the day prior to the cathedral incident.

    6. Well Gordon, each paragraph needs to be digested with a proper potable. You have given us a lot of information to think through. I’m hoping for a rainy weekend to spend some time with your article. Thankfully our dear Lord is providing the East Coast with a major front starting Friday. This is a keeper.

    7. Is not usually Louis the Fair (778-840), aka Louis the Pious, moniker given to the third son of Charlemagne and not Louis IX, aka St. Louis, who lived 1214-1270? Or is the conventional version of history and time-line fake (as Jack Heart hypothesizes)?

    8. There are those who insist Malachi Martin, a Jesuit, (notice he spelled his name with an “I”, rather than “y”, which is the traditional spelling of Malachy in Ireland) was an agent for B’nai B’rith, deeply involved in the subverting of a Vatican II document, Nostra Aetate, which completely changed the relationship between the Catholic Church and Jews. For example, gone was the traditional Good Friday prayer, “pray for the perfidious Jews’…”. Later, Martin ran off with the wife of Robert Blair Kaiser, a Time correspondent, covering Vatican II, and himself a former Jesuit.

      • My knowledge of Martin is personal. We mostly talked about exorcism and his personal experiences. He told me that he wrote much of Vatican II but, in particular, areas where the survival of Jesus on the cross had to be taken into account were that version which he says is totally true…

        fell into favor

      • The issue to John 23 was savior and redemption if there had been no death on the cross…and that Crucifixion was enough…

        not read into the arguments or spin on this…as i was more interested in hearing the pea soup and head spinning crap

        and it is too late to ask……

        would expect that a principal was expounded that may well have allowed jesus to exist in duality

        this is my guess

      • I used to flick Holy Water at my son and tell him, “The power of Christ compells you.” as we walked into church. It must have worked; he turned out OK.

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