Unless you’ve been in a coma or off planet for a few days, you will be aware that an old building in Paris had a roof fire on Monday. Not all that much damage was done, the 19th century wooden roof and spire burned, some small holes in the vaulted stone roof were made, but otherwise, not much else was damaged.

Only 10-15% of the ‘treasures’ contained within were even slightly damaged, and those mostly by the water sprayed by the Paris firemen; the building’s structure was undamaged apart from the roof, but if you judge the scale of the incident by the scale of the reaction, you’d think Paris had been turned into a smoking hole in the ground.

Get a grip people, this is not a tragedy or a disaster, no-one died, no-one was even hurt; some 150 year old wood and lead was destroyed, a few old stones fell to the ground, some religious trinkets got soggy or sooty; that is the extent of the damage.

Photo by Carol Duff

Grown people were shown crying their eyes out, moaning about the great tragedy and the disaster for France and it’s culture. These people need a good, hard kick in the arse and a force feeding of reality.

These blubbing Parisians consider themselves Catholics, which means they are Christians and therefore should place the plight of their fellow man close to the head of their priorities, should engage in charity, be good to their neighbours and all that new testament shite.

As per usual with Christians, Catholics especially, they completely ignored what their scripture tells them their god wants them to do and engaged in the most stomach-churning, disgusting hypocrisy as they went into overdrive about what a disaster this was and how the building must be rebuilt and the vast funds needed to do so donated ASAP. Yup, the Christians immediately got the begging bowls out, passed round the collection plates and laid on the woe is me as thick as possible; Quelle surprise.

Oh you hypocritical, two-faced self-centred bastards, hang your heads in shame because the rest of us that are not still locked into a delusional mind control state AKA religion, are very angry at you for your blatant self-serving hypocritical bullshit.

If there was a god, he would be even more angry than myself and my fellow non-Christians. In a world where people are struggling to survive, living short, brutal lives of poverty and squalor, without food to eat or safe water to drink, the exact people these Christian bastards are supposed to care about, the Catholics of France are more worried about bilking people out of the hundreds of millions of Euros needed to fix up an old pile of stones on the bank of the Seine than they are about the plight of the poor and needy.

This is the antithesis of what Christianity is supposed to be, but it is normal practice for Catholics and the evil Church of Rome they follow like moronic sheep.

There are homeless people struggling to survive within sight of Notre Dame, but these good Christian folk turn a blind eye and see only what they want to see, they would rather spend the money on an old building than on lifting their fellow man out of the direst poverty.

That building may be the symbol of France and it’s history to the more deluded Catholic sheeple, but to me, what it really symbolises is the enslavement and mind control of the masses in order to steal their wealth; just think how much money that pile of stones cost to build, money taken from the people, then think of what good it could have done for those people if spent on things their mythical god would actually approve of, such as alms for the poor.

Oh the hypocrisy of the Church of Rome and Notre Dame was a great stinking pile of that hypocrisy, of the guilded princely clergy of the faith living in their luxurious palaces while their flock struggled to survive in the filth of a medieval Paris. Small wonder Paris became the birthplace of Communism.

Already, France’s big corporate entities are falling over themselves to donate hundreds of millions, thus displaying just as much hypocrisy as the Catholics as these are the self same corporates that employ whole departments of hundreds of people tasked with avoiding paying taxes, that pollute and destroy the environment. To these companies, a hundred million is pocket change, if they can spend a such a trifling sum to garner some good publicity, they will lineup to hand over the money.

Almost as infuriating as the Catholics are the tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy idiots and unsophisticated Jew haters (often they fit both categories) who were proclaiming this was a ‘satanic Jewish false flag’ almost as soon as the flames had died down. Facts and evidence be damned, let’s just blame the Jews, yeah, that’ll work, my audience will believe that, they might even donate to my Patreon account if I lay the Jew hate on really thick.

What a bunch of bastards, they should be just as ashamed of themselves as the money grubbing hypocritical Catholics bastards.

I refuse to fall into this ‘blame the Jews for everything’ trap, you will never see me dream up spurious NWO agents or Satan worshippers in order to make myself sound like I know more than you do. Nope, none of that egotistical, self-serving bullshit for me; call me old-fashioned, but I remain closely wedded to the principle of sticking to the facts and insisting on having solid evidence to support what I write.

Maybe ‘the Jews’ did burn down Notre Dame, but there is no evidence yet, there may never be any evidence to support that claim, but hey, don’t let such piffling issues get in the way of pandering to the prejudices of the audience, right?

In the spirit of making shit up because it sounds kinda plausible and appeals to the audience, I’ll put my own wild conspiracy forward, albeit with my tongue planted in my cheek and after issuing the caveat that I pulled this out of my arse strictly for entertainment:

Macron did it, he got sick of all the Gilet Jaune protests and being thought of as a scumbag slave of the big corporates, so he sent a lackey with a box of matches. Macron did it because it affords him the opportunity to act like a statesman, to paint himself as a protector of French heritage and culture and to look good to the delusional Catholic morons. Furthermore, he hoped that a ‘disaster’ of such magnitude would serve to draw the French people together and put an end to the Gilet Jaune protests as people rallied round the Tricolore, sang La Marsellaise and remembered they were still French, forgetting they hate each other for a while.

What evidence do I have to support this theory? Exactly the same amount the Jew haters and tinfoil hat wearers have for their theories – precisely fuck all.

Get a grip people, an old building lost it’s roof, meanwhile, the world continues to be a horrible place where millions are starving and dying; if you think the former has even one iota of significance in the grand scheme of things, you are a dumbfuck.

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His studies in history and background in the media industry have given him a keen insight into the use of mass media as a creator of conflict in the modern world.

His favored areas of study include state-sponsored terrorism, media manufactured reality and the role of intelligence services in manipulation of populations and the perception of events.
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  1. Some good news in the bee hives on a portion of the roof were not burned up – hopefully the colonies were not harmed by the heat.

  2. I had tears in my eyes already decades ago, when I realized that Paris had been turned into a smoking shithole in the ground with cheap labour and the same goes with London Berlin, Malmö etc. Notre Dame just symbolizes that all. On the other hand Moscow wouldn’t be Moscow unless St. Basils Cathedral, here:


    Comparing it with ND today, then who won the fake Cold War on spiritual level? Russkies turned nationalists and Euro”trans”atlantics turned to globohomos. I have criticised many times about Moscows way on sharing the fat of the land, but restoring old historical places is for certain the right thing to do. After all around the World, it was us the ordinary workers who built those buildings and they belongs to us, not some Christian pedo Priest.

  3. Oak that is hundreds of years old, hand hewn , baked under the heat of the roof for hundreds of years, contains splits and crevices and little shavings sticking out everywhere. Insects come and go, leaving unseen piles of dust that is arguably classified as flammable. Dust itself, accumulated over centuries in impossible to clean areas…excellent fire starting material.
    Barns and other structures framed with oak, are highly flammable. The way the building was constructed, even a small arc from a wire could have lit the whole thing. Another thing about wire, most people do not know,… staples or fasteners are quite often pounded too tight. Over time, wire vibrates as electricity load passes through it. Thus, insulation pressed tightly is like a fuse ….. that wood was kindling.
    The worst thing you can do,.. with wire and oak, is pound the staple or fastener too tight. The old rubber insulation on wire, just crumbles after a time anyway. It is amazing to watch, old barns or even old barracks on military bases,… go up in minutes. The draft in that building , was ideal,.. and oak burns very hot, so very difficult to stop from burning.

  4. Not necessarily arson, York Minster burned in the same way and that was also oak.

  5. I am much more sad about the intentional destruction of the temple district of Tenochtitlan by barbaric European invaders – 500 years too late for us to see it.

  6. I lived in the neighborhood for a bit…not all that good a neighborhood by the way. I did have a view of the church, a view that’s till there. I only occasionally would go inside. Instead, i would peel back the years century at a time, and look for the secrets paris still had rather than the things that jump out at you.

    there is so much there no one knows, from rome, even before, so much hidden. That’s always been me.


    • This has happened before, I remember the York Minster fire in 1984, which similarly, burned out the roof. York Minster is a similar sized cathedral to Notre Dame, with two towers at one end and a tower in the centre rather than a spire, but overall, it is pretty similar.


      I’ve been to Notre Dame, compared to most other cathedrals I have seen, it’s really not a very attractive building. It’s Gothic architecture makes it a pretty forboding and unpleasant place, quite appropriate as a centrepiece for Paris, which is a dirty, smelly cesspool of a city in many ways, choked with cars and populated by rude, obnoxious people who are quite unlike the French who live in the rest of France.

  7. I suspect a latent believer lies in mr.Greenhalgh, cause a man could not be thoroughly aware of ongoing morality schemes or frauds without ever striving for moral life. Personally I do not consider people who cry over physical church treasures or tourist churches as serious believers. Moreover i do not consider people who support NATO or imperialism as Christians regardless of how they denominate. Christianity is supposed to be a living organism, as is well observed by mr.Greenhalgh, not a dead scripture forgotten at every blink of sensationalism. But the Western church has made pact with those little devils of land worship and they dont care about morality past their country’s borders.

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