Trump’s Border Scam: Militias Expose Stand Down


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

The video above shows an even on April 17, 2018.  The US Constitutional Patriots picked up 400 from a convoy crossing the border from Guatemala through New Mexico.

I am including a few declassified and redacted slides from a program offered to the government of Iraq based on our warnings that the organization known as ISIS had broad support among key Iraqi military commands and would soon take Mosul along with all of Anbar and Nineveh governorates.

They told us “they” had it under control.  A year later 9 of those I met with had been beheaded.  “What goes around comes around.”

I know a game when I see on…

Problem is, the US has a multi-billion dollar ISR(Intelligence/Surveillance/Reconnaissance) system on its southern border that saw this group 200 miles away, knew how many, what they were carrying and even some aspects of their health, body temperature and hydration levels.  More than that I am prohibited from saying.

First of all, the handling of this by the militia folks was excellent, certainly better than Border Patrol or ICE.

ISR capabilities of the US, which are unimaginably effective, eliminate the need for any border fence. SAR sees tunnels, 3 layer capability watches inside Mexico, every person, every vehicle while Fusion Centers use algorithms to establish pattern, deploy interdiction resources and create choke points to use minimum resources to block 100% of border crossings.

Satellites, aerostats (deployed long ago), drones and ground sensors (our partners are doing that for the US/Mexico border now) see everything and the cost for surveillance is millions, not billions.

Were it deployed as experts have long demanded, border defense costs for the Southern US could be lowered 80% while increasing effectiveness from 40% to over 90%.  This isn’t conjecture.

Past this, the whole thing is utterly fake.  Who is the expert here?  Well, in fact that’s me.  I worked on the first ground radar systems, the first magnetic and seismic intrusion devices and fusion centers many decades ago.

I worked on security assessments for nuclear facilities, the Suez Canal, the Saudi border, the Straits of Hormuz for the UAE, for Chad, Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Iraq, Pakistan and the United States.(OK, lots more places as well…like “Europe”)

The public is kept in the dark about commonly available and deployed or purposefully withheld technologies. Suffice it to say nobody gets into the US that isn’t wanted for some reason.

This is a game.  Someone tell Alex Jones please.

I have a terabyte of defense technology documents and proposals that can be redacted and released if anyone were interested.

Stop the friggin’ lying.g

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  1. That’s why I always thought the wall was a silly idea. It was all political. If they wanted to stop illegal immigration they could stop it tomorrow. The will isn’t there because it is too profitable. It’s that simple.

    As usual the Government creates the problem by the endless civil wars fought in South America created mostly by CIA which drives the indigenous population northward. In the Middle East. The breakdown of stable countries in support of the racist Greater Israel Project drives migrants toward Europe.

    Then they claim they want to “solve” it. It would almost be funny if it wasn’t so sadly ironic.

  2. Nationalism is not the crime here. The crime is in interference by the powerful nations, and their powerful corporations, into the affairs of the less powerful and defenseless nations. Every time an African man stood up to defend and benefit his own, he has been cut off at the knees or murdered. The same in SE Asia, as a matter of fact it’s the same everywhere. It’s time for a change, and has been time for a long time.

  3. Gordon sell your blimps and all your software while ignoring the real cause of mass immigration. Maybe someday someone will allow an honest debate about why the poor are fleeing their homelands, and who has an interest and benefits by flooding Western nations with refugees. Until there’s honesty in debate the problems will continue. Fascism reigns. Slavery prevails.

    • “Maybe someday someone will allow an honest debate about why the poor are fleeing their homelands, and who has an interest and benefits by flooding Western nations with refugees.” – joetv

      Duff has commented on this many times, but he is often cryptic to protect either himself/VT and/or his sources.

    • Much of the reason why we are witnessing the flood of refugees from Central America is because of the policies of Washington that allowed Midwest farmers to dump commodities such as corn into those countries thus putting local farmers out of business because they cannot compete when Washington is subsidizing it.
      Furthermore the policies of Washington do not allow for the people of those nations to freely elect someone who will actually represent them. Instead Washington continually interferes with their election process as they have done for 120+ years or promotes a bloody civil war to overthrow a legally elected government, one that does not benefit eh oil oligarchs or other interests.

    • In some cases and maybe many cases, situations are created in those countries which makes it unlivable for the indigenous people in order to drive them out so that multinational corporations and mining interests can move in and take over.
      In Colombia, corn crops were deliberately sprayed with Paraquat in a supposed effort to kill off the coca plants. This drove the farmers off their land and into the cities where they had to work in factories making goods for U.S. companies.
      The Bush family is said to own over 100,000 acres which includes a major river in Colombia.

    • Quote from introductory wiki snippet – “Ezekiel is the central protagonist of the Book of Ezekiel in the Hebrew Bible. In Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, Ezekiel is acknowledged as a Hebrew prophet.”

      The trouble is, none of those 3 religions ever teach or acknowledge the 20 days, despite the fact that Ezekiel, is easily correlated within an hour. It has nothing to do with history or any of those religions. It starts chapter 1 at the 17th day, so chapter 25 is Batz. If people learn the 20 days, they will understand why it is so important to the Catholics and other religions to assimilate Mayan people before it all comes out. Guess what. It is too late. The “score” is not even close, though they cling and grasp with everything they have. The skeleton of the book is clearly visible behind the paint and lipstick. The triumvirate is sloppy, greedy, lacking knowledge and is lying. Time is up. Holy macaroni and cheese.

    • David, I tried this but cannot make it work. How do you start at chapter 1 as day 17 and get to chapter 25 as day 1? By my reckoning Day 1 would be chapter 5.

    • There are 20 days. So the book starts on day 17 which is Kej. That day is specifically the four elements the four corners of the universe, the four directions etc. Once around would make Kej the chapter 21. so count 21 is 17, 22, is 18, 23 is 19, 24 is 20. 25 is day 1 , Batz.
      The book is heavily edited and modified, so to spot the flow of the days, you must know the basic components of the days. It starts out with basic information and then grows increasingly corrupted as the complexity grows. That happens often, as the modifiers become confused and view information as meaningless as they cannot understand it. It helps to know and study the first 20 I-Ching hexagrams as they precisely correlate and there are verbatim entries from Asiatic sources throughout the Bible. I use the Legge translation with footnotes. The index is here –
      Today is 1 Batz.

    • Okay thanks, I am working to get my head around it. I am born 8/No’j in the decan of the archer. I think this makes me want to understand everything–ha ha ha. Is there some great truth I will find in Ezekiel or am I just learning the patterns?

    • Learn the twenty days and observe them until you can tell what day it is if you wake up from a coma in the jungle with no reference. it isn’t that hard. a child can do it. Check the patterns of the artists born on the days.
      Archer has a single arrow, point it in the right direction and don’t waste it. MLK was born in Archer.
      8 Noj is supposed to be a defender of knowledge. You aren’t ready if I have to count to 20 for you. study augery for 10 years and get back to someone about it. There is no such thing as a .25 day. That is to provide confusion.

  4. A great many Americans are very concerned about the unchecked numbers of illegals that have sneaked across the southern borders, especially at night under cover of darkness.
    They are concerned about the diseases they might be carrying with them.
    They are concerned about the pressure this excess population places on city, county and state resources.
    They are afraid of being overtaken in majority.
    One only has to travel to L.A. or to towns in Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and Nevada. Some towns and cities have been taken over by Mexican cartels. If you are white you tend to become cautious and fearful. Many are open carrying. You don’t travel without a handgun or rifle.
    Fear is the one factor in all this.
    America has too many Americans out of work and homeless. Drug addicted, homeless and mentally ill on the west coast have turned cities into shit holes. Human waste, needles and trash not to mention tents, sleeping bags and other detritus line the streets of every major city. San Francisco, Portland, Seattle to name a few have massive problems. The police are prevented from doing their jobs. In Seattle alone more then one hundred police have resigned. Businesses are leaving. People are moving away.
    The idea that we can take in millions more and choke the cities and towns with such excess population is insane.
    The best answer is to improve conditions in those countries and change U.S. foreign policies, especially with agricultural policies that created the problems to begin with.
    Until that happens the situation will worsen until a breaking point is reached. How many innocent Americans have to be murdered by illegals who have been sent back multiple times only to sneak back in and murder a loved one?

    • “One only has to travel to L.A. or to towns in Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and Nevada.” – JohnZ

      All of which the USA stole from Mexico by use of force.

      “San Francisco, Portland, Seattle to name a few have massive problems.” – JohnZ

      Which we do not have in the Upper Midwest and New England, since no partly sane or better person would choose to live in a tent city during a harsh winter.

    • That maybe so but the policies enacted by the city and state governments have exacerbated the problems ten fold.
      More to the point that those cities have become nearly unlivable and for the merchants who try to make a profit and living almost impossible.
      Of course we don’t have those problems here but when cities such as Seattle is also known by the name of Free-attle where the word has gone out that anyone who ends up there is guaranteed some sort of welfare along with people who have committed crimes are returned back to the streets, something you would not see in the Midwest.
      As I said before much of the problem lies with liberal progressive governments who are clueless.
      Yes the climate does attract those types as they see it as an easy way to live off handouts and government freebies but the cost in doing so is placing a great deal of stress on the budgets of these cities.
      Is this the way our once great cities should end? Maybe you should watch the video.

  5. There’s a few spaniards in the crowd, but for the most part indigenous Mayans. If we go back to the stories of how the Central American invasion of Spanish Catholics went, a few basic initial motivations become clear.
    The best way perhaps I can describe it, and I have heard numerous stories directly from elders in Guatemala going back much further than the conquest, is a very short story. Digest what you can.
    One priest meeting with learned elders began to learn the language and customs. Slowly as understanding became better and better, correlations and similarities became more and more obvious. this was incredulous, and the priest was blown away as his entire world view dissolved from the exposure to the truth of it. He disavowed his catholicism and became a defender of the people. Other forces in the church saw the same things and became concerned. A special team was dispatched to the Vatican to inform the pope personally. Immediately afterward, the Vatican ordered everything to be destroyed and every house and village was sacked, and everyone forced to attend mass. This assimilation continues. protestants are a branch of the same tree. Now, what I say, is, observe the simultaneous events. Now and in the past.
    I grew up on a farm, I know herding when I see it.

    • “State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli is joining a group led by Catholic Charities of the New York Archdiocese on a mission to Central America’s so-called “Northern Triangle” to see firsthand why so many of the citizens there are fleeing to the US.” Interesting mission for a state comptroller. The church is now an employee of an investigative branch of NYS ?

      “The traveling team will include Monsignor Kevin Sullivan, who heads Catholic Charities, and RWDSU union leader Stuart Appelbaum. They’ll embark on their four-day journey to Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador beginning April 22. ” Wow, four days eh ? Unless by flying saucer, minus the travel and comfort time, what are we talking here, about 10 hours of quality investigation time ? split between 3 countries ?

      I wait with baited breath to see the results.