Israel Has Back Door on All Microsoft Devices


HenryMakov – Brendon O’Connell

With Microsoft’s move to Israel, Israel now has full and total access to all home, business, corporate, and soon, military computers – The Pentagon Cloud Contract (JEDI). A sick, psychotic racial and religiously supremacist state with an ultra-right-wing extremist at the helm has the planet at its fingertips.

Microsoft Windows 10 is now fully coded in Israel. The Windows Security Center. Updates. R&D. It’s all done in Israel. The NSA has to mess about to get their malware implanted in 90% of the world’s computers. Not Israel, they just include it with a forced update.
It’s official, Windows is now officially fully malware in its own right.

But it gets worse. The Intel hardware backdoor is not limited to the “Management Engine.” There are dozens of “God Mode” registry entries that give access to the DEC – Deeply Embedded Core. The Goldman Sachs funded “Arc Processor”. This means a simple entry such as “0f3f” in machine code at the command line level will give full access to a system with full administrator privileges. Cybersecurity specialists are full time searching for these computational entries and there are potentially millions.

All of these dozens of software and hardware backdoors were implanted from around 2006 and on, when Intel moved to Israel. The ramifications are catastrophic in nature.
Israel is now deeply in bed with China and Russia on the massive Belt & Road project. No one is pulling up Israel and it’s massive technology theft out of the United States and elsewhere.

A sick, psychotic racial and religiously supremacist state with an ultra-rightwing extremist at the helm has the planet at its fingertips.

Now you know how Israel is so powerful. Can they be stopped? This is the most pressing and urgent issue…ever.


How Israel totally dominates cybersecurity and has planted high-level corporate spys all over the world via their Talpiot Program run under Israeli military intelligence.


1. How Russia China & Israel work together for the One Belt One Road Project.
2. How Israel steals US technology and passes on to China, Russia and Iran.
3. How this is impacting on the Middle East.
4. I ring Homeland Security to make a complaint about Jewish Zionist spying in America – it a good one hour watch.


Israel has kill switched the entire planets critical infrastructure. From banking to hospitals to power grids to the Internet of Things and Military Industrial Complex of the United States. Israel is a cyber technology juggernaut.


Detailing how Roger Stones worked with A Wall Street sex worker to compromise targets of interest for the Israeli and Russian state intelligence apparatus.


The Oded Yinon plan was first postulated in the 1970s as a way to “re-shape the Middle East” for the benefit of Israel.

What it was really about is long term Soviet-era strategic planning to “reshape” the Middle East for the benefit of The Belt & Road economic development under the CFR (Communism For Rothschild) and other Round Table Groups? The East India Trading Company writ large.
911 was meant to happen in 1992-3. The Israeli company lost the security contract in 1988. And 911 was over ten years behind schedule along with the Belt & Road Initiative. All praise to the New York Port Authority employee who spotted war criminal Avraham Shalom Bender and Zvi Malkin. Israel should be called “Soviet Israel”.


The B.I.R.D, the B.I.R.D, the B.I.R.D is the word. The Bi-national Industrial Research & Development Foundation. The greatest security penetration ever is so funny you have to laugh. Its the only way to cope.

This is a catstrophe for the United States and it is in full view. Russia got Israel to set up the Bi-national Science Foundation (B.S.F) in 1973 under Nixon and Henry Kissinger.
The B.I.R.D was set up in 1978, around the same time they set up The Talpiot Program.
And then they have the B.A.R.D – Bi-national Agricultural Research & Development Foundation. Here it is, no one will talk about it.,

when you see BiBi bragging about how clever Israeli scientists are what he’s really saying, is his Russian immigrant scientists are very good at stealing US technology.

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First Comment from Peter in Australia

Purchasing a new laptop this year, I went for AMD , even though they too like Intel are probably compromised since A6, being made in China

And the HP brand I bought is everpresent in Israel corralling the apparently doomed Palestinians.

The thing with these new laptops is that it won’t work without an EFI part of the drive which is linked inexorably with the UEFI/BIOS of the motherboard.

It, therefore, cannot be run without the Windows component lurking, see
as to why this is a bad idea, even though I would like to wipe it all out and go just with Linux. Not that anything recent does not have Israel inside with back door chips as Brendon outlines.

Short of the Samson option, Israel will no more likely be held to account than the original Hollywood moguls were ‘persecuted’ for stealing all their gear from Edison and heading off to the wild west to subvert culture as the world’s greatest victims.


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  1. Folks, this has been going on for as long as electronic communications has been a reality. I do believe WinNT Server 3.51 was based on a GUI-enhanced VMS OS running on a DEC VAX, VAX ran multiple cores and virtually unlimited RAM, some folks still run them today as they’re cheap now compared to then.
    I was posed a rhetorical question by an old-time ‘person of interest’ some time ago…’Do you REALLY believe the government is going to let a communications infrastructure evolve without having god-level access to said system?’.

  2. Supposing ALL ” Intel ” and All Microsoft is Backdoored but Then having An AntiVirus/Firewall/VPN Security combination prevent being backdoored , by makinfg it perhaps a bit more complicated with a protected system ,,,,, ??????????? ??????????? ????????????

  3. And what about about the hardware in your cable modem? It runs an OS too, and gets firmware updates and so on. Are they backdoored the same way?

  4. This is an excellent synopsis work that clearly portrays the evil nature of the Zionist planet Earth conquest endgame.

    Thank you HenryMakov – Brendon O’Connell and VT Editors for posting.

  5. Good thing that I kept most of my old computers to use them if needed. Even my old Commodore 64 w dial device. Maybe we have to go back to stoneage.

  6. This game goes way back and it also includes vasall states like Germany. We had a treacherous manager “Sommer” (fake name) from Israel as CEO of the Telecom right after the fradulent privitization (general loss for the people here: roughly 30 Bill $). He started business in the US and managed it to steel 14 Bill $ from the Telecom for some great buddy banks. He now works in Russia as top manager for their private Telecom!!!

    We also had Mannesmann (formerly steel & pipes), already a technical developer for mobile phones then. In came another jewish agent from UK who became CEO and sold all nice tech to Vodaphone/UK. All high tech development for telecommunication was gone afterwords. He got a nice bribe of 60 Mill $ for his con job.

    The best cryptologist from Germany was not permitted to finish his Dr. in cryptology (Uni Karsruhe & ETHZ Switzerland), part of this criminal undertaking was no other than the highest court (Bundesverfassungsgericht) in Germany. The order came from outside.

    We are simply not allowed to develop our own communication tech, all is siphoned to the 6 eyes (# 2: Israel).
    I gues, there are more stories from other countries lying around to get known to the public.

  7. Glad I stuck with Mac though needless to say I was peeved when they went to I(srael)ntel and even more so when I found that anything later than Duo core was made in the parasitic terrorist state.

    I’ve actually considered going back to G5 Quad Core and f_em. Way better than anything Intel ever put out and Made in America. Comes close to the Cray chip NSA used.

    Always considered that Windoze was more a virus than an OS. Basically a virtual overlay of DOS (Doesn’t Operate worth Sh_t). After reading this more than certain that I made the right decision to stay away as in as far away as possible from Microsoft.

    Keep up the good work. It’s time we went back to the garage again.

    • I have an old G5 Mac on my desk, which works fine.

      Some short addition: The so called sandboxing technology (using virtual interpreter technology) was also infected by design. Private users as well as business firms tried to use them instead of all the crap. Sadly, they also were watched all the way.

      Then people went up to the sky, putting things into clouds. Nothing is more stupid then that (see above).

    • Windows has been based on Unix rather than DOS for over 20 years – since Windows NT in the late 90s, MacOS has also been Unix based since version 10 (X). The old PowerPC chips are likely to be just as compromised as the Intel offerings, Motorola and IBM both have development centres in Israel, just as Intel does. The G5 CPU modules weren’t made in the USA, they used RAM chips made in Korea, CPU dies made in Malaysia and were assembled in Taiwan. Most Apple computers made in the last 20 years were built by Foxconn in Taiwan.

    • Actually Macs aren’t Unix based they’ve used XNU since ’96 based on GNU. One of the offshoots of BSD. See:

      Never paid to much attention to Windows development as you might have guessed.

      Funny their early ads on the release of the G5 as I remember them implied they were made in the US and that their sales restricted internationally.

      Worked on software development back in the late 80’s and left with my sanity still somewhat intact. Never paid too much attention to hardware.

      By the way still have an SE2 that says Made in the US, iMac G3 Display Made in US with a cheap keyboard and flakey mouse Made in China and finally a Macbook G4 made totally in China.

      BTW both the SE2 and G3 still work as expected but by my G4’s logic board crapped out. Nice. Never got around to buying a G5.

      Sad to see that we are at the mercy of the evil zionists when we log on to our computers. Is there any way we can save ourselves?

    • BSD is Unix, therefore Mac OS is Unix based. There are three main flavours of Unix – BSD, System V and Linux. The old Mac OS was so outdated and incapable of modern workflows that Apple had to throw it away and buy in a replacement, which they did in the form of Steve Jobs’ NextStep and they turned the Next’s BSD Unix OS into MacOS X.

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